Fuse Boxes Guide For Homeowners: Everything You Need To Know

A fuse box is referred to as the Home electrical panel which includes the fuses and circuit breakers that are able to deliver electricity through the house. This article will guide you about fuse boxes,  How it works, what is the difference between the circuit breaker and the fuse box, what are various types of the fuse box and many more details to people who are unaware of the fuse box will get information about it. 

Fuse box:

For proper working of the electricity and to provide safety the electricity enters the home throw box on the wall which is called a fuse box which includes all the wires of the electrical appliances such as light, outlet, etc. A fuse box is also called the service panel junction box and breaker panel. Basically, a fuse box consists of many fuses which enable you to cut the power to a circuit for which you need to remove the fuse by yourself.

Fuse Boxes
Fuse Boxes

Types of fuse boxes:

There are different types of fuse boxes which is different from other:

  • The fuse boxes are used in the circuit to save the circuit from overloading and any sort of short circuit which can be turned off to cut the power of the circuit so that it does not damage the appliance or any sort of fire hazards. there will be some chances that the fuse burns or blow out which needs to be replaced to make the power start working again.
  • The other type is the breaker panel which is more versatile as in case of the overloading they automatically trip the circuit so there is no need to install new fuses.to make it work again you just need to flip the switch.
Fuse Boxes
Fuse Boxes

How to select a fuse box?

To choose a fuse box you need to consider the following points:

  • Check about the installation price.
  • Check about the number of circuits.
  • You should check the type and size of the fuse box before buying it. for example the single or three-phase fuse box.
  • Check the amount of power that is required by the electrical devices.
  • If you are installing the fuse box correctly the electricity and power will be safe to run and if not done correctly it may cause fire hazards which will lead to spending a lot of money to repair them.
  • In case you have the electrical panel in the house you just need to upgrade the panel without thinking that it is working or not. upgrading the panel will help to reduce the risk of overloading damages.

Types of fuses:

With the type of fuse boxes, it is important to use the right type of fuses to protect. the following are three different types of fuse:

  • Type – T.
  • Type-S
  • Cartridge fuses.


The type-T fuses also known as the Edison fuses of 120 to 125 volts of the household circuit.

Type- S:

The type-S fuses are also known as rejection base fuses. It consists of a fuse and an adapter which enable it to fit in an Edison-type socket. 

Cartridge fuses:

It is used to serve the power to the entire fuse box and is used for 240-volt appliance circuits. 

Parts of fuse boxes:

The following are the parts of fuse boxes:

  • The fuse box consists of a main switch that makes the power turn off the entire home.
  • The circuit makes the fuse box trip if there is any event of a power surge or any other fire hazards due to the use of the residential current devices. 
  • The fuse used in the fuse box is aligned side by side and it is easy to identify Which fuse is burnt out or blown because it will be in a melted form. Using the fuse in the fuse box makes it easy to be replaced but you just need to make sure that it is the same as before it was. 
  • The circuit breakers are used in the breaker panels which it is clearly mentioned the on and off switches. in case the breaker trips it will flip to the off switch and restart the circuit you need to flip it to the on switch. 

How to change a fuse?

The following video will help you to know how to change a fuse in case of a blowing out and burning of the fuse.

Why and what causes the fuse to blow out? 

The fuses are considered the weakest link of the electrical system when we compare Into The Other wires and the component of the electrical system. If the availability of the current or the temperature then the fuse will be the first fusing element in the electrical system to get damaged. 

The following are some reason which causes the fuse to blow out or burnout:

  • Overloading. 
  • Short circuit. 
  • Ground fault.


The electricity works properly if the circuit is closed and when the fuse blows out the circuit gets open due to the electrical overloading which is considered to be six times more powerful than the normal current level which makes the circuit open. Commonly overloading happens in an electrical system when there are two men in devices plugged in together in the same circuit like a microwave, hair dryer, dryer, heater, or air conditioner which are plugged in the same circuit at the same time which will make the fuse blows out or burn out.

Fuse Boxes
Fuse Boxes

Short circuit:

The short circuits are considered to be thousand times more powerful than the normal current which is able to melt the metal damage the wire and can cause fire hazards. It usually happens when the path of the circuit of a lesser residence is being offered to an electrical circuit. 

Fuse Boxes
Fuse Boxes

Ground fault:

The ground fault basically is shown when the hot wire is touching anything ground which causes the fuse to blow out such as:

  • A metal electric box. 
  • A metal pipe 
  • An outlet. 
  • A bare ground wire. 
  • The hand of a human being. 


We can see that the fuse box is very commonly used in every home in the electrical system. Their available in different types with different parts full stop from the bob mentioned method you can select a good type of use box. A blow huge box will basically look like a melting form all the glass windows on the screw in the fuse will be in a cloudy brown or black color. Avoid changing the fuse by yourself if you don’t know anything about the electrical system and circuit, try to hire a professional to change the fuse.

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