How Many Watts Does a Microwave Use? (Lowest Wattage you Need + Most Efficient One)

For a person who is using a microwave, it is common to think or know about the wattage consumed by the microwave. this article will guide you about how much wattage a microwave use, input vs output wattage, and which is the most energy-efficient microwave this is done by studying about 210 microwaves, how to find the wattage of a microwave, and how much electricity a microwave use.

Microwave Wattage

The stated wattage of the microwave:

  • The wattage range of a microwave is from 600 watts to 2100 watts
  • The most common wattage used by a microwave is 1000 watts

The number of watts actually used:

  • The wattage range of a microwave is from 841.6 watts and 2945.8 watts
  • The most common amount of wattage used by a microwave is 1402.7 watts.

Hence the actual amount of watts used by the microwave is higher than the stated wattage. Also, they do have different microwave wattages and the number of watts actually used because the output wattage and the input wattage of the microwave are different. 


Microwave Input Vs Output Wattage 

  • The input wattage of the microwave is the number of watts the device uses or we can also say the actual power consumption by the appliance. 
  • The output wattage of the microwave is the amount of microwave energy that is made available from heating. It is also known as cooking wattage. And the output wattage is commonly used and listed in cooking instructions and highlighted by most of the manufacturers. 
  • The output wattage that is the most common wattage which is mentioned is 1000 watts and the input wattage which is the actual consumption mentioned of 1000 watts but is 1402.4 watts on average. The input watts of a microwave is always higher than the output wattage as they are not 100% efficient to convert electrical energy into microwave energy. 

Microwave Energy Efficiency

A microwave is considered one of the most energy-efficient cooking appliances as they are 71.29% capable or efficient to convert input power into output power, we can also say that on average they can convert 71.29% of the electricity into microwave cooking power. 

If the comparison is done between the inverter and conventional microwaves, the inverter microwaves are more efficient as instead of using a transformer the inverter microwaves do have more control over the Magnetron. Which enables greater power control and is more heat efficient. Microwaves are considered more efficient cooking appliances because they do cook food from the inside Out. And resulting in less wastage of heat and energy when it is compared to conventional cooking appliances. But we can say that conventional cookers are more efficient when a person is cooking a lot of food at one time.

In the end, a microwave is considered energy efficient because it is the appliance that has the least amount of energy wastage and also meets the needs of the customer hence becomes the most energy-efficient option.

Energy Efficient Microwave

A Toshiba ML-EM45PIT(BS) 1250 watts inverter microwave is an energy-efficient microwave. As this microwave does convert approximately 92.49% of the input wattage into output power. The maximum input wattage of this microwave is 1350 watts and the output is 1250 watts which means that it does spend less time heating and it all saves up to 40% on deforesting time. There are also other factors that make this microwave stand out as the most energy efficient such as smart cooking sensors, the amount of power control, and the energy-saving Eco mode features.


How Many Watts Does A Microwave Use? 

  • The microwave does use a wattage between 841.6 watts and 2945.85 watts to give output between 600 watts and 2100 watts of cooking power.
  • On average the most common microwave cooking power is 1000 watts which use 1402.7 watts. 
  • There are microwaves that do vary according to size also.
  •  A small wave microwave outputs between 600 Watts and 2100 watts of cooking power and it is using between 841.6 Watts and 28 45.8 Watts of electricity the most common output wattage of a small microwave is 700 Watts which uses 981.9 watts.
  • A microwave of medium size does have an output of 800 Watts to 2100 Watts of cooking power but it does use wattage between 1122.2 Watts and 2945.8 Watts of electricity

The following table explains the average amount of which is used by a microwave based on the cooking power:

Microwave wattage or output wattageMicrowave power consumption or input wattage
600W microwave841.6W
700W microwave981.9W
800W microwave1122.2W
900W microwave1262.5W
1000W microwave1402.7W
1100W microwave1543W
1200W microwave1683.3W
1300W microwave1823.6W
1400W microwave1963.8W
1500W microwave2104.1W
1600W microwave2244.4W
1700W microwave2384.7W
1800W microwave2524.9W
1900W microwave2665.2W
2000W microwave2805.5W
2100W microwave2945.8W

How To Find The Wattage Of A Microwave? 

The following are the ways to find the wattage of the microwave:

For finding microwaves output wattage:

  • Check the microwave plate at the back of which there are listed batteries. 
  • It may be on the inside of the microwave door or outside. 
  • To find the output you can also check the owner’s manual. 
  • By checking online with the microwave model number.

For finding the input wattage:

  • Check the plate of the microwaves at the back of it to know about the input power or the maximum watt the device can use. Note that the input power of the microwave will be higher than the output power.
  • By checking the owner’s manual and looking for the input wattage figure.
  • Check online by using the microwave model number. There may be some chances that the input wattage is not easily accessible so in that case, you need to find the owner’s manual online and then search to find the power consumption.
  • By estimating you can find the input wattage from the output wattage. A microwave is capable of converting 71.29% of the input power into the output power or cooking power so if a person knows the micros output power we can easily calculate the input wattage.
  • You can also check how many watts the microwave is using when it is used by the use of a multimeter or energy monitor. 

Microwave Wattage Conversion 

The following are three steps to convert the microwave cooking time:

  1. First, divide the microwave wattage that is listed in the cooking instrument by the microwave wattage and according to the wattage, it draws the amps. You can also Compare the toaster wattage.
  2. Secondly, convert the time which is mentioned in the cooking time into seconds. 
  3. The last step is to multiply both the answer which is obtained by the first and second steps.

The answer obtained at the last is the cooking duration in seconds a microwave does use.

By formula:

Cooking Time = Microwave Wattage Listed * Recommended Cooking Time In Seconds

How Much Electricity Does A Microwave Use?

  • The electricity used by microwaves on average is between 0.8416 kWh and 2.9458 kWh per hour. 
  • On average a microwave of thousand Watts consumes up to 0.0234 kWh of electricity every minute.
  • The most typical electricity consumed by the microwave is 1.4027 kWh. Check about the toaster wattage consumption from here. 

Do microwaves use a lot of electricity? 

Yes, microwaves use a lot of electricity. If we use a microwave of 1000 watts for 10 minutes it will be equivalent to a TV watt which is about after running the tv for approximately 4 hours, electricity used by a ceiling fan which is after running for 13 hours, and electricity used by the Tesla model per mile.


So here we get the answer that microwave consumption of wattage ranges from 600 Watts to 2100 words but the most common wattage is 1000 watts. And the electricity consumed by microwaves is between 0.8416 kWh and 2.9458 kWh per hour. There are approximately 71.29% efficient microwaves which do convert the input power into cooking power.


What is the wattage consumption of a microwave when it is not used?

In standby mode, it uses approximately 2 to 7 watts.


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