Hair Dryer Wattage Results (Consumption, Cost to Run, CFM & DB)

For the person who does use the hair dryer, it is important to know about the wattage consumed by the hair dryer. this article will guide you about the wattage of hair dryers in detail, low-wattage dryers, the wattage list of hair dryers, the electricity used by the hair dryer, and the cost to run a hair dryer.

Hair Dryer Wattage

The wattage used by a hair dryer typically depends on the setting on which it is used. But the most common hair dryer wattage is 1875 watts

  • When the hair dryer is used on the highest setting it typically uses 1875 watts.
  • When used on a medium setting it uses 975 watts
  • On the lowest setting, it uses approximately 862.5 watts
Hair Dryer
Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer Wattage Explained

The wattage of a hair dryer does refer to the power rating of the hair dryer which means the maximum amount of power in watts that the hair dryer uses for performing normal operations. It will consume more electricity. Many people do think that the dryer’s wattage is related to its performance. For example, the higher the wattage of the dryer the higher the output will be as it will generate more heat and higher airflow. But many inefficient hair dryers do have higher wattage but the performance and the output is very low.

Low-Wattage Hair Dryers

The low-wattage hair dryer has a wattage range from 500 Watts to 1200 watts. For example, the MHD (beta) mini hair dryer is the low-wattage hair dryer of 1000 watts and it is the most popular and highest-rated low-wattage hair dryer. It is obvious that the low-wattage hair dryer would not be in much demand than the higher-wattage hair dryer but it doesn’t mean that the low-wattage hair dryer is less effective.

Hair Dryer
Hair Dryer

How Many Watts Does A Hair Dryer Use? 

In the case of the hair dryer, it is between 1000 watts and 2100 watts. If the hair dry is used at lower heat and speed then it will reduce the consumption of watts. And also the type of hair dryer impacts the amount that the device will use. for example, when we use a hair dryer with brushes and a bonnet it will have different wattage consumption when compared to the traditional hair dryer or blow dryer.

Hair dryer brushes:

  • Hair dryer brushes do use wattage which is between 800 Watts and 1300 watts.
  • The most common and maximum wattage used by hair dryer brushes is 1000 watts.

Bonnet hair dryer:

Bonnet hair dryer is basically designed so that it can be used in the home and uses wattage between 500 watts and 1200 watts. 

Blow dryer:

The number of watts used by the hair dryer does depend upon the setting in which it is used. A blow dryer has three heat and two-speed settings. A blow dryer offers heat and speed settings that range from 2 to 12 settings. The most common setting the dryer is used is between two to seven settings.

The settings have the following impact on the wattage:

  • The dryer when it is used at the highest heat and speed consumes 1432 watts. 
  • The dryer used at the highest heat and lowest speed consumes up to 729 watts. 
  • When used at the lowest heat and highest speed it consumes up to 650 watts. 

The following table explains the number of watts used by the hair dryer on different heat and speed settings:

Hair dryer settingAmount of watts used as a % of the power ratingExample consumption (W)
Setting 3: Highest heat and speed100% of the listed wattage1,400 watts (i.e. the listed wattage)
Setting 2: Highest heat and lowest speed52% of the listed wattage729 watts
Setting 1: Lowest heat and highest speed46% of the listed wattage650 watts

Dyson Hair Dryer Wattage

  • The wattage used by the Dyson hair dryer is up to 1600 watts while consumed by the burst dryer or styler is 1300 watts. 
  • The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer series uses wattage up to 1600.
  • The wattage consumed by the Dyson airwrap styler or brush dryer series is 1300 watts. 
  • The noise level of the Dyson hair dryer is 77 dB which is very much lower than the noise level that the environmental protection agency has mentioned. 
  • This hair dryer has a variety of heat and speed settings which means that it has more options for the number of watts consumed by the hair dryer. 
Hair Dryer
Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer Wattage List

The following table explains the list of hair dryer wattage among the best-selling models:

Hair dryerWattage
BaBylissPRO TravelFX1000W
Jerdon ProVersa 1250W1250W
Tineco Smart Ionic Hair Dryer1400W
Andis MicroTurbo Tourmaline1600W
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer1600W
Jerdon ProVersa 1600W1600W
Shark HyperAir Blow Dryer1680W
LPINYE 1800W Professional Hair Dryer1800W
Revlon Essentials Compact1875W
Revlon Essentials Volume Booster1875W
Revlon Perfect Heat Turbo1875W
Remington Pro Wet2Style1875W
Conair 1875 Watt Mid-Size Dryer1875W
Remington High-Speed Hair Dryer1875W
Conair 1875 Watt Cord-Keeper Folding Dryer1875W
Red by Kiss 1875 Pro1875W
DIY Stylist Petite & Powerful1875W
Belson Professional 1875W1875W
Conair InfinitiPro1875W
Conair InfinitiPro Compact1875W
Hot Tools Signature Series1875W
Andis Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer1875W
TRESemmé Thermal Creations1875W
CHI Air Classic 21875W
Conair Pro Styler Ionic Conditioning1875W
Abody 1875W Professional Hair Dryer1875W
Jerdon ProVersa 1875W1875W
Rusk CTC Lite1900W
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium2000W
BaBylissPRO Turbo Dryer2000W
Flower Ionic Pro Hair Dryer2000W
Babyliss Pro Ceramix Xtreme2000W
Turbo Power twin-turbo 39002100W

How Much Electricity Does A Hair Dryer Use (In KWh)? 

  • Typically hair dryers use electricity between 1 kWh and 2.1 kWh per hour at the maximum setting.
  • The most common amount of electricity the hair dry uses per hour is about 1.87 kWh. 
  • The hair dryer can consume electricity which could be as little as 0.5 kWh to as high as 3.6 kWh of electricity per hour.

The following table explains the hair dryer and the amount of electricity used by them in an hour at the maximum medium and low power settings:

Hair dryer result categoryElectricity used p/h – max (highest heat and speed settings)Electricity used p/h – medium (highest heat and lowest speed settings)Electricity used p/h – low (lowest heat and highest speed settings)
Most common1.875 kWh0.975 kWh0.8625 kWh
Low common1 kWh0.52 kWh0.46 kWh
High common2.1 kWh1.092 kWh0.966 kWh
Lowest recorded0.5 kWh0.26 kWh0.23 kWh
Highest recorded3.6 kWh1.872 kWh1.656 kWh

Explain Hair Dryer Electricity Usage Per Minute

The following table explains the amount of electricity consumed by the hair dryer per minute:

Hair dryer result categoryElectricity used p/min – max used at highest heat and speed settingsElectricity used p/min – the medium used at the highest heat and lowest speed settingsElectricity used p/min – low used at lowest heat and highest speed settings
Most common0.0313 kWh0.0163 kWh0.0144 kWh
Low common0.0167 kWh0.0087 kWh0.0077 kWh
High common0.035 kWh0.0182 kWh0.0161 kWh
Lowest recorded0.0083 kWh0.0043 kWh0.0038 kWh
Highest recorded0.06 kWh0.0312 kWh0.0276 kWh

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Hair Dryer? 

  • The most common wattage of a hair dryer costs 28 cents per hour to run.
  • The range of the cost to run a hair dryer is from 7.5 cents per hour to 54 cents per hour. 
  • When it is used at the medium setting it approximately reduces to $0.15 per hour. 
  • The hair dryer used at a low power setting uses $0.13.
Hair Dryer
Hair Dryer

The following table explains clearly the cost to run a hair dryer in various settings:

Hair dryer result categoryCost p/hr – max setting used at highest heat and speed settingsCost p/hr – medium setting used at highest heat and lowest speed settingsCost p/hr – low setting used at lowest heat and highest speed settings)
Most common$0.28$0.15$0.13
Low common$0.15$0.08$0.07
High common$0.32$0.16$0.15
Lowest recorded$0.08$0.04$0.04
Highest recorded$0.54$0.28$0.25

Hair Dryer CFM (Airflow Rate)

The CMC of a hair dryer is the rate that shows the amount of the Year the hair dryer can move in cubic feet per minute. The hair dryer CFM is also called the hair dryer airflow rate. 

The hair dryer having the higher hair dryer CFM rate will be able to move more air. 

Hair Dryer
Hair Dryer

For example, the Dyson hair dryer is able to deliver an airflow rate of 13 liters per second Which makes the Dyson hair dryer CFM rate 27.5. You can also compare the CFM of a hair dryer with the CFM of a fan which includes the ceiling box.

The following table shows the list of the hair dryer CFM which is arranged from high to low:

Hair dryerCFM
Goody Flash Dry (no inlet grill) – heater H163.8
Goody Flash Dry (no inlet grill) – new heater H755.7
Conair Ion Shine – 121x47.7
Revlon Essential Dryer (Fast Dry) – RVDR5048STK47.2
Conair Ionic Cord-Keeper – 169PR46
Infiniti Pro Conair – 259W45.7
Infiniti Conair Cord-Keeper – 223X44.8
Remington – AC-201539.1
Super X Solano – 232X37.2
Revlon 484 – RV48436.6
Centrix Q-Zone – 551714536.5
Elevate by Andis – HVD-135.9
New Heater Goody Smart Temp (with new heater)35.7
Goody Smart Temp (with original heater)34.6
Conair Yellow Bird – YB075W33.5
Solano Turbo Ultra Lite – 54527.2
Silence HP – 385i19.7


The wattage of a hair dryer does have an impact on the performance running cost and heat. On average the hair dryer wattage ranges from lower than 500 Watts to as high as 3600 watts. The most common range of the hair dryer is 1000 watts to 21000 watts. The wattage consumption varies according to the power setting if the dry is used on the highest power setting it typically uses 1875 watts, in a medium setting it uses 97 5 watts and in a low setting it uses 862.5 watts. The hair dryer which is the environmentally friendly dryer is the eco-friendly parlux 3800 hair dryer. 


How Many Watts Is Good For A Hair Dryer?

Good hair dryers consume up to 1800 to 1875 Watts. 

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