Fan Wattage, Efficiency, And Cost To Run (Fan Types Compared)

A person who wants to buy a fan wants to know about the wattage, efficiency, and cost to run a fan. so this article is all about the fan wattage, the efficiency of a fan, what it cost to run a fan, and the comparison of the fan with other types of fans.

What is the wattage of a fan?

On average the fan wattage is 39.3w and the lowest fan wattage of 6.9 watts. But the most common fan wattage is 33 watts. 

Fan Wattage
Fan Wattage

The amount of wats that a fan consumes depends upon various factors like the size of the fan and the type of fan. The following table describes the fan wattage of different types of fans. 

Fan typeAverage fan wattage on maximumAverage fan wattage on lowMost common fan wattageThe highest fan wattage recordedLowest fan wattage recording
Ceiling fan31.1 watts3.6 watts33 watts99.8 watts1.7 watts
Box fan73 watts47.3 watts100 watts220 watts5 watts
Tower fan56.5 watts44 watts54 watts110 watts6 watts
Table fan42.5 watts17 watts40 watts110 watts1.1 watts
All3 9.3 watts 6.9 watts33 watts220 watts1.1 watts

So the ceiling fan has the lowest fan wattage then it is the table fan. And box fans have the highest average wattage.

What is the electricity consumption of a fan? 

A kWh is the measurement done for measuring electricity it can also be called a unit of electricity which means the number of kilowatts the electricity is consumed over a period of time.

Fan Wattage
Fan Wattage

The following table explains the electricity consumption by different types of fans in one hour. 

Fan typeAverage kWh in 1 hour on MaximoAverage kWh in one hour on lowThe most common kWh for 1-hourHighest kWh recorded for 1 hourLowest kWh recorded for 1-hour
Ceiling fan0.0311 kWh0.0036 kWh0.033 kWh0.0998 kWh0.0017 kWh
Box fan0.073 kWh0.0473 kWh0.01 kWh0.0220 kWh0.005 kWh
Tower fan0.0565 kWh0.044 kWh.054 kWh0.0110 kWh0.006 kWh
Table or standing fan0.0425 kWh0.017 kWh0.040 kWh0.0110 kWh0.0011 kWh
All0.0393 kWh0.0069 kWh0.033 kWh0.0220 kWh0.0011 kWh

The electricity used by the fan over various durations:

The electricity used on average by a fan is 0.0393 kWh per hour, 0.3144 kWh per night, 0.0943 kWh per week when it is run for 24 hours, and 28.3 kWh per month when it is used for 24 hours. 

The following table explains the electricity consumption of a running fan used at various durations:

Fan typePer hoursPer night used for 8 hoursper day used for 24 hoursper week used 24/ 7Per month used 24/7
Ceiling fan0.0311 kWh0.2488 kWh0.7464 kWh5.225 kWh22.39 kWh
Box fan0.073 kWh0.584 kWh1.752 kWh12.264 kWh52.56 kWh
Tower fan0.0565 kWh0.452 kWh1.356 kWh9.492 kWh40.68 kWh
Table or standing fan0.0425 kWh0.34 kWh1.02 kWh7.14 kWh30.6 kWh
All0.0393 kWh0.3144 kWh0.9432 kWh6.602 kWh28.30 kWh

What is the cost to run a Fan? 

The cost of running a fan on average is up to 0.0059 cents per hour, 0.047 cents when a fan is run over a night, 14 cents per day, $0 0.99 per week, and $4.25 per month when it is used 24/7 hours. 

The following table explains the cost of a running fan of different types on various time duration but using 15 cents per kWh.

Fan typePer hourPer night used for 8 hoursper day used for 24 hoursper week used 24/7Per month used 24/7
Ceiling fan$0.0047$0.037$0.11$0.78$3.36
Box fan$0.0110$0.088$0.26$1.84$7.88
Tower fan$0.0085$0.068$0.20$1.42$6.10
Table or standing fan$0.0064$0.051$0.15$1.07$4.59

What is fan CFM and efficiency?

A CFM of a fan refers to the amount of air in cubic feet per minute of the fan that can move in it. A fan who is having higher CFM will be able to move more in the air thus it will be effective to cool the temperature. And the amount of air a fan is able to move for each watt that it consumes is the energy efficiency indicator. The Following are the CFM result:

  • The fan having the highest CFM per vote is the ceiling fan
  • At the second position is the box fan with 1750 CFM for watts and having the higher average voltage.
  • The table or standing fan has a CFM per watt of 1672 which is lower than the average box band CFM.


In the end, it can be concluded that ceiling fans are the most efficient fan type, and they can move fast air per watt. After the ceiling fan, box fans are the most efficient fan type preferable for personal cooling, and the average cost spent on a running fan is approximately $0.0059 per hour.

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