How Many Watts Does A PS4 Use? (Costs By Mode + Electricity Consumption)

A ps4 is very popular and famous but do you know how many watts a ps4 use and what is the effect on the electricity bill? This article will guide you about PS4 wattage, wattage used by the PS4 at different modes, the cost of PS4 gaming, and how to reduce the running cost of PS4.

How Many Watts Does A PS4 Use?

On average the wattage used by a PS4 is between 165 watts and 310 watts and the cost of the PS4 according to the electricity per hour is between 2 cents and 5 cents. 

PS4 Use
PS4 Use

PS4 Wattage

  • The wattage range of the PS4 depends on the version and it ranges from 165 watts to 310 watts at maximum. 
  • Also, the wattage amount or the power consumed depends on the mode the PS4 is used. 

The following table explains the PS4 version and the wattage consumed by it:

PS4 versionPS4 wattage (max)
PS4 Original250W
PS4 Slim165W
PS4 Pro310W

How Many Watts Does A PS4 Use according to the modes?

  • On average PS4 can use 0.47 watts in standby mode. 
  • At idle mode, it can use 99 watts
  • In the streaming mode, it uses approximately 120 watts when the game is being played and gaming in VR uses 144 watts. 
PS4 Use
PS4 Use

The following table explains the wattage used by PS4 in various modes:

PS4 modeWatts usedHourly cost ($0.15 per kWh)Monthly cost (running 6.76 hrs p/w – avg. for US gamers)
PS4 standby (off but plugged in)0.47$0.00$0.00
PS4 user login screen (1st screen after startup)83.9$0.01$0.34
PS4 dashboard (idle)85.6$0.01$0.35
PS4 dashboard (idle) + charging controller90.1$0.01$0.37
PS VR on standby (off but plugged in)0.15$0.00$0.00
PS4 dashboard (idle) + PS VR on92.5$0.01$0.38
PS4 streaming YouTube98.4$0.01$0.40
PS4 streaming Netflix99.9$0.01$0.41
PS4 streaming Amazon Prime Video100$0.02$0.41
PS4 gaming (Sonic Classic, via disk)99.8$0.01$0.40
PS4 gaming (Lost Souls III, via disk)141$0.02$0.57
PS4 gaming with PS VR (The Playroom VR – Robots Rescue)144$0.02$0.58

PS4 Standby Wattage

  • A ps4 on standby mode uses approximately 0.47 watts.
  • If the PS4 is plugged in with PS VR, the overall wattage in standby mode will increase to 0.62 watts.
  • On average PS VR uses 0.15 Watts in standby mode.
  • If we leave a PS4 plugged in for 24/7 hours and are not using it it will cost approximately 62 cents per year. 

PS4 Idle Wattage

For a PS4 in idle mode, various factors depend upon the number of watts, including if the PS4 is Idol or if any accessories are connected to it.

  • The range of the PS4 Idle wattage is between 83.9 Watts and 92.5 watts.
  • A PS4 when it’s on the user login screen which is the screen that is thrown after the startup at that time uses approximately 83.9 watts.
  • When it’s Idl on the dashboard screen it uses 85.6 watts.
  • When the PS4 is at idle mode but a dual shock controller charger is connected it can consume power consumption up to 90.1 watts.
  • If there is no Dual Shock control charger connected but it has ps VR in on mode then the amount consumed and that time will be approximately 92.5 watts. 
PS4 Use
PS4 Use

PS4 Streaming Wattage

  • The wattage of PS4 uses approximately 98.4 Watts to 100 watts
  • When a person is streaming YouTube on PS4 it uses 98.4 watts, streaming Netflix it uses 99.9 Watts and on Amazon Prime video it uses 100 watts. 
  • Streaming videos on PS4 per hour costs $0.01476 to $0.015.

PS4 Gaming Wattage

The gaming process also depends upon the amount of Watts consumed by the PS4. 

  • If the game requires low processing power it will use up to 100 words or lower than it. 
  • Using a ps VR and playing games will consume a lot of power. 
  • An approximate VR gaming on PS4 uses 144 watts. There are many problems that occur in PS4.

PS4 Monthly Costs For Gaming

The monthly cost of playing games on PS4 is approximately $10.87 cents to $11.05. This includes the electricity clock cost a place in plus a monthly subscription and the TV electricity cost.

The following table explains the breakdown of PS4 monthly cost for gaming:

PS4 game examplePS4 electricity cost per month PlayStation Plus monthly subscriptionTV running cost per month Total monthly gaming cost
PS4 gaming eg Sonic Classic, via disk$0.40$9.99$0.47$10.87
PS4 gaming eg Lost Souls III, via disk$0.57$9.99$0.47$11.04
PS4 VR gaming eg The Playroom VR – Robots Rescue$0.58$9.99$0.47$11.05

How to reduce the running cost of ps4?

For reducing the running cost of a PS4 and helping to consume less electricity you can check it from the following sources such as TV running cost, Xbox x series running cost, and PS5 saving tips


If a person uses a PS4 between 165 Watts and 310 words it will cost 2 to 5 Cents per hour in electricity. Also, the monthly TV power consumption and PlayStation monthly subscription are included on average a PS4 will cost from $10.87 to $11.05. Using PBR will increase the wattage usage to 144 watts instead of 120 watts.


What amount of electricity does a PS4 use in kWh? 

On average a PS4 uses $0.165 kWh to $0.31 kWh of electricity also the electricity usage depends on the version of the PS4.

How much electricity does a PS4 use according to the UK? 

It uses 0.16 kWh of electricity 20.3 kWh per hour and on average it costs between 3p and 6p per hour at maximum capacity in the UK.

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