Bathroom Fan Wattage Consumption (+ Tips to Increase Efficiency)

Nobody really knows how important a bathroom fan is or they don’t even care if the appliances are used in their home so it is common they won’t know about the wattage a bathroom fan consumes, the cost to run a bathroom fan, etc. so this article will guide you about the bathroom fan wattage consumption and some tips to increase the efficiency of the bathroom fan.

Bathroom Fan Wattage Consumption:

On average a bathroom fan’s wattage consumption is about 36 watts. We can also translate 36 watts to 120 volts and 0.3 amps. The wattage consumption by the bathroom fan depends on the fan’s features and size. 

Wattage Consumption
Wattage Consumption

The power used by a bathroom ventilation fan:

  • A bathroom fan having a simple light feature uses 36 Watts of energy. Depending upon the type of fan it can arrange from 10 to 50 watts. 
  • Having a fan with a heater will raise the wattage consumption upto 1000 watts which also depends upon the heating function. 
  • Having a bathroom fan without a light or heater has a wattage consumption of up to 10 to 12 watts. 
  • The amount of wattage used by the exhaust fan depends only upon what kind of fan we are using whether it has the heater or light with it or not.
Wattage Consumption
Wattage Consumption

Comparison of wattage consumption of the bathroom fan with others. 

The following is the list of different kinds of fans and the wattage consumed by them:

  • A bathroom fan uses approximately 36 Watts of energy. 
  • A ceiling fan that is used in the kitchen, bedroom, and the living room has a wattage consumption of up to 33 watts. 
  • A box fan that is plugged into the wall has a wattage consumption of up to 100 watts
  • The tower fan has a wattage consumption of up to 54 watts
  • A table fan or standing fan has a wattage consumption of upto 40 watts

The electricity consumed by the heating unit used on the bathroom fan:

If the bathroom fan is used with a heating unit it uses up to 1500 watts when it is run continuously. As the heating unit does have more wattage consumption and it’s an expensive component of the bathroom fan. You can reduce power consumption by having a separate switch or control of the fan and the heater so that when you turn on the fan the heater does not run unnecessarily. If we compare the bathroom exhaust having a light component with a bathroom exhaust fan having a heater, the heater uses 100 times more electricity.

Tips to increase the efficiency of a bathroom fan:

As the bathroom fan is not considered so expensive but there are various steps to increase the efficiency even more. The following are some best ways to increase the efficiency of a bathroom exhaust fan. 

  • Install a timer switch on the fan. 
  • Invest in moisture sensing capability. 
  • Clean and maintain the fan. 
  • By the right size.
Wattage Consumption
Wattage Consumption

Install a timer switch on the fan:

Installing a timer switch is a way to increase the efficiency of the bathroom fan and also increase its lifespan. The timer switch will automatically work by turning the fan off after setting a specific amount of time as there are many cases in which we forget to turn off the fan. The cost of the timer switch is from 20 to 25 dollars. If the bathroom fan is used for a long time it will increase the electricity bill and decrease the lifespan so it is good to install a timer switch.

Invest in the moisture sensing capability:

Like a person forgets to turn off the fan they can also forget to turn on the fan so having a moisture sensor will automatically turn on the fan after showering or washing is done. After showering and washing there is moisture in the year and once the fan is used it will lower the moisture level automatically and will turn off automatically.

Clean and maintain the fan:

A fan is a unit that does require regular cleaning and maintenance as it will increase the lifespan of the fan. The bathroom fans are used to draw the moisture Prison in the air which may also include some airborne particles like dust. If these fans are not cleaned or maintained it will take more time to remove the moisture and stink from the air. So you should clean the fan by removing the outer cover of the fan. It will make the fan run efficiently and smoothly.

Buy the right size:

Having a bathroom exhaust fan with an accurate size is good to use as it is used according to the size of the bathroom. If the bathroom is bigger then you need to install a bigger exhaust fan. You should buy the bathroom exhaust fan by checking the CFM of the fan. So if your bathroom is 100 square feet then you should have a 100 CFM bathroom fan in the same way for a 200 square foot bathroom you should have a 200 CFM fan.


It is good to have an exhaust fan in the bathroom as it will help you by getting rid of moisture, keeping the glass surface clean, warming the bathroom, purifying the air in the bathroom and it will also helping to remove smelly odors. So you should buy the exhaust fan for the bathroom according to the bathroom size. 

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