Quietest Window AC till now Revealed (+ Noise Reduction Tips | List of Quietest Window Ac’s)

A person who wants to buy a window ac that is the quietest unit in this category. This information can help them a lot in a way to buy the quietest Window AC explaining the window air conditioner decibels and what tips they can follow to reduce the noise of a window air conditioner.

Window air conditioner decibels

  • A window air conditioner does have a decibel that ranges from 33 dB to 67 dB.
  • On average, a window air conditioner Does have a decibel of 56.4 dB
  • The air conditioner has the most common decibel of 56 dB
Window AC
Window AC

Which is the quietest window air conditioner? 

The window air conditioner which is considered the quietest having the decibel of 33 and 800 BTU is the Danby – DAC080B6IWDB-6. The factors which do help a window air conditioner to be the quietest are the inverter compressor, u-shaped design, high energy efficiency, sleep mode option, etc. This type of window air conditioner is rewarded with energy star certification and comes in the category of a low-noise air conditioner.

Energy efficient low noise window air conditioner:

A window air conditioner that has energy star certification and comes in the category of low noise needs to have a noise performance of 55 dB in the lowest operational mode. The following table shows the list of the sound level of the most energy-efficient window air conditioner from low to high. 

Low-noise window ACDecibels (dB)Cooling Capacity (BTU)
Danby – DAC080B6IWDB-633 dB8000 BTU
GE Profile – AHTR10AC*#40 dB10100 BTU
Frigidaire Gallery – GHWQ083WC141 dB8000 BTU
Frigidaire Gallery – GHWQ123WC142 dB12000 BTU
Midea – MAW08V1DWT42 dB8000 BTU
Midea – MAW10V1DWT42 dB10000 BTU
Midea – MAW12V1DWT42 dB12000 BTU
LG – LW1822IVSM44 dB18000 BTU
LG – LW1817IVSM44 dB18000 BTU
LG – LW2217IVSM44 dB22000 BTU
LG – LW1019IVSM44 dB9500 BTU
LG – LW1517IVSM44 dB14000 BTU

The noise level of the most energy-efficient window air conditioners according to the room size:

The following table shows the list of the noise level of the most energy-efficient window air conditioner according to the room size: also to the efficiency which ac is better click here window ac vs wall ac and window ac vs portable ac click here.

Room sizeMost efficient window ACDecibels (dB)CEER
150 sq. ft.Frigidaire – FFRE053WAE50 dB12.1
300 to 350 sq. ft.Midea – MAW08V1QWT42 dB15
400 to 450 sq. ft.GE Profile – AHTR10AC40 dB15.7
600 to 650 sq. ft.LG – LW1517IVSM44 dB14.7
1000 sq. ft.LG – LW1817IVSM44 dB14.7
1300 to 1400 sq. ft.LG – LW2217IVSM44 dB14,5
1500 to 1600 sq. ft.LG – LW2422IVSM44 dB14.3
1800 to 2000 sq. ft.Friedrich – KCL28A30ANot available9.9
Window AC
Window AC

How to reduce the noise of a window air conditioner? 

the following are some tips that will help to reduce the noise of the window air conditioner:

  • Secure the unit properly. 
  • Check the casing. 
  • Don’t forget the window frame. 
  • Secure internal components. 
  • Consider lowering the fan speed. 
  • Increase the temperature slightly. 
  • Change the mode setting. 
  • Add extra insulation around the unit. 
  • Keep it away from the heat source. 
  • Maintain the AC. 
  • Contact a specialist.

Secure the unit properly:

A window air conditioner can also get loose over time so make sure to check the screws are tight and the seals are in a good position this will help not to make noise.

Check the casting:

If the casing of the air conditioner is loose it will tend to produce noise as it will cause Humming noises for example if the air conditioner air comes in contact with the window frame or any other internal housing it will tend to make noise.

Don’t forget the window frame:

If a window air conditioner is not properly installed it will be noisy. So if a window air conditioner is going to be installed, secure the unit into the window frame so that the vibrating and rattling noises which come from the air conditioner go to the opposite side of the window frame. If a person is able to seal the window frame it will also help to keep the noise of the air conditioner low. 

Window AC
Window AC

Secure internal component:

A person can also check the internal component of the air conditioner by plugging in the air conditioner and removing it safely from the window frame. The noises which are coming from the air conditioner are when people hit the unit casing or many more. 

Consider lowering the fan speed:

The window air conditioner will produce more noise when it is used at the highest fan speed so try to reduce the fan speed in order to reduce the level of noise. If a person does want to move the cool air all over the room They can use the ceiling fan with it. 


At last, we can conclude that the noise level of the wall air conditioner ranges from 33 dB to 67 dB, on average the noise level of the units is about 56.4 dB and the most common noise level of the unit is 56 dB.Danby – DAC080B6IWDB-6  is considered the quietest unit having a noise level of 33 dB and 8000 BTU. 

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