Wall AC vs Window AC Efficiency Results (+ Long Life Models)

The wall easy and window air conditioner both do their job of cooling a single room getting heat out of the room very well. But many people do get stuck on whether to choose a wall AC or a window AC. So this article will let you know about the difference between wall AC and window AC efficiency by explaining the key factors like noise, price, portability, looks, installation difficulties, etc. 

Wall AC vs window AC:

The following are some comparisons done between the wall AC and the Window AC so a person who is reading the article gets clear which is better and should pay attention to the aspect which matters to them.

Wall AC
Wall AC


The window air conditioners are noisier than the wall air conditioners. As the noise of window air conditioner comes from the fan which is blowing cool air into the room and removing the hot air out. The insulation factor available in the window air conditioners is less than the wall air conditioners.


When we compared the wall air conditioner’s efficiency to the window air conditioner, the wall air conditioner is more efficient than the window air conditioner. As the WALL air conditioners are efficient to cool more space when compared to the cooling space of the window air conditioners. The insulation gets involved during the installation process of the window air conditioners only as their design so that they can easily be removed and stored, Having a natural disadvantage. But the wall air conditioners are installed in an actual layer making the unit permanent in the wall. The wall air conditioners are surrounded by heavy weatherproofing and insulation making it more efficient to keep cool here inside and minimize the amount of work.


When the price is compared of the Wall AC and the window AC the wall air conditioners are more expensive than the window air conditioners because the wall air conditioners do not need to be changed in the space as They Stand up in all the weather and in the price of the wall air conditioner it involves installation cost also.


Portability is considered to be the biggest difference between wall air conditioners and window air conditioners. When it is compared the window air conditioner does need more effort to install or remove the units but it is simple to remove or move the window air conditioners. It is always that the window ac will be more portable than the wall AC as for the installation the window ac is not required to cut a hole in the wall. The following are some good points regarding window air conditioners:

  • When a person is moving from one place to another year it is easy to bring the window air conditioner with him. 
  • During the winter a person can also remove the AC from the window. 
  • Before the installation of a window air conditioner in a room a person can test the units in different rooms finding the appropriate locations where it benefits most to cool the room.


When we compare the air conditioners with the looks, the window air conditioners are not as attractive as the wall conditioners. When a wall air conditioner is put into a wall it does look better in the wall than a window air conditioner installed in a window of the room. 

Installation difficulty:

The installation processes of the window and wall air conditioners are different. But when it is compared to the difficulty level installing a window air conditioner is not always easy but it can be installed by one person only and does not require any drilling holes in the wall. But the installation process of the wall air conditioner requires more time as we need to drill or cut a hole in a home room wall so that the AC can be placed in that hole. For the installation of the wall air conditioner, experts are required unless the person is able to cut the wall by themselves.

Wall AC
Wall AC

The following table explains the comparison of wall AC and window AC performance in a simple way.

Wall AC vs Window AC categoryWall acWindow AC
Average efficiency (CEER)10.56 CEER11.96 CEER
Most efficient unit (CEER)12 CEER15.7 CEER
Cooling capacity range (BTU)6,300 BTU – 15,400 BTU5,000 BTU – 35,000 BTU
Power consumption range p/y430 kWh – 1,242 kWh310 kWh – 2,885 kWh
Electricity cost range p/y$64.50 – $186.30$46.50 – $432.75
Wattage range590W – 3,450W400W – 2,425W
Amp range4.2A – 30A3.8A – 20A
Average noise level56 dB – 65 dB33 dB – 67 dB


Air conditioners do have their own advantages and disadvantages for a person. A wall air conditioner might be the right choice if they are using it in their own place where it is Permanent but in the case when the person is not in a place permanently they can choose to have window air conditioners because of their design they can be easily removed after the installation is done when a person is moving again to another place. The window air conditioners are noisier but they are affordable for every person. As there is no cost required for the installation process. So from the above article, it will be easy for a person to see both air conditioners from a different point of view.


Which type of AC  is best for your home? 

When it is compared to the normal air conditioner used at home Inverter AC are best as they offer more consistent cooling, are more energy efficient, and are quieter. 

Which type of AC uses less electricity? 

The inverter air conditioner does consume less power than the non+inverters air conditioners.

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