Window AC Amps & Most Energy-Efficient Window AC Units Revealed

If a person wants to buy an ac and wants to know about the amperage usage by window ac this article will guide you about the window AC Amps uses. By explaining about the amps used by the ac at startup, which window ac is low amp window ac, and about amps used by the most energy efficient window ac. 

How Many Amps Does A Window Air Conditioner Use?

  • The range of Window AC Amps is from 3.8 amps and 20 amps.
  • On average the Window AC Amps are 7.82 amps.
  • The most common amps used by a window AC is 11 amps
Window AC Amps
Window AC Amps

The amps used by a window ac do vary and depend on many factors such as:

  • Cooking stage
  • Setting
  • Input voltage etc. 

When the ac is run at a cooling stage there is an increase and even decrease in the current requirements by the unit because of the presence of a compressor which sometimes gets on and off during operations.

The unit does draw more power during the start-up which is even more than the manufacturer’s list of amperage. And draw a lower amount of power when the components are turned off. Also to know about the amps used by portable ac visit here.

The following table explains the list of the most popular window ac amps and the number of amps used:

Window AC amps categoryAmps (A)
Most common11A

This is the maximum average that a window AC can draw. 

Amps used by the window ac At Startup:

  • The window ac is capable of drawing the startup power which is 2-3 times the running amps drawn by the window ac. 
  • Using an off-grid power system will help to know and cater to the Ac startup power surge
  • But if the unit is connected to the mains power supply using an off-grid is not important. As the power circuits do include fuses, breakers, and cater which is their draw. 
  • At startup, it is common that washing machine dryers, freezers, and other household appliances to use motors to have a power surge.
Window AC Amps
Window AC Amps

Spike of a window AC amps it’s not just when the AC starts but it is also during the various cooling stages such as:

  1. Power hungry consider
  2. Evaporators
  3. Compressors cycle on
  • In all these stages amp draws an increase in power. However, the search is not for a long time it is just for a fraction of second
  • The list that is mentioned in the manufacturer listed average and the spike amps draw are correlated. Or we can say that these spikes are proportional to the manufacturer’s listed amperage. 

Which window AC is the Low Amp Window AC?

A window AC draws the lowest amp that is less than 4 arms. According to the research, around 71% of the AC do fall in this amp range. For example, Frigidaire – FFRE053WAE is the lowest amp window AC using 3.8 amps and 400 watts. As this has a low-voltage startup option. There is no other unit which consumes less electricity. You can see the difference between the Window AC vs portable ac and window ac vs wall ac from here.

Window AC Amps
Window AC Amps


How Many Amps Do The Most Energy-Efficient Window ACs Use?

The table explains the list of the average of the most efficient window AC which are used according to the room size:

Room sizeMost efficient window ACAmps (cooling)
150 sq. ft.Frigidaire – FFRE053WAE3.8A
250 sq. ft.LG – LW6019ER4.4A
300 to 350 sq. ft.Midea – MAW08V1QWT8.78A
400 to 450 sq. ft.GE Profile – AHTR10AC11A
500 to 550 sq. ft.GE Profile – AHTR12AC11.9A
600 to 650 sq. ft.LG – LW1517IVSM12A
700 sq. ft.Keystone – KSTAW15CE11.5A
1000 sq. ft.LG – LW1817IVSM8.8A / 7.9A
1200 sq. ft.No real standout performer9.6A
1300 to 1400 sq. ft.LG – LW2217IVSM11.6A / 10.5A
1500 to 1600 sq. ft.LG – LW2422IVSM11A / 12A
1800 to 2000 sq. ft.Friedrich – KCL28A30A13.4A
2250 to 2700 sq. ft.Friedrich – KCL36A30A and KEL36A35A18.2A
Window AC Amps
Window AC Amps


In the end, we can conclude that the window AC and Bridge range from 3.8 amps to 20 amps, the average window AC average is up to 7.8 amps, and the most common amperage of the Window AC is 11 amps. The startup power surges of a window AC unit are 2 to 3 times when the unit draws the amp for running. The Window AC has the lowest amps is the Frigidaire – FFRE053WAE which consumes 3.8 amps and 400 watts.


How many arms and Watts does a window AC use? 

It uses amps between 50 to 60 and approx. 240 volts.

Can we run 2 air conditioners on the same breakers? 

No, we cannot Run 2 air conditioners on the same breakers. 

Do window ac uses a lot of electricity?

No, they don’t use a lot of electricity as it uses less than 1/3 amount of the energy.

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