How Many Amps Do Electric Stoves Use? (+ Most Efficient Electric Stove)

If a person wants to get information about the amps used by an electric stove then they have visited the right place as this article will guide you about all the questions related to how many amps Electric Stove Use. As there are a lot of people who prefer an electric stove over a gas stove, getting all this information is important for a person. 

How many amps do an electric stove use? 

The amps used by an electric stove are the same as amps used by many home appliances like electric heaters and central air conditioners.

  • On average the amps used by an electric stove are between 30 to 60 amps. 
Electric Stove
Electric Stove

But when we compare the outlet of an electric stove and standard wall outlets its wiring requirements are not so much. The comparison of amps required by an electric stove, gas stove, and pellet stove you can study next. 

How many amps are used by a gas stove? 

  • The amps used by a gas stove also depend on the size of the stove if the stove is big in size it may take 50 amps. 
  • On average a gas stove needs amps from 15 to 30.
  • The most common amps required by a gas stove are from 15 to 30 amps when it is connected to a standard 120-volt circuit which is most common at homes. 
  • On average the amps required by a gas convection oven is upto 30 amps but that depends on the stove capacity and power. 


A person who wants to install an electric stove in the house should first check if the circuit can manage the extra load or not. The circuit needed by the electric stove will change based on the model and size. So it is better to ask the manufacturers regarding the amps used by the stove. 

How many amps are used by a pellet stove? 

  • On average the amps drawn by a pellet stove are between 2.5 and 3.0 amperes which are equal to the power consumption of 303 watts per hour. 
  • The pellet needs approximately 303 watts of power to run the blower, stirrer, and motors. 
Electric Stove
Electric Stove

When we compare it to an electric heater and fireplace they are very efficient as they use less power. According to the stove, what size of breaker should be used is also important. 

Can I Use a 40 Amp Breaker For a Stove?

If a person wants to connect a 40 amps size breaker to a stove they can use it. According to the national electrical code that states we can use a 40 amps circuit breaker can be used with any cooking equipment that has a rating of 12kW Or less. But upgrading it to a 50 amps circuit will be good as now most of the appliances are very powerful. For example, if you use two burners at the same time also at full power then the output received will be less as the power will split between the two burners. So if the stove is connected to a 50 amp circuit it will work best in all circumstances. 

Electric Stove
Electric Stove

List of the most efficient an electric stove:

The following table shows the top 5 most efficient electric stove.

BrandsElectric rangeCapacity 
Samsung induction range with air fry convection343 kWh per year6.3 cubic feet
LG induction range with probake convection390 kWh per year6.3 cubic feet
Frigidaire small space419 kWh per year1.9 cubic feet
Frigidaire electric with self-clean505 kWh per year5.3 cubic feet
Maytag with double oven521 kWh per year6.7 cubic feet

What is the cost to run an electric stove? 

The cost to run an electric stove does vary according to the local cost of energy will be more or less and on average the monthly cost to run an electric stove is $11.let’s understand this by an example, an average electricity rate is 10 cents per kWh and if an electric oven of 1500 watt is used for 2 hours for a day it cost for $10.95 per month. Also, the cost of running a gas stove is more as they need fossil fuels too and the availability of them is diminishing.

Electric Stove
Electric Stove

How should we use an electric stove efficiently? 

The following are some tips by with it will help you save energy while using an electric stove:

  • Planning and reducing the frequency of using the stove which will help you to cook numerous items at one time only will help you to save energy and use it efficiently. but if a person uses a microwave that is more costly than an oven or stove. 
  • Always keep the door of the stove closed so that the temperature is maintained. While open it uses the oven light and the window as it avoids the wastage of heat. 
  • For the stove use the pans which are made up of glass or ceramic as they are good at dispersing the heat.
  • Clean the stove after cooking as it will cut down on cycle time by several minutes.


In the end, we can conclude that the amps drawn by an electric stove depend on the power, size, and model of the stove. And even if the person is using a single electric stove burner it is good to connect it to a 50 amp outlet.


What size of the wire can be used with a 50 amps breaker?

Used a wire gauge of 6 with a 50 amps breaker.

Is it necessary to use a dedicated circuit for an electric stove?

Yes, a dedicated circuit is necessary for an electric stove.

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