How much does it Cost to Run Power 1000 feet? (Detailed Answer)

A person who wants to know about the cost to run power 1000 feet should know about all factors that affect the power line cost. From this article, you will get to know about the cost to run power thousand feet and all the factors and costs which are involved for underground power lines.

How much does it Cost to Run Power 1000 feet? 

On average, the cost for setting up a power 1000 feet in length is approximately $8250 more or it can be less. It also includes the cost of the installation which is $8 per linear foot.

There are many factors that affect the cost to run power such as

  • Cost to Install Underground Electric.
  • Cost of Underground Electrical Conduit Installation per Linear Foot.
  • Electrical Trenching Costs.

Cost to Install Underground Electric:

The following are the costs involved in the installation of underground electricity.

  • Labor costs.
  • Equipment costs.
  • Trenching costs.
  • location.

Labor costs:

The labor cost for working to install underground electricity does vary according to how difficult the job is and the location. the completion of the work does. Required to be done by different professionals who dig a Trench, install conduit, and run cable. There is also the possibility of hiring a contractor which will further higher the subcontractor. The following are ways showing How the money breaks down.

  • There is a possibility that the general contractor will charge a price of 10% to 20% for the total. 
  • The equipment which is used will recharge between $400 and $1200.
  • The licensed electrician who is involved in the work may charge an hour from $50 to $100.

The below-given table explains the cost spend in running the power:

Types of contractorPricing 
General contractor10% – 20% of the total costs
Trench specialists$400 – $1,200
Electricians$50 – $100 per hour

Equipment cost:

The cost of the large and small specialized equipment which will be used to run power does cost 30% to 40% of the total cost. For example, an excavator or digger vehicle is used to dig the ground and lift the dirt from the ground.

The cost of renting the equipment is approximately $300 to $550 per day. As the digging part is not possible to do by yourself for it we need to have the equipment and license and a highly trained person to use the equipment.


The cost affecting is also based on the location to run electrical power underground. If the work is for urban areas where the price can rise about 10 to 14 Times when it is compared to the ruler areas.

The cost involved in Conduit Installation per Linear Foot

The cost of conduit installation per linear foot is the same whether the person is just upgrading the power or adding new cables. The following are the cost difference for different adding amps services:

200- amp service:

Upgrading the electrical power to a 200 amp service will cost between $750 and $200, including the labor and the cost of the parts. In case a person needs to move the electrical panel they will have to pay more than $4000 for moving the electric panel or updating the old wire because of the trenching, conduit, and cable running fees.

Power 1000 feet
Power 1000 feet

50-amp service:

When we compared the 50 amp service to the 200 amp service now this type is not being currently installed in any household because of the demands placed on electrical services, for example, using an electric fireplace, window ac, running a treadmill, dryer, microwave, hair dryer, diffuser, electric stove, etc. The typical amp circuit on which the home is run is between 100 and 150 amp services. So in case, a person is converting the power service underground for that they don’t need any new electrical panel or rewiring.

Electrical Trenching Costs

The cost for trenching the electrical services is between $4 to $12 per linear foot. As the cost of trenching is being divided equally such as

  • Labour
  • Equipment
  • Permits


The cost of digging a trench typically costs $5.75 per linear foot. 


The equipment which is involved in digging a Trench does cost around $4 per linear foot. 

Power 1000 feet
Power 1000 feet


The range of the permits is from $500 to $2000 which varies according to local requirements.

Who to Hire to Install Underground Electric Service

If a person wants to install an underground electric service it is a work that is a multi-professional project. So for this service, you should give the project to the larger Electrical Company which will easily arrange all the equipment labor and complete the entire job by itself. Or you can also hire a journal contractor for doing the whole work which will further higher the subcontractor.

Power 1000 feet
Power 1000 feet


So a person who wants to run a power of 1000 feet should see all the costs involved in setting up the power and according to this they should plan and calculate the cost.


What is cheaper to run power overhead or underground? 

Running power overhead is cheaper than running power underground because it does not require any equipment for digging the ground.

What size of the wire is needed for a 200 amp underground service? 

To run a 200 amp underground service the minimum requirement of the wire is 2 American wire gauge copper or four American wire gauge aluminum.

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