What size breaker do I need for an Electric Stove? (+ Cost to Run)

Before installing an electric stove in the houses it is important to know about the required amperage by an electric stove and according to it, what size breaker is required. So, this information is all about what breaker size should we use for an electric stove, the amount of electricity used by it, whether it needs a dedicated circuit, and what are the cost-saving tips to run an electric stove. 

What size breaker do I need for an electric stove? 

The amperage drawn by an electric stove does depend on the number of burners, a bigger oven, and the extra features.

  • An old electric stove does require a size breaker of a 30 amp circuit breaker.
  • A modern electric stove does require a size breaker of a 50 amp circuit breaker .
  • An electric stove which is an industry-standard stove is a 50 amp double pole circuit breaker but it does vary.
size breaker
size breaker

Let’s know this by an example, an electric stove on average having 4 burners is able to draw amperage that ranges between 30 and 50 amps, and when compared to a bigger stove that has many extra features is able to draw 60 amps. 

size breaker
size breaker

The important point is that if a breaker is added to an electric stove then it is able to use up to 80% of the supply capacity. Considering what size breaker we need to use with an electric stove we should also look for the wiring size.

30 amp breaker:

if a 30 amp breaker is used with an electric stove it will not cause any harm unless the size of the wire installed in the circuit is appropriate. So, with a 30 amp circuit breaker we need to use a 10 gauge wire but instead of this if a long cable is used from the breaker to the electric stove then use an 8 gauge wire.

50 amp breaker

 A 30 amp breaker is good for the old electric stove but for the modern stove, the size required is 50 amps with 6 gauge wire, 3 conductors, and ground wire which means that we need to have a total of 4 electrical cables. 

size breaker
size breaker

The below video will explain in more detail what material is needed with an electric stove. 

What is the amount of electricity used by an electric stove? 

If you are using an average electric stove it will not consume much electricity. Most electric stoves have a capacity of consuming wattage between 1000 watts to 3000 watts. Most of the stores use an average of 20 amps to 60 amps and are connected to an outlet of 240 volts. The electricity consumed by the stove also depends upon the time of using it. The formula to know how much electricity the stove use:

The wattage Consumed by the electric stove* the time of using the stove. 

What amount does it cost to run an electric stove?

The approximate cost of running an electric store for an hour at maximum power is about 39 cents to 13 cents per kWh also the cost does depend on many factors such as

  • location. 
  • Settings. 
  • Using time. 
size breaker
size breaker

The following table clean the cost of running an electric oven per month and year according to the state:

Locationaverage electricity per ratecost per monthcost per year
Washington10.38 ¢ / kWh$8.83$106
Virginia12.58 ¢ / kWh$10.75$129
US Average14.19 ¢ / kWh$12.08$145
Texas12.56 ¢ / kWh$10.67$128
New York20.59 ¢ / kWh$17.50$210
New Jersey16.20 ¢ / kWh$13.83$166
Massachusetts22.59 ¢ / kWh$19.25$231
Maryland14.48 ¢ / kWh$12.33$148
Florida12.21 ¢ / kWh$10.42$125
California22.00 ¢ / kWh$18.75$225

You can have some tips to reduce the cost of running the electric stove which is similar to an electric heater.


To know about the size breaker of an electric stove you need to check the amperage drawn by the stove, features in the stove, and whether is it an old or modern version of the stove so that according to it you can easily add the correct size of a breaker in the circuit of an electric stove. 


What is the best time to use an electric stove? 

If you want to save the running cost of using an electric stove you should use the home appliances during off-peak hours which is overnight. 

Is it possible to use 40 amps for an electric stove? 

If the household cooking appliances are rated at 12kw then it is possible to use a 40A circuit. 

Is it possible to use a 40 amp stove on a 30 amp breaker? 

Using a 30 amp breaker for a 40 amp stove is dangerous as it may cause fire or damage the device so use a 50 amp breaker with a 40 amp stove. 

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