Actual Costs for Running Electric Kettle (Easy Tips To Keep Your Cost Low) 

Costs for Running Electric Kettle

The electric kettle is used by most people nowadays. It contains a self-contained heating unit which helps to boil the water. This article will guide you about the active costs of running electrical kettle per month and the running cost by country. You also get to learn about how to reduce the Costs for Running … Read more

Average Consumption of Electric Car kWh Per Mile (& Tips for Reducing Consumption)

Average Consumption

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Actual Xbox Series X Electricity Running Cost (5 Cost-Saving Tips)

Electricity Running Cost

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The Cost Of Charging An Electric Car At Home Revealed (Shocking Answer)

The Cost Of Charging An Electric Car

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Cost of charging an electric bike (tips to save charging cost)

save the electric bike battery

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Actual Comparison: eScooter vs eBike vs eCar (Which Costs Less Per Mile?)

eScooter vs eBike vs eCar

An electrical transport mode does support the environment when we talk about electric scooters, Electric bikes and electric cars are the most popular forms of greener transport. This article will guide you about the comparison of eScooter vs eBike vs eCar, what is the cost per charge mile, and tips to reduce the charging cost … Read more