Actual Comparison: eScooter vs eBike vs eCar (Which Costs Less Per Mile?)

An electrical transport mode does support the environment when we talk about electric scooters, Electric bikes and electric cars are the most popular forms of greener transport. This article will guide you about the comparison of eScooter vs eBike vs eCar, what is the cost per charge mile, and tips to reduce the charging cost of electric transport. 

Actual Comparison: eScooter vs eBike vs eCar 

When we compared the cost of eScooter vs eBike vs eCar the electric scooter is typically the cheapest to charge. Also when we compared the battery capacity the electric scooter does have less battery capacity when compared to the Electric bikes and electric car so which make them consume less electricity to charge the battery fully. But when we compare the efficiency between eScooter vs eBike vs eCar the Electric bikes do have more efficiency. And the electricity cost per mile of the Electric bikes is slightly lower than the electric scooter. Electric cars are the most expensive electric transport to charge and run. 

eScooter vs eBike vs eCar
eScooter vs eBike vs eCar

What is the cost per charge mile of an Electric bike electric car and electric scooter?

The below table shows the comparison at 15 cents per kWh and the cost comparison according to the US charging cost. To study the cost of charging an electric bike click here.

Electrical vehicle typeMost popular modelCost of one chargeCost to charge mile (13476)Cost per mile
Electric scooterXiaomi Mi M365$0.042$29.79$0.00022
Electric bikeAncheer Electric mountain bike$0.056$24.43$0.0018
Electric carTesla Model 3$9.38$485.14$0.04
eScooter vs eBike vs eCar
eScooter vs eBike vs eCar
eScooter vs eBike vs eCar

After comparing the most popular Electric bikes and electric scooters they do cost 1.4 cents less to charge but which is slightly more than the cost to charge 0.04 cents per mile. And when we compare the E-scooter and the e-bike for traveling 13476 miles, the scooter costs $5.36 more than the Electric bike. 

And when comparing electric cars with electric scooters and bikes it takes 160 times more to charge 18 times more per mile and 16 times more per year.

  • The cost difference between the three is due to the battery capacity and the range of the battery. For example, an electric scooter that has a 280 WH battery has the capacity to reach up to 17 miles.
  • The most popular electric bike has a battery capacity of 374.40 w h which can be ridden up to 31 miles.
  • The electric car has the most popular car which is the Tesla Model 3 which has a battery capacity of 62.5 kWh and can be ridden with a range of 24 kWh/100 mi. To get detailed information about the cost to charge an electric car click here.

Hence we can say that electric scooters are the cheapest to charge and are the second cheapest to use for traveling. Electric bikes do have a higher better capacity which makes them more expensive to charge but they are the cheapest to run as the electricity cost of the electric bike per mile is the lowest. And the electric car has battery capacity, weight, and many other factors that make it cost more to charge them than the electric scooter and electric bike.

eScooter vs eBike vs eCar
eScooter vs eBike vs eCar

How to reduce the charging cost of electric transport? 

The following tips can be used to reduce the charging cost of eScooter vs eBike vs eCar:

  • Free public charger. 
  • Switch utility company. 
  • Start charger sharing.
  • Install solar panels
  • Join EV charging membership
  • Avoid rapid chargers
  • Drive economically

Free public charger:

There are many public places where we can charge an electric vehicle for free. But it depends upon the state you belong to. In the USA there are a number of places where people can charge their electric transport freely. The estimated number of free public electric chargers is up to 500. When compared to the areas the charger for the charging of electric vehicles can be found in Metropolitan areas and also in larger cities. So instead of being able to charge the electric vehicle, we can wisely use the Republic charger to charge the vehicle as it will be helpful to reduce the cost of running an electric vehicle.

Switch utility company:

When a person does have a garage can charge the vehicle at home which will be good in case of economically. As if a person pays the company for charging the electric vehicle per kilowatt but there is a high chance that the electrical utility company has the choice of being limited to charging the vehicle but when a person is charging the vehicle at home they can fully charge the vehicle. So before buying an electric vehicle the person should take advice from the energy supplier in case of the electric vehicle charging rates. When an elected vehicle is charged over the night will they have a reduced rate for charging it or not?

Start charger sharing:

If a person does have their own garage and has an electric vehicle charger they can rent the charger to the other electric vehicle drivers and make them pay according to the per hour used. As allowing them to charge from the charger you use will also help the person to increase their passive income. If a person starts sharing the charges with another electric vehicle it will help the person by not only having the fee to charge but also it will cover the electricity bill under it. 

Install solar panels:

When a person decides to install solar panels requires a large amount of investment in the initial stage. And if the installation is done it will be helpful for the lifetime. As the person can easily charge the electric bike Kaur or scooter by using this solar which will cost nothing to the person and if the person allows other electric vehicle drivers to charge from the Solar it will be 100%  percent profitable. If a person has used the solar panel they just need to invest the money in the start only afterward the person can charge the electric vehicle free of cost as there is no need to pay an electric bill for charging the electric vehicle by the use of the solar panel.

Avoid Rapid charges:

Now charging an electric vehicle is become very much expensive all over the world but to make the comparison they are making the surety that the charger will take less time to charge the car but it will be costly also so A person should use the Rapid charge to charge the electric vehicle only when they are in Rapid until they can charge from the slower rate public charging network. So by avoiding the Rapid charges for the electric vehicle you can easily go to a charger that charges the vehicles slowly as it will be less costly in the Rapid unless it is an emergency to charge the electric vehicle with the Rapid charger.

Drive economically:

When a vehicle is used to drive harder or at speed then it is offended they will burn more energy. Most electric vehicles do have the kinetic energy recovery system technology by which the battery is replenished when we lift off the vehicle. When a person lifts the vehicle up, it will automatically slow down when he is approaching the junction instead of applying to have your brake. Turning on the Eco mode of the electric vehicle will increase the range by limiting the power and will reduce the electricity. Avoid using the climate control in the car if it is cold and the person uses a heater inside the car it will consume more energy from the battery making the battery discharge quickly and if it is hot outside then the person switches on the button to produce cold air this will also make the battery to consume the energy faster. So instead of switching on the climate control, the person can open the window when it is hot and when it is cold wear extra clothes. 

eScooter vs eBike vs eCar
eScooter vs eBike vs eCar


When we compare electric vehicles such as eScooter vs eBike vs eCar the most expensive is the electric cars as they have more battery capacity and can be used to cover a large distance. And when comparing the charge for charging the batteries of an eScooter vs eBike vs eCar, an electric scooter is the cheapest to charge. As they have less battery capacity when it is compared to electric cars and electric bikes which makes them the cheapest to charge.


Is an electric scooter cheaper than a car? 

When we compare electric cars to electric scooters they are less costly than the car in case you buy and run it.

How much does an electric vehicle scooter cost? 

The approx cost of an electric scooter is 600 dollars which include a battery charge time of 3.5 hours and a speed of up to 15 mph. 

Can you fit an electric bike in cars? 

We can fit Electric bikes in cars by removing the front wheel and battery and then placing the car inside the vehicle so that it easily gets fits in the car.

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