Actual PS5 Electricity Running Costs (5+ Cost Saving Tips)

 As we all know that Play station 5 is a gaming machine that is most popular with the youth. The new PS5 is a Sony product and has a power rating of 350W whereas the digital edition has a power rating of 340W. This article will guide you about PS5 Electricity Running Costs, How much is the power consumption breakdown of the ps5, and the ways to reduce the electricity consumption of the ps5? 

How much electricity does a PS5 use?

According to the survey, PS5 utilizes a lot of electricity as compared to the other console games present in the market. The power rating of the PS5 is higher than almost all other console gaming. Mostly the ps5 does have a 350-watt power rating and the ps5 digital edition has a 341-watt power rating.

For example, the PS4 does have a power rating of 165 watts and the PS4 Pro has 310 watts. on average to run a ps5 it costs 0.046 for an hour. A person who is a gamer for them to run the ps5 costs $0.31 per week, $1.33 per month, and $15.99 per year. But when we talk about the ps5 digital edition it is lower than ps5. On average a gamer has to pay $0.30 per week, $1.29 per month, and $15.54 per year.

PS5 Electricity Running Costs
PS5 Electricity Running Costs

What is the power consumption breakdown of ps5:

The consumption level of electricity done by ps5 due to depends upon various factors such as frame rate GPU cloud gaming also the hardware and software factors create an impact in case of electrical consumption during gaming.Ps5 does consume different watts of energy in different modes for example when the ps5 is powered off but is still plugged in then the ps5 can consume 1.3 Watts of electricity. The below table shows the electricity consumption level for different modes of a ps5:

ModesElectricity consumption
Power off1.3 W
Stand by mood1.5 W
Dashboard47 W
Gaming203 W
Maximum capacity350 W

And when we compare it to the other gaming consoles, the ps5 consumes a lot of electricity and it has the highest rating than the other mainstream gaming consoles. The other electrical Machines such as Blender, vacuum cleaner, and stand mixer do have a power consumption of 350 watts but as much as the ps5 is used by the gamer the Blender is not used so this changes the condition of the consuming power of electricity by ps5. Ps5 consumes a lot of electricity when it is used by a gamer but not more than the machine which is used for the heating and cooling process.

PS5 Electricity Running Costs
PS5 Electricity Running Costs

Cost to run a ps5 per Hour:

The average cost to run the ps5 per hour is $0.046 but for the Digital Edition of ps5, the average cost is slightly less which is $0.044.

Cost to run a ps5 per week, month, and year:

A gamer used to spend approximately 6.76 per week playing games on ps5. The below table shows the estimate of the cost to run a ps5 and a ps5 digital addition per week, month, and year.

consolePower rating Cost per week Cost per month Cost per year
PS5 digital edition340$0.30$1.29$15.54

What to reduce the cost of running a PS5?

The following are some ways by which a person can reduce the electrical cost of running a ps5:

  • Enable power-saving mode. 
  • Don’t stream from ps5. 
  • Set the controls to turn off automatically. 
  • Stay away from the setup box. 
  • Unplug

Enable power saving mode:

A person who wants to save the cost of electricity while running the ps5 they have to manually enable the mode of power-saving mode. By this, we can save the energy of the ps5 thus making the ps5 not consume a lot of electricity.

Don’t stream from ps5:

The person who does want to reduce the cost of running a ps5 should avoid spending more time streaming on the PS5. When compared to the other streaming devices such as the Chromecast Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, etc these all use less power consumption than the ps5, and when a person streams on these devices does not get a high electricity bill. So instead of streaming on the ps5, you can stream directly from the smart TV. By doing this you don’t have to pay the extra electricity bill.

PS5 Electricity Running Costs
PS5 Electricity Running Costs

Set controllers to turn off automatically:

When a person leaves the controllers on during the streaming it will just waste energy so to avoid the consumption of energy change the setting of the controller to automatically turn off which will save a huge amount of energy and the person doesn’t need to use the console again and again. Changing the controls will help in reducing the cost of electricity while running a ps5. 

Stay away from the set-top box:

When a person is using a set-top box and TV then there is no need to have a console. By doing this we can save the cost. As TV do have multiple HDMI ports you can use these ports instead of using the console.


Maine ps5 is on standby mode or in rest mode they still consume electricity so instead of keeping them in standby or rest mode make sure that you unplug the console if you are not using ps5 for a longer period of time, for example, you can unplug them over the night which will help you to reduce the cost of electricity.

PS5 Electricity Running Costs
PS5 Electricity Running Costs


The above article will help to know about the electricity consumption while running ps5 and how much it costs. To control the cost while running a ps5 the person should enable the power saving mode of the ps5 and don’t unnecessarily keep the ps5 on as it will consume electricity which will cause an increase in the electricity bill. The person should maintain the ps5 so that it could not get damaged because buying the ps5 again needs a lot of money.


Which machine uses the most electricity in a home?

A machine which is used for heating and cooling the room temperature uses the most amount of electricity that is from 45 to 50%.

How long can a ps5 remain on?

Ps5 can remain on for several days in a room which does have proper ventilation to make sure that it doesn’t overheat and get damaged.

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