How many Amps do I need for a Tesla Home Charger?

The person who is owning a Tesla car does need a lot of information regarding the charger and charging how many amps does a Tesla charger need different charging devices will have different charge speeds so you have to choose a charger that has a minimum installation cost but does have maximum electric driving. So this article will guide you about how many amps you need for a Tesla home charger. 

How many amps are needed for a Tesla home charger? 

The charger amps vary according to the Tesla model such as:

  •  A Tesla model of model 3 rear wheel does have 32 amp.
  •  The models X, S, and Y also model 3 performances have 48 amps. 
Tesla Home Charger
Tesla Home Charger

For a home charger, you just don’t have to look for charger amps but you need to consider many factors like amps breaker, voltage, size breaker, etc which is explained next. 

Charging with a 50 amps home charger:

It all depends upon the Tesla model such as:

  • A model S if it is charged with a 50 amp the miles of range per hour is 29 mph.
  • The Tesla Model 3 standard when charged with a 50 amps charger then the range per hour would be 37 mph. 
  • Tesla Model X when charged with 50 amps then the mile of range per hour would be 25 mph. 
  • The Tesla Model Y charges a 50 amp then the Mile of range per hour would be 36 mph. 

Charging with a 30 amps home charger:

  • A Tesla Model S when charged on a 30 M circuit breaker would have the maximum charging speed which is 17 miles per hour. 
  • A Tesla model 3 when charged on a 30 amp circuit breaker would have a charging speed of 22 miles per hour. 
  • A Tesla Model X charge on a 30 amp circuit breaker would have 14 miles per hour. 

Set up voltage for tesla home charger:

The other appliances generally use zero volts but for a home charger for a Tesla car, you need the correct voltage which is 240 volts so if you have installed a 240-volt outlet you need to have a 50 amps NEMA 14-50 outlet for mobile connectors also called universal mobile connector.  The following are some differences in time taken to charge with different voltage systems:

Tesla Home Charger
Tesla Home Charger

Using 220V system:

  • A Tesla car which is used to charge with a system of 220 volts will take an hour to charge up to 40% to 80%.
  • Using a 220-volt system for charging a Tesla it will take 2 hours to charge from 80% to 100%.
  • After charging a Tesla car around this rate it will run around 10 to 60 miles per hour but it totally depends upon the Tesla model.

Using 110V system:

  • A Tesla car that is charged on a 110-volt system can have approximately for every hour of charging time it will add 3 miles to Tesla cars range. However, charging with a system of 110 volts will take around 13 to 14 hours.
  • For charging a Tesla car up to 100% using a 110-volt system it will require charging from 6 in the evening to 7 in the morning. 

Using 240V system:

  • Using a 240V system to charge and the time taken to charge depends on the amps of the circuit breaker and the model of the car.
  • Using a 60 amp circuit breaker then the maximum range per charge of the Tesla car model S would be 34 mph the tesla car model X would be 30 mph and the model why would be 42 mph. 


According to the amperage of the circuit breaker, the charging speed per model goes down. 

Size breaker:

Commonly a Tesla model does have the amps either 48 amps or 32 amps and according to the amp the size breaker is different for example Tesla model 3 performance 3 long-range model and Model S, X, and Y have 48 amps and they do need to connect to A 60 amp circuit breaker but a model 3 read will drive having 32 amp need to be connected with 40 amp circuit breaker. 

Tesla Home Charger
Tesla Home Charger

What size breaker should prefer more? 

For charging the Tesla model faster A 60 amp circuit breaker is highly recommended because it does charge the car faster. If you charge the Tesla model with a 60 amp circuit breaker you are able to cover upward of 30 miles per charging hour of the tesla Model such as models 3, S, X, and Y. 


As mainly the charging speed always depends upon the Emperors of the Tesla model onboard charger and circuit breaker. according to me using a 60 amp circuit breaker for charging at home and this best for all Tesla models because it provides you the highest miles of Ranger per charging hour. 


Charging Tesla at maximum amps is beneficial? 

We should charge the vehicle maximum to the limit of around 90% or below it for longer battery life. 

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