How much is a new Tesla battery pack? (+ How many Amp Hours is a Tesla Battery? )

A person who does have a tesla car should know all the components like how many amp hours is tesla battery, how long it last, and how much is the cost of the replacement of tesla battery. So this article will guide you with full information about Tesla Battery replacement cost, and battery capacity, clear you about the amp hours, etc. 

How much is a new Tesla battery pack? 

The battery replacement of the Tesla does vary on model, labor, and parts. 

  • On average the basic Tesla Battery replacement cost is between $13000 and $14000.
  • If the Tesla Battery replacement is done for the model as a premium sedan it will cost around $13000 to $20000.
  • If the Tesla Battery replacement is done for the model 3 entry-level sedan it will cost at least $13000.
  • The Tesla Battery replacement of model X premium XUV will cost $14000.
  • The charge for labor is also about 175 per hour. But it may be more if the repairs of the Tesla Battery are more complex or if there is any extra problem with the replacement.
  • The cost of wiring and connector is around $20 to $200.
Tesla Battery
Tesla Battery

Replacement of Tesla Model S battery cost:

  • The cost of replacing a Tesla Model S battery ranges between $12000 to $15000.
  • Including the labor cost, wiring, and connector the total cost will be between $20000 and $22000 also the labor cost may differ. 

Replacement of Tesla model 3 battery cost:

It was considered one of the most popular electric vehicles on the planet and there would be uncommon chances of replacing the battery of model 3 but still, we need to know the cost of replacement. 

  • The replacement cost of the model 3 battery is around $13500
  • The labor charge can be around $2300
  • The total cost for replacing the battery is up to $15800.

Replacement of Tesla model Y battery cost:

It is the newest model of Tesla and the battery replacement cost can be around $15000 approximately.

How much is the cost of the Tesla battery at a Tesla service center? 

The replacement cost of a battery can be changed depending on the car’s model

  • Replacing a battery of 75 kWh of model 3 can cost around $16550. 
  • The Remanufactured pack does cost between $9000 to $10000.
  • If the replacement is to be done of the new brand of batteries then it may cost up to $22500.
  • The cost also varies for replacing a damaged battery pack with a Remanufactured one and also depends on the complexity level cost between $13000 to $17000.
Tesla Battery
Tesla Battery

How many amp-hours is a Tesla battery?

There are multiple electrical vehicle model designs by the Tesla company so that the customer is able to choose the electric vehicle model according to their requirement and preferences. Also, different Tesla electrical vehicles do have different sizes and weights, and according to this, they do require different size batteries to pull the weight respectively. For example, the Tesla Model 3 electric sedan is considered the lightest and the smallest electric car When compared to the Tesla Model Y electric luxury SUV hence it has a different battery size so accordingly it does have different amp hour readings. The following table will explain to you the list of different models of Tesla electric cars, the battery type, and the amp hour of the Tesla battery. 

Name of the Tesla Electric CarType of Electric CarBattery TypeAmp Hour Reading
Tesla Model 3 Long RangeCompact electric sedanLithium-ion Battery230 Amp hours
Tesla Model S Long RangeLuxury electric sedanLithium-ion Battery228.9 Amp hours
Tesla Model XCompact all-drive electric SUVLithium-ion Battery232 Amp hours
Tesla Model YLuxury all-drive electric SUVLithium-ion Battery235 Amp hours
Tesla RoadsterSports CarLithium-ion Battery160 Amp hours
Tesla Battery
Tesla Battery

Tesla battery sizes:

The battery in the original roadster was of 18650 style cell, 18 mm broad and 65 mm tall which was used the same in model S models. The Tesla Model 3 or model Y has 2170 or 4680 style cells. But in 2022 half of the Tesla manufactured will have 4680 cells. The traveling amount of the Tesla car depends upon the number of kWh of battery. It is also decided by the car efficiency which is expressed in Kilowatt hours per Mile or watt-hours per mile. The following table shows the different sizes of batteries according to the model and the multiple trim levels for different models according to different battery capacities.

Size of battery Model Trim 
60 kWh Model 3 Standard Range 
75 kWh Model Y Long Range 
100 kWh Model X Long Range 
100 kWh Model S Performance 


The bigger size of the battery of the car will have a higher number of battery cells and due to the larger number of battery cells, the battery will have a higher charge storing capacity which will reflect by showing a higher amp hour. 


A person who is going to buy a Tesla should consider the ah rating of the battery as it will show how often you drive the tesla and the speed that you can achieve. So before buying the Tesla it will be helpful to read all the above-mentioned information and then choose the car according to the battery capacity that suits according to requirements and preferences.


How does a Tesla battery pack die? 

The battery packs of Tesla can die due to fuse problems, voltage problems, and many other issues. 

How to check the battery degradation of a Tesla car? 

Check the car’s battery to 100% capacity and find the car estimate range. Divide the original battery range and multiply it by 100 to find the capacity of the battery.

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