How Many Amps In a AA Battery? (+ Long Lasting Battery Revealed)

AA Batteries are most commonly used for small electronics such as remotes and toys. Many people do use it but they do not know how many amps are in a battery due to which they are not able to identify when the AA battery runs out. So this article will guide you about the power specification of a AA battery. 

How many amps are in an AA battery? 

The amps in an AA battery vary according to the type of AA battery. 

  • On average the capacity of the AA battery ranges from 2000 mah to 3000 mAh due to which they are good to use for small circuit boards. The AA battery has an amp of about 2.5 A which can be extracted from them. 
  • The AA battery can be easily recharged from a regular 3-pin power outlet within a few hours. 
AA battery
AA battery

The factor for amps output:

The following are the factors for the amp’s output of the AA battery:

  • The output of the AA battery does depend upon the gadget which is connected to the AA battery.
  • The AA battery will output the amps according to the device such as it can deliver one or two amps if the device is required.
  • The limitations of the amps rating vary by different types of battery which is explained next:

Types of AA batteries:

The following are some type of AA battery:

  • Duracell AA battery
  • Energizer AA battery
  • Zinc carbon AA battery
  • Lithium-ion AA battery
  • NiMH AA battery

Duracell AA battery:

Most of the AA batteries are Duracell AA batteries and are alkaline batteries which are also known as primary batteries. the voltage of the durable batteries is 1.5 volts. The amp hour rating of the Duracell AA battery is from 1800 to 2800 mAh.

AA battery
AA battery

Energizer AA battery:

These are smaller AA batteries having an alkaline cell which have a voltage of 1.5 volts which is the same as the Duracell AA batteries but the amp hour rating of the energy battery is 2779 mAh. 

Zinc carbon AA battery:

These are not the same as the Duracell or energy batteries. The voltage of the zinc-carbon battery is 1.5 because of having low voltage these batteries do not last long like the Duracell and the energy batteries’ rating of the battery ranges from 400 to 1700 mAh.

Lithium Ion aa battery:

This type of AA battery is rechargeable and has a voltage from 3.6 to 3.7. These batteries have a higher voltage than alkaline. The Lithium Aayan batteries have a milliampere rating from 1500 to 3000 and more mah. 

AA battery
AA battery

NiMH AA battery:

Nickel metal hydrides are rechargeable AA battery. These types of batteries use hydrogen-absorbing negative electrodes due to which has increased the electrical capacity and lowered the toxicity of the battery. The NiMH AA battery has a voltage of 1.2 V and the amp-hour capacity of the battery is about 2800 mAh. 

AA battery
AA battery

The following table explains the different types of an AA battery and the volt and amps capacity of the battery:

Duracell Coppertop AA Batteries1.5 V2850 mAh
Energizer Max AA Battery1.5 V2779 mAh
Zinc Carbon AA battery1.5 V400 mAh – 1700 mAh
Lithium Ion AA Battery3.7 V1500 mAh to 3000 mAh
NiMH AA Battery1.2 VUp to 2800 mAh

Best AA battery:

Energizer lithium AA battery

The Energizer ultimate lithium AA battery is considered the overall best battery. 


  • These batteries do have high performance and reliability.
  • The ability to manage in extreme temperatures. 
  • These batteries have a 20-year shelf life. 


These are more costly than the others. 


  • The energizer lithium AA battery consists of lithium iron disulfide. 
  • The pack size of the battery is 4,6,8,12,24.

Panasonic Eneloop AA battery:

They are considered the best rechargeable battery. 


  • This battery is able to recharge up to 2100 Times. 
  • The battery can be pre-charged using solar energy. 
  • The Panasonic Eneloop rechargeable batteries maintain their charge very well. 


  • They are considered to have slow charging. 
  • These batteries are very expensive. 


  • The Panasonic Eneloop battery consists of nickel metal hydride. 
  • The pack size of the battery is available in 4,8,16.

Rayovac high energy AA battery:

The Rayovac high-energy AA batteries are considered best for smoke detectors. 


  • These batteries do deliver consistent power. 
  • These batteries are basically US-made. 
  • The battery dies have a good value. 


  • They are not considered the best for high-drain gadgets. 
  • They do have the problem of occasional leaks. 


  • The battery consists of alkaline. 
  • The pack size of the battery is 12,30,42,60,72.


Hence we can conclude that the AA battery does have a lot of energy and consists of various types which have a variety of voltages and amperages. This article will also help you in the case of the replacement of the battery which is required to be done after checking the voltage and amperage of the  AA battery. 


What is the difference between an AA battery and an AAA battery? 

The difference between the AA and AAA batteries is the size and charge capacity. 

What is the meaning of HR on a battery? 

A battery having a rating of 100 AH @ 20 Hr me and that can be discharged after 20 hours with a  5 amp load. 

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