Laptop Charger Voltage Consumption | How to Choose Best Charger (+ Energy Saving Tips)

The voltage of a laptop charger does have different input and output requirements as the input voltage requirement are different according from place to place and all output voltage requirements do vary by laptop models so you should know all about the laptop voltage consideration.  This article will guide you about the laptop voltage, how you can identify the laptop charger, what are the laptop requirements and the tips to reduce the laptop running cost.

Laptop Voltage

  • On approx, a laptop requires a voltage of 19-volt direct current Input and does offer a voltage of 5-volt direct current output by the way of USB ports. The laptop power adapter is referred to as the laptop charger and adapter.
  • The role of a laptop charger is to convert the AC electricity coming from a standard outlet which is the charged input power into a DC power supply which is the charger’s output power.
Laptop Charger
Laptop Charger

Input voltage:

The laptop should have an input voltage for the charger from 100 to 240 volt AC and the output voltage is off 19-volt dc. This is a common requirement for laptop voltage.

Laptop Charger Voltage

The laptop charger voltage is from 100 to 240 volt AC which is considered the input and the delivery voltage is up to 19-volt dc output. It means that the charger converts the main electricity which has a voltage between hundred volts and 240 volts into 19 volts so that the laptop and the battery are powered and charged. Check for how many amps a laptop uses and wattage from here.

In most countries, it is the common input voltage requirement for most laptop charges but there is also the laptop charger which has an input voltage that is ranging from 95 to 250 volts.

So A person before buying a new charger should verify all the input voltage and output voltage requirements for the charger.

How To Identify Your Laptop Charger Voltage Requirements? 

If a person is going to buy a new charger and wants to know about the voltage requirement for the laptop charger they should look at all the information which is listed on the old laptop charger as it will be showing the laptop charger voltage and input and output power requirement.

But there may be a chance that the voltage list is not on the charger then to identify the mains voltage requirement you can search online about the mains laptop voltage requirement. 

Are Laptop Chargers Universal?

No, the laptop charges are not universal there is a difference between the charger that is shipped with the laptop and it will not work with the other laptop’s brand. The input requirements of the laptop are nearly Universal because of the range that most laptops’ charger caters to. But the output power requirements from the charger tend to be different. As the voltage and amperage requirements are different according to different laptop models. Also, the power supply ports are different, for example, a laptop of the HP brand has a different port when it is compared to a Dell laptop and we cannot use an HP laptop charger for a Dell laptop as it will not fit into the port of another laptop.

Laptop Charger
Laptop Charger

Universal laptop chargers do exist but it is not 100% universal. If a person wants to buy a new laptop charger and has chosen a Universal charger the important step is to know that the charger caters to the laptop so that there is no risk of getting electric shock and fire. hence before buying a charger it is important to check the description and know about the input and output requirements for the laptop

How to Reduce Laptop Running Costs?

The following are some to reduce the laptop running cost:

  • Battery saver.
  • Change the display setting.
  • Change the power setting 
  • Change the sync setting
  • Keep the charger plugged in unless it is fully charged.
  • Restart the PC.
  • Turn on airplane mode.
  • Use Microsoft Edge for browsing. 

Battery saver:

Turn on the battery saver so that it will be easy to extend the battery life and save energy. You can turn on the battery saver by selecting the start button and then selecting the setting from their go-to system, clicking on battery, and turning on the battery saver. 

Change the display setting:

To save the energy of the laptop battery, adjust the display setting. You can select options such as a shorter duration for an active display, Reducing the display brightness, using a dark background, and using a dark theme.

Change the power setting:

For saving the energy of a battery you need to adjust some Power settings such as selecting the window that changes the power setting automatically, a shorter duration for the PC sleep, disconnecting from Wi-Fi when the PC is in sleep mode, putting the lid on it, choosing lower power mode and just pressing the power button.

Turn on airplane mode:

When you are not using the wifi and Bluetooth options then you should turn on airplane mode. For this go to the start button select the setting option then click on the network and internet from there click on airplane mode. This will help to save the energy of the battery.

Keep the charger plugged in unless it is fully charged.

Before plugging off the charger of the laptop go to the battery icon which is visible on the taskbar or go to the setting option then click on the system and then select the battery option and check the battery percentage of the battery and wait until the battery of the laptop is full. To reduce the laptop’s electricity cost click here. 


On reading this article it is clear that we have to find all the voltage requirements of the laptop’s charger then we should buy the charger to ensure safety. A typical laptop requires a 19 old DC Input and delivers the output of a 5-volt dc. 


What will happen if a higher voltage charger is used? 

If you use a higher voltage charger it will shorten the lifespan of the battery and the device.

How many watts is good for a laptop charger? 

A laptop charger having watts between 45 Watts and 96 words is good for a laptop charger. 

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