Heat Pump With The Highest HSPF Revealed (+ Most Efficient Heat Pumps)

To check the efficiency of a heat pump A person should know about the heating seasonal performance factor of a heat pump which can help to let them know about the efficiency of the heat pump and according to whether they can buy it or not. This article will guide you about the highest heat pump HSPF, what is a good HSPF rating and what are the most efficient heat pumps. 

Heat pump with the highest HSPF:

  • A heat pump having the highest HSPF of 14.2 is the Fujitsu ASUG09LZ
  • The higher the rating of the heating seasonal performance factor is, the more efficient the heat pump is.
  • If a heat pump does have the highest HSPF it will result in less energy use and will also help to increase the energy saving when compared to a heat pump having less HSPF. 
Heat pump
Heat pump

The following table shows the list of the top 10 highest HSPF ratings for heat pumps. 

HSPF PositionHSPF RatingBrandModel
313.5MitsubishiMSZ-FS DELUXE
513.3MitsubishiMLZ-KP EZ FIT

All the above-mentioned heat pumps are rewarded with the energy star most efficient label. The higher the rating of HSPF there will be increase in the cost of heat pumps.

What is considered a good HSPF rating? 

  • The heat pump has a good HSPF rating that ranges from 8.2 to 9.49.
  • The heat pump has the best  HSPF rating ranging from 9.5 to 14.2.
  • A hate pump which is considered to have a poor HSPF rating has a rating of less than 8.2.

The HSPF rating is being checked in order to reward the heat pump with energy star certification and for that, they need to have at least an 8.2 HSPF rating. And any heat pump which has less than 8.2  is not considered a good HSPF rating.

Heat pump
Heat pump

The following table shows the HSPF rating according to the category of HSPF for the heat pump:

HSPF categoryHSPF rating range
poorLess than 8.2
good8.2 – 9.49
better9.5 and higher

What are the most efficient heat pumps?

The following table shows the list of the most efficient heat pumps according to the SEER and HSPF ratings. 

Most efficient heat pumpsSEER rating HSPF rating 
Lennox Signature Series XP2523.510.2 
Carrier Infinity 20 & Bryant Evolution 280A Heat Pump20.513
Daikin DZ20VC &Amana AVZC202110
Rheem Prestige RP20 & Ruud UP2020 11
York Affinity YZV2011
Trane XV20i Heat Pump & American Standard Platinum 202010
Lennox Elite XP202010
Armstrong Air 4SHP20LX & AirEase SHP20LX2010

The heat pump, which is the most efficient heat pump, uses modulation, which means that the variable capacity compression means that you can speed up or slow down the heating or cooling temperature of the heat pumps and get exactly the right amount of the heating and cooling which is required.

The following are the variable capacity compressor:

  • Precision
  • Range
  • Efficiency
  • Climate control


In a heat pump, there is a Precision present which can be controlled by ramping up and increasing one percent and ramping down by decreasing one percent.


The range of cooling and heating depends upon the module of the heat pump and it ranges from 30% or 40% to 100%.


If a person wants to get higher efficiency they should run the heat pump at the lowest capacity of the amount of heating or air conditioning they want to get.

Climate control:

Climate control does work with variable speed air handlers in order to balance the temperature perfectly and superior dehumidification when it is in AC mode. 


According to research, a heat pump with the highest HSPF rating of 42.2 is the Fujitsu ASUG09LZAS. The top 10 heat pump that has the highest HSPF rating ranges from 13 to 14.22. A rating is said to be a good HSPF rating for a heat pump that changes from 8.22 to 9.49. On Amazon, the best seller has an HSPF rating of 8.4 to 10 which is highly rated and cost-effective.


What is a high-efficiency heat pump? 

A highly efficient heat pump is one that eliminates fuel consumption and helps to reduce the electricity needed for heating and cooling the room.

Is a heat pump worth it? 

Yes, heat pumps are absolutely worth it as an air source.

What is the latest heat pump Technology? 

The latest heat pump technology will help to save energy bills and contribute to net zero emission goals. 

Having a higher HSPF rating better?

Having a higher HSPF rating means that the appliance has a good heating performance.

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