How Many Amps Does A Freezer Use? (With Running Costs & Most Efficient Freezers)

If you want to know about The consumption of amps a freezer consumes this article will let you know. The amps consumption depends upon the type of freezer and this article will guide you about how many amps a freezer uses and also which freezer has a low amp freezer model.

How many amps does a freezer use? 

On average the freezer uses amps that range from 0.5A to 20A. The modern freezer uses amps that range from 0.5A  to 6 amps.

freezer use
freezer use

How many Amps the most energy-efficient freezer uses? 

The following table explains the amps the most energy-efficient freezer uses according to the freezer type.

Freezer typeFreezer modelFreezer ampsFresher startup ampsPower supply requirement
Chest freezerGE FCM22DLWW2 amps4 – 6 ampsFor this type of model around 115 volt AC, 60 Hz, 15 or 20 amps are used and the grounded electrical supply is used.
Chest freezerWhirlpool WZC3209LW3.5 amps7 – 10.5 ampsFor the working of the type of freezer around 115 volts, 60 Hz, AC only, a 15 to 20 amps fuse with a grounded electrical supply is required. 
Compact chest freezerAvanti CF24Q0W0.5 amps1 – 4 ampsThe working of this type of freezer needs the power of 115 volt AC, 60 Hz, 15 amps, and grounded accordance is required
Deep freezerRCA RFRF-450-AMZ1 amp2 – 6.5 ampsThe power requirement for a deep freezer is 15v AC, 60 Hz, and 15 amps with a proper electrical grounding facility.
Upright freezerDanby DUFM085A4WD1.2 amps6 amps115 volt AC, 60 Hz, and 15 to 20 amps power requirements are for this type of preserve.
Upright freezerMidea MRU03M2ABB 1.1 amps2.2 – 4 ampsIt requires 115 volts 60 Hz AC only 10 amps fused with a proper grounding of electricity.
Chest freezerInsignia NS-CZ70WH01.45 amps2.5 ampsIt requires 115 volt 60 Hz of power supply.

Chest Freezer Amps:

The chest freezer uses approximately 2 amps during the running process. During the startup of the cooling cycle, it draws a surge to use approximately 6 amps. The breaker size for the chest freezer mostly used is 15 amps and when this freezer is compared to the older non-energy Star certified chest freezer they have the lower current draw. For example, GE FCM22DLWW  Is the typical modern chest freezer which is the most energy-efficient freezer because of the capacity-to-power consumption ratio.

Upright Freezer:

An upright freezer uses approximately 2.3 amps during the running process and when the freezer is at the initial power surge start-up stage they use approximately 7 amps. The breaker size of the upright freezer commonly used is 14 amp. When the upright freezer is compared to the modern freezer such as the power surge for the Modern freezer is 2 to 3 times its running power and the upright freezer consumes approximately 7 amps at the startup of the cooling cycles. Also, the upright freezer draws less current than the compact upgrade freezer because of its smaller size.

freezer use
freezer use

Which Freezer Type Draws The Lowest Amps

When we compared a type of freezer with all the types, the compact chest freezer uses the least amount of amps after it is the deep freezer as the deep freezer is considered to be larger than compact chest freezers. The third comes the chest freezer which is larger than the compact freezer so it falls in the category of a deep freezer. The fourth is the compact upright freezer which uses more amps than the chest freezer. And the type of freezer which uses most of the amps is the upright freezer. You can also know about the cost to run a freezer.


Hence we can conclude the number of amps a freezer draws depends upon various factors such as the freezer type, size, and efficiency. Approximately the freezer uses amps ranging from 0.5A to 20 A. The power surges for starting the cooling cycle can be 2 to 3 times the running power. And the modern just freezer is used while running 2 amps. The chest freezer having low amps is the insignia NS-CZ70WH0, and the upright freezer having low amps is the midea MRU03M2ABB. 


How many freezers can be used on a 20-amp circuit? 

Approximately a typical circle uses less than 5 amps so having two freezers on 15 or 20 amps can be easily done.

Amps drawn by a full-size freezer use? 

A full-size freezer can use approximately 3.5 amps while running

Can a freezer be plugged into a regular outlet? 

Plugging a freezer is a very easy process and can be installed easily by plugging it into a standard wall electrical outlet.

How many freezers can be put on One circuit? 

Using one outlet per 1.5 amps is a good rule and a maximum of 8 outlets.

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