How Many Watts Does a Mini Fridge Use? (All About Mini Fridge)

If a person is searching for this information it is obvious that they have been looking to buy a mini-fridge and want to know about the power consumption of the mini-fridge. They have many queries about the Mini fridge so this article will answer all the common questions such as how many watts does a mini fridge uses, and the types of mini-fridges that a person needs to know before buying a Mini fridge. 

How many watts does a mini fridge use? 

The words used by the Mini fridge depend upon different models, sizes, and duration. 

  • On average the common mini fridge uses wattage from 50 to 65 watts. 
  • But it does not appear to be the same for all the Mini fridges it uses less wattage than the average or even more.
watts does a mini fridge use

The factors to be considered for watts usage:

The following are some factors that are considered for the wattage used by the Mini fridge:

  • Type of mini fridge. 
  • Insulation system. 
  • Model. 
  • Mode of deforestation. 
  • Cooling temperature. 

Types of the mini-fridge:

The Mini fridge does have many types and according to the types and sizes, the power consumption is different. And the different size of the Mini fridge makes it effective to use it according to the person’s choice and space. For example, a portable Mini fridge can be used effectively at the office.

The following are the types of the mini-fridge:

Type of mini fridge according to the sizeTypes of mini fridges according to the technology
Portable mini fridgeCompressor mini fridge
CubeAbsorption mini fridge
Mid-size mini fridgeThermoelectric mini fridge
Under the counter mini fridge
watts does a mini fridge use

So the different sizes of the Mini fridge do have different wattages. Also, the technology which is used to operate the Mini fridge has effects on energy consumption.

Insulation system:

In the fridge, the quality of the insulation system maintains the internal temperature. If the Mini fridge does have a properly insulated system then it will be good at wrapping the cold air and does reduce power consumption but if the Mini fridge has a poor insulation system then the temperature surrounding the fridge will easily affect the internet temperature of the Mini fridge.


The models of the fridge are also considered in order to consume different amounts of power as there will be some models of the Mini fridge which will consume more wattage. We can also say that the new models of the Mini fridge are more efficient than the older models as in the older model there is no feature of energy saving modes.

Mode of defrosting:

The defrosting of the Mini fridge is either manual or automatic and with the fridge which has automatic Defrosting you just need to set a time also automatic defrosting is available in the new models which do have energy-saving features but in the Mini fridge having manual defrost you will have to defrost the fridge yourself and it will consume more power.

Cooling temperature:

  • If you have set the temperature of the Mini fridge at low it will use more energy.
  • Also, the number of times the fridge is opened affects the power used by the fridge, if every time the door of the fridge is open then the warm air will come outside the Mini Fridge and thus require more power to maintain the temperature.
  • Make sure not to overload the fridge as if you do this the motor will take more time to cool the food which will require more power.

Calculating the power consumption of the mini-fridge:

  • Calculate the words used by the Mini fridge per hour. 
  • After getting the watts used per hour, multiply it by a day for getting the data of daily watt-hours. 
  • The next step is to divide the watt-hour by 1000 to get the answer in daily kilowatt-hours 
  • Then multiply the answer by the cost of electricity to get the daily cost of the mini-fridge.

For example, if the wattage consumed by the Mini fridge per hour is 100 and it is Run for 9 hours every day then the daily watt used will be 900 W. Translating 900 watts to kilowatt we need to divide 900 by 1000. We will get 0.9 Kilowatt per day and it will be around 329 Kilowatt per year. Now if the average cost of electricity is approximately 15 cents per kilowatt then the electricity cost of running the Mini fridge will be $49 per year. 

Is a mini fridge energy efficient? 

If we compare the Mini fridge with a full-size refrigerator they are more efficient or we can say due to their small size, they are more efficient and are able to chill the food at the same temperature by consuming less power. As we have mentioned above, if we open the door of the refrigerator regularly then the internal temperature of the refrigerator will be disturbed and if a full-size fridge is open regularly it will lose much more cold air than a mini fridge. Hands the electricity consumed by a full-size refrigerator will be more than the Mini fridge.


Hence we can say that the wattage used by a mini fridge depends on various factors but we should also try to maintain the temperature of the fridge and improve its efficiency of it by keeping the door closed, not overstocking the fridge, checking for the Frost cleaning the condenser coils, etc. 

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