How Many Watts does it take to Fully Charge a Phone?

If you are using a gadget then you should know all the information about it. This article will guide you about how many watts a phone takes to charge, the electricity consumption by a charger, and the cost to power the charger.

How many watts does a phone use per charge? 

The energy consumption by a charger of a phone depends upon the quality of the charger.

  • On average a phone charger uses five Watts of electricity.
  • A Fast charger is able to use up to 20 watts of electricity. 
  • The charger of the phone uses an amperage of 1 to 2 amps which is connected to a 120-volt outlet. 

Electricity consumption:

The electricity consumed by a charger of the phone depends upon how many times the phone is being charged. The following is some data which is done by assuming that fully charging a phone takes 1 hour:

Once a day

  • If we charge a phone once in a day it will use about 0.035 K of electricity per week. 
  • It will consume about 0.15 kWh of electricity per month. 
  • Charging the phone once a day will consume 1.83 kWh of electricity per year. 

Twice a day:

  • If the charger is used twice a day, it will use about 0.07 kWh of electricity per week. 
  • Charging the phone toys in a day will consume about 0.3 kWh of electricity per month. 
  • It will consume about 3.65 kWh of electricity per year. 

It is not always that the Watts consumption by a phone to a charger is always the same, it also depends on the difference between the phone charger which Is being explained next. 

Watts consumption according to the phone’s charger:

The following table explained the amount of electricity used by a phone’s charger according to different wattage of the phone:

Phone charger wattagehour per yearyearly kWh of electricity
5 W365 hours1.83 kWh
20 W365 hours7.30 kWh
15 W365 hours5.48 kWh
10 W365 hours3.65 kWh

How much does it cost to power a phone charger? 

In an electricity bill, you cannot see how much each appliance is contributing to the Final bill. As the cost to power a phone charger will depend upon the state’s average electricity rates.


The following table is based on a typical phone charger of 5 watts Explaining the cost to run the phone charger per month and year:

Stateaverage electricity ratecost per monthcost per year
California22.00 ¢ / kWh$0.03$0.40
Florida12.21 ¢ / kWh$0.02$0.22
Maryland14.48 ¢ / kWh$0.02$0.26
Massachusetts22.59 ¢ / kWh$0.04$0.41
New Jersey16.20 ¢ / kWh$0.03$0.30
New York20.59 ¢ / kWh$0.03$0.38
Texas12.56 ¢ / kWh$0.02$0.23
US Average14.19 ¢ / kWh$0.02$0.26
Virginia12.58 ¢ / kWh$0.02$0.23
Washington10.38 ¢ / kWh$0.02$0.19

Should we charge a phone overnight? 

Many people find it convenient to charge the phone at night while sleeping because that time they will not use the phone and the outlet to charge the phone is next to the bed. But is it a good idea to charge the phone overnight? Nowadays the smartphone is able to get fully charged within 2 to 3 hours and can be used for several hours. There are a lot of people who does it know that the phone does not stay at 100% always when fully charged as it tends to drain to 99% and then will charge again once more. So this process is repeated again and again throughout the night unless the phone is unplugged from the outlet. The effect of charging the phone overnight will be on the battery of the phone as it is being heated continuously. The situation becomes more critical when you’re using a fast charger. As you will see the difference in the battery life of the phone.


So to avoid this type of situation you can charge the phone while having the evening mail and then after that before sleeping you can unplug the charger and if the phone is not fully charged you can charge it in the morning when you are preparing to leave the house. 


Hence a phone charger uses about 5 watts of electricity on average. basically, the electricity consumption to charge the phone depends upon how many times the phone is being charged which is explained above. According to the research, you should not charge your phone all over the night as it may damage the battery of the phone.


How much solar panel is needed to charge a phone? 

On average a phone is charged using about 5 watts of electricity so according to that the solar panel of around 350 words will be able to charge a phone charger easily.

When should we charge a phone? 

It is very cheaper to use the appliances or to charge the appliances during the peak off hours. 

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