Window AC Wattage Consumption (Most Efficient & Lowest Wattage AC Revealed)

Before buying a new ac a person should look at the wattage consumed by the ac and according to the wattage, they should buy it as according to the wattage consumed there will be an increase in the cost to run an ac. so, this article will guide you about the wattage consumed by the window ac, which ac is the low wattage ac, the electricity used by the window ac, the energy efficiency of the window ac, and how to choose the most energy-efficient ac.

Window AC Wattage

  • Window AC Wattage ranges from 400 Watts to 2425 watts
  • On average, window ac wattage is up to 884.2 watts
  • The most common Window AC Wattage is 660 watts
Window AC Wattage
Window AC Wattage

The following table is based on the research done on 60 + more popular window air conditioners explaining the wattage category and wattage. 

Window AC wattage categoryWattage
Most common660W

The above-mentioned are only when the window air conditioner is used under normal operating conditions in which the startup power Surge is not included. A window AC drawing low wattage doesn’t mean that it is energy efficient as having a low weightage means that it draws less power to run which doesn’t mean that it is effective per watt, at cooling.

Low Wattage Window AC

A Window air conditioner that falls in the list of low Window AC Wattage is 600 Watts or less. Around 17.2% of Window AC does fall within this range. When it is compared to the portable air conditioner’s low wattage it has a large portion of the units fall in this range and the window air conditioner which is considered the lowest wattage ac unit is the Frigidaire FFRE053WAE. 

How Many Watts Does A Window AC Use?

  • A window AC uses watts that range from 35.39 watts to 329.34 watts
  • On average wattage, the window air conditioner uses approximately 87.38 watts
  • The most common wattage the window air conditioner uses is approximately 57.08 watts
  • As the wattage consumed by the Window AC is lower than the listed wattage the Window AC consumes different amounts of Watts in different modes, settings, and cycles. Check from here the cost to run a window air conditioner.
Window AC Wattage
Window AC Wattage

The following table will explain different window ac wattage category is as below:

Window AC watt usage categoryWatts used
Most common57.08W

How Much Electricity Does A Window AC Use (KWh)?

  • A window air conditioner on average can use electricity which is upto 0.0874kWh per hour. 
  • On average a window air conditioner can use electricity which is upto 2.097 kWh per day
  • On average a window AC can use approximately 765.47 kWh per year
Window AC Wattage
Window AC Wattage

The following table explains in detail the electricity cost a window AC use according to various duration:

Window AC electricity usage categoryElectricity used per hourElectricity used per dayElectricity used per month (30 days)Electricity used per year
Average0.0874 kWh2.097 kWh62.91 kWh765.47 kWh
Most common0.0571 kWh1.370 kWh41.10 kWh500 kWh
Highest0.3293 kWh7.904 kWh237.12 kWh2885 kWh
Lowest0.0354 kWh0.849 kWh25.48 kWh310 kWh

In case of a power outage, you can use a generator according to the wattage required by the air conditioner.

Window Air Conditioner Energy Efficiency

A window air conditioner which is considered the most energy-efficient conditioner is the model which uses the least amount of electricity by meeting all the needs of the customer. Check about the quietest window ac from here. The following are some key factors that are considered for the window air conditioner energy efficiency:

  • Cooling Capacity(BTU) 
  • EER, SEER, or CEER. 
  • Room size or cooling area. 

Window Air Conditioner BTU

BTU is used to measure the cooling power of the window air conditioners, which means how much capacity the unit has to cool the area.

  • Approximately a window air conditioner has a British thermal unit that ranges from 5000 to 35000
  • On average the BTU of a window air conditioner is 11897.7.
  • The most common BTU of a window air conditioner is approximately 8000

Air conditioners having a higher BTU are capable of removing more heat from the air. ASHRAE Or DOE ratings are commonly used for figuring the window air conditioner BTU. But use only one rating method to compare the unit. 

The following table explains in detail about the window air conditioner BTU:

Window AC BTU categoryBTU (DOE)
Average11897.7 BTU
Most common8000 BTU
Highest35000 BTU
Lowest5000 BTU

Window Air Conditioner EER, SEER, And CEER

These all are the energy efficiency ratio that I used to measure the efficiency of the unit. The following are the difference between the ratio:

  • If we divide the window air conditioner cooling capacity by its average power consumption  EER is a ratio. 
  • Dividing the cooling capacity of the window air conditioner in the warmer months by its power consumption then the ratio obtained is the SEER. More details about the highest and good SEER heat pump. 
  • Dividing the cooling capacity by the average power consumption when the cycle of on and off mode then the ratio obtained is the CEER. 
  • If the ratio obtained has a higher result it shows that the unit is more efficient.

The following table explains the CEER of the Window AC CEER category. 

Window AC CEER categoryCEER
Most common12

Window Air Conditioner Room Size / Cooling Area

The window air conditioner can cool the room up to 2700 square feet. The AC which is used under power will not be able to cool the room sufficiently and the unit which is overpowered may not run enough to remove sufficient humidity. So before buying an appropriate window air conditioner you should identify the room size by measuring the length and breadth of the room and multiplying them together.

Window AC Room Size Chart

The Window AC is preferred to use according to the room size chart as after identifying the cooling capacity with his required to cool the room the next step is to find the unit which has the highest CEER so that to make sure it is the most energy-efficient model.

Energy-Efficient Window Air Conditioners By Room Size & BTU

The following table shows the list of the most energy-efficient window air conditioner according to the room size and cooling capacity:

Room size BTU/cooling capacityMost efficient Window ACCEERWindow AC WattagePower consumption p/y
150 sq. ft.5000 BTUFrigidaire – FFRE053WAE12.1400W/410W310 kWh
250 sq. ft.6000 BTULG – LW6019ER12.4480W363 kWh
300 to 350 sq. ft.7000 to 8000 BTUMidea – MAW08V1QWT15710W400 kWh
400 to 450 sq. ft.9000 to 10000 BTUGE Profile – AHTR10AC15.7830W482 kWh
500 to 550 sq. ft.11000 to 12000 BTUGE Profile – AHTR12AC15.41090W584 kWh
600 to 650 sq. ft.13000 to 14000 BTULG – LW1517IVSM14.71240W714 kWh
700 sq. ft.15000 BTUKeystone – KSTAW15CE12.11279W936 kWh
1000 sq. ft.16000 to 18000 BTULG – LW1817IVSM14.71590W918 kWh
1200 sq. ft.19000 to 21000 BTUNo real standout performer10.3 (max)1923WN/A
1300 to 1400 sq. ft.22000 to 23000 BTULG – LW2217IVSM14.52190W1138 kWh
1500 to 1600 sq. ft.24000 to 25000 BTULG – LW2422IVSM14.32290W1232 kWh
1800 to 2000 sq. ft.26000 to 29000 BTUFriedrich – KCL28A30A9.92800W2121 kWh
2250 to 2700 sq. ft.30000 to 35000 BTUFriedrich – KCL36A30A and KEL36A35A9.13846W2885 kWh

Most Energy-Efficient Window AC Brand

The most energy-efficient window air conditioner is the GE Profile – AHTR10AC as. It has the capacity to cool down a medium size room up to 450 square feet and has the highest CEER rating of 15.7 which is out of all the energy Star certified window air conditioners.

The following table shows the list of the window air conditioner of 85 brands that are the most energy efficient window air conditioner.

Window AC brandAverage Combined Energy Efficiency Ratio (CEER)Average power consumption per year
GE Profile15.6519.33 kWh
Dreo15400 kWh
MRCOOL15500 kWh
Frigidaire Gallery13.82474.4 kWh
Insignia12.64528.8 kWh
LG12.37944.37 kWh
Danby12.16756.06 kWh
Midea12.09708.67 kWh
Hisense12.08836 kWh
NEPO12.08435 kWh
Polar Wind12.05436 kWh
Daewoo12.05436 kWh
MobilComfort12.05436 kWh
OSLO12.05436 kWh
Sarasota breeze12.05436 kWh
WINIA12.05436 kWh
Comfort-Aire12.04838.97 kWh
FREO12.03519.83 kWh
Noma12.03545.92 kWh
Kenmore12.03561.75 kWh
BLACK+DECKER12.03561.75 kWh
OMNI12.02512 kWh
BestHome12.02593.33 kWh
Ocean Breeze12.01615.71 kWh
RCA12.01607.57 kWh
aeroplus12500 kWh
Commercial Cool12605 kWh
Cool works12593.75 kWh
Emerson12687.5 kWh
Magnavox12625 kWh
Matrix12500 kWh
SPT12687.5 kWh
TaoTronics12569 kWh
Toscana Air12650 kWh
TOSOT12618.2 kWh
Vissani12625 kWh
DELLA11.99631.29 kWh
Norpole11.99618.08 kWh
Truett Plus11.98641.4 kWh
Mastercraft11.98641.4 kWh
Cool-living11.95760.18 kWh
Perfect Aire11.95719.58 kWh
Keystone11.92747.39 kWh
hOme11.91670.78 kWh
Soleus Air11.88676.17 kWh
Artic King11.81144 kWh
Brothers Air conditioning11.81144 kWh
Montgomery Ward11.8953 kWh
Rowa11.81144 kWh
GREE11.74677.81 kWh
KANIONco11.72836.83 kWh
DENALI AIRE11.71870.29 kWh
amazon basics11.7868.5 kWh
Toshiba11.67791.74 kWh
Koolking11.64825.67 kWh
Amana11.62922.8 kWh
Homepointe11.62842.28 kWh
Sea Breeze11.61757 kWh
Emerson Quiet Kool11.58703.87 kWh
Frigidaire11.57728.7 kWh
Crosley11.56841.11 kWh
Arctic King11.53822.42 kWh
IMPECCA11.51753.68 kWh
TCL11.5725.36 kWh
Haier11.5842.28 kWh
Westpointe11.45812 kWh
Garrison11.41793.88 kWh
Coast air11.39837.67 kWh
Koldfront11.38792.73 kWh
Thermal Zone11.37843.7 kWh
Whirlpool11.32869.19 kWh
TGM11.31308 kWh
PELONIS11.3609.25 kWh
GE11.24829.20 kWh
Seasons11.18809.73 kWh
Breeze3311.16948.92 kWh
GENUINE COMFORT11.05687.83 kWh
Kinghome11.051482 kWh
Friedrich11.04907.31 kWh
Arctic Wind10.961039.64 kWh
Perfect Comfort10.56739.2 kWh
Elios10.56754.57 kWh
Bevoi10.55722 kWh
Window AC Wattage
Window AC Wattage


At Last, we can say that the wattage of a window air conditioner ranges from 400 Watts to 2425 words, and the window air unit which has the lowest weightage with energy star certificates is the Frigidaire FFRE053WAE. A window air conditioner can use approximately 0.087 kWh of electricity per hour, 2.097 kWh of electricity per day, 6 2.91 kWh per month, and 765.47 kWh per year. A window air conditioner is able to use electricity consumption of 7% per month according to the US household. The window air conditioner which is the most energy-efficient window air conditioner is the GE profile– AHTR10AC.

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