PS4 Power Supply Fault Detecting Steps (Problems, their Fixes & Replacement Tips)

For A person who does have a PS4, it is common to have problems with the power supply. This article will guide you about the fault a PS4 power supply does have and how to detect the fault, solve the problem and replace it.

PS4 Power Supply wattage

The power supply wattage is different according to the PS4 version and the setting mode. 

  • A PS4 pro on approximately has a power supply wattage of 310 watts
  • A PS4 slim has a power supply of 165 watts
  • The original PS4 has a wattage of 250 watts. 

PS4 Power Supply

The following table explains the PS4 power supply depending on the version:

PS4 power supply specsPS4 ProPS4 SlimPS4 Original
Input / Output portsSuper-Speed USB/USB 3.1 Gen 1, port × 3, AUX port × 1Super-Speed USB/USB 3.1 Gen 1, port × 2, AUX port × 1Super-Speed USB/USB 3.1 Gen 1, port × 2, AUX port × 1
Power supply cord typeFemale-to-MaleFemale-to-MaleFemale-to-Male
Supply power to USB ports5W – 6.5W4W – 6.3W4W – 6.3W

PS4 Power Supply Problems 

The problems which occur with the PS4 power supply are the issues with the main power getting to the device and with the internal PS4 power supply unit. Due to the supply problem, they may cause a drop in performance or the console not powering on it.

  • The following are some common problems that occur due to the PS4 power supply problem. 
  • There will be a shortage in the internal power supply unit because of the ingress of any dirt or dress or something stuck inside it. 
  • There may be issues with PS4 components of fuse and power management chips which will create a problem of a power surge. 
  • A problem with the power button on the PS4. 
  • The issue with the power cord of the PS4. 
  • There will be a problem with the connection between the PS4 and the power cord. 
  • A problem in the outlet or Power strip.

PS4 Power Supply Repair 

If a person wants to repair the PS4 power supply problem then they need to first find it and then fix it. The following are three steps that could help a person to identify the most common power supply problem. 

  • Check the outlet or Power strip. 
  • Check the PS4 power cord. 
  • Check the power supply unit of the PS4

Check the Outlet And / Or Power Strip.

To check the power strip is working properly you should plug it into the other device which does use the same amount of power as the PS4. But if there is no power try to plug the PS4 into a different outlet which you know it’s working. After checking the outlet then move to the next step.

Check PS4 Power Cord Fault

There may be a chance that the power cord of the PS4 can feel due to damage or any wear and tear done to the power cord and it will result in not working properly or it will stop working.

So you should check the code if it is damaged or not and if it needs to be fixed or replaced. then replacing the cord may be a good option for the power supply problem. Be careful to select the right PS4 power cord.

Check PS4 Power Supply Unit Fault:

There are many people who don’t check the above steps and directly jump to the last step of replacing the PS4 power supply unit. For checking the PS4 supply unit we need a multimeter and if the multimeter is not showing power we need to replace the power supply unit. The step of how to check the PS4 power supply unit in case of any fault is shown in the next step.

How To Test If A PS4 Has A Faulty Power Supply Unit

The below video will help you to test if there is any fault in the PS4 supply unit.

After knowing what is the problem with the power supply the next step is how to repair the PS4 power supply problem.

PS4 Power Supply Replacement 

Disturb which is to be followed for replacing a power supply does depend on the PS4 version the following are some steps that have been explained according to the version of the PS4.

PS4 Slim Power Supply Replacement

The below video will explain to you in detail step by step how to replace the power supply unit in PS4 slim.

Original PS4 Power Supply Replacement

The video below has explained in detail how to replace a power supply unit in the original PS4 watch the video carefully step by step.

PS4 Pro Power Supply Replacement

The video below explains how to replace the power supply unit in PS4 Pro and by watching this video you will easily replace the power supply unit according to the version of the PS4.

How To Find the Right PS4 Power Supply Unit for the PS4?

After finding what is. In the PS4 the next step is to replace the problem and if there is a problem with the PS4 supply unit you should know how to find the right PS4 supply unit if you fix the wrong supply unit it will damage the device.

To find a correct PS4 supply unit first check the PS4 model number you do have as the model number will be found on the console.

PS4 Pro model number:

A PS4 Pro does have a model number that starts with CUH-17 and then is followed by two more numbers and a letter the location of the model number does vary according to the version. A model number of PS4 can be found above the poRt on the pine of the console. 

PS4 slim model number:

 A PS4 slim does have a model number that starts with CUH-20 followed by two more numbers and a letter and it will be written beside the power port.

Original PS4:

The original PS4 does have a model number that starts with CUH-1 and then is followed by three numbers and a letter. Which is located on the back of the console near the bottom.

You can also check the model number of the PS4 online.

The following table explains the list of the PS4 versions and their model number:

PS4 versionPS4 model
PS4 OriginalCUH-1115A
PS4 OriginalCUH-1100A
PS4 OriginalCUH-11XXA/B
PS4 SlimCUH-2015A
PS4 SlimCUH-2115
PS4 SlimCUH-21XX
PS4 ProCUH-7215B
PS4 ProCUH-7015B

PS4 Power Cord 

A problem related to the PS4 power cord is a common problem in the case of the PS4 power supply. But due to the different versions of PS4, it requires different power cords. To fix the problem related to the power supply cord you should go through the below step of finding the right option for the PS4 power cord.

How To Find the Right PS4 Power Cord for the PS4?

For finding the correct PS4 power cord you need to know the outlet PS4 power supply pot PS4 model number and code length. The following are the steps that will help to find the right PS4 power cord according to the version of PS4:

PS4 Pro Power Cord:

The ps4 Pro power cord is not a Universal cord. It depends upon the PS4 Pro model. When we compare the old PS4 model and the newer model it does have a wider power supply port. You can find the older PS4 Pro power cord and the Newer PS4 Pro power cord from this link.

PS4 Slim Power Cord:

The PS4 of version PS4 slim does have a power cord with a slim power supply port connection. You can check the correct power chord of the PS4 slim from here.

Original PS4 Power Cord:

The power cord of the original PS4 is 2 prong cord. You can check the original PS4 power cord from here and need to check the wit and number of this slot in the power supply port of the PS4 and also check a suitable outlet for the PS4.


To have any problem with a PS4 power supply is a common problem but to correct the problem you should know where it is the problem and how to check which component does have the problem and fixes the problem by following the above video as if it is not done correctly it will damage the device.


What causes PS4 power supply problems? 

If there is any shortage in the internal power supply unit it will cause power supply failures.

Can dust damage the PS4? 

If the dust gets ingressed into the PS4 it may cause overheating and risk damage. 

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