Power Consumption by Dolce Gusto (& Electricity cost per Cup)

With the increase in the expenditure on the cause of electricity, a lot of people do have many issues. When it comes to the making of coffee it is made by consuming a lot of electricity when it is made in a common machine. This article will guide you about the power consumption by dolce gusto coffee machine which makes coffee easily without consuming much electricity. You will get to know how much electricity is used to make a coffee by using dolce gusto per cup.

Power consumption by dolce gusto

On average the power consumption by Dolce gusto is approximately 0.03 kWh of electricity for making a cup of coffee. And the average cost spent in the US per Cup is around 0.0 045 cents while in the UK it costs 0.00 57 pounds per cup. 

Power consumption by dolce gusto
Power consumption by dolce gusto

Power consumption by dolce gusto on different modes:

In the case of Power consumption by dolce gusto, the model of dolce gusto affects a lot in the case. Most of the Dolce gusto of a machine has a power rating of 1500 watts. But it is not necessary that it consumes electricity at the maximum rating all the time. There are many chances that break down the consumption of the electricity as the machine does have different modes that will affect the total power consumed by the machine. The following table shows the different modes of the dolce gusto and the power consumption of the machine in that mode.

Modes of Dolphin gustoPower consumption by dolce gustoDetails
Heating the element1360 wattsWhen the coffee machine is just heating the element by setting the temperature it consumes on average about 1360 watts
Dispensing coffee1422 wattsThe dispensing process includes a combination of heating and depends on the coffee due to which there is higher consumption of power we can say that the highest wattage consumes during the dispensing of coffee is 1447 watts which when compared to the max power rating does have a slight difference that is 15000 watts
Idle42 wattsWhen the coffee machine is kept in an ideal mode it consumes approximately 47 watts of power as it does not consume time again for heating the device.
Heating while idle275 wattsFor maintaining the temperature of a coffee machine internally the machine needs to heat when it is in idle mode which consumes approximately 275 watts of power and then again drops to 47 watts. The process of heating the coffee machine occurs 6 times over the time taken by the coffee machine to automatically power which is 5 minutes.
Off but plugged in40 WattsThe coffee machine needs to be plugged off so that it does not consume electricity by just being powered off.
Power consumption by dolce gusto

Dolphin gusto electricity cost per cup:

As the total consumption of power by the coffee machine can be easily determined, the electricity cost for making the coffee per cup is approximately $0.066. And when it compares the cost in the UK it is approximately 0.0057p for the consumption of electricity for a cup of coffee from a dolce gusto coffee machine. But consumption of the coffee machine to this level is only done when the person is using the automatic power off feature and plugging the machine in just before the time to use it and unplugging the coffee machine when it is not used for a long period of time.

Power consumption by dolce gusto
Power consumption by dolce gusto

How to reduce the Dolce gusto electricity cost? 

The following are some simple ways by which you can reduce electricity costs while using the dolce gusto:

  • Plug and unplug.
  • Don’t rely on the automatic power-off features. 
  • Reducing the time.

Plug and unplug:

After using the coffee machine plug off the machine as if you just turn off the machine it will still consume the electric power which is approximately 40 watts. Plugging in the machine when it is not used for a long period of time will save you the cost of running a dolce gusto coffee machine. 

Don’t rely on the automatic power-off feature:

The most amount of consumption of power is when the device is heating the element so if a person doesn’t turn off the machine and waits till it gets automatically turned off it will heat the device 6 times before automatically powering off. So turn off the machine when it is not being used manually.

Reducing the heating time:

When a person is using the machine after pouring a cup of coffee just before it and wants another Cup then at that time they can reduce the amount of time of heating the element as doing this will reduce the electricity consumption because the element is already heated and doesn’t need the same amount of time to heat the element again.


Now if a person wants to reduce electricity consumption by the dolce gusto coffee machine can follow the above-mentioned which will be helpful to reduce the cost of electricity bill. The average consumption of power to make a cup of coffee needs 0.0045 cents in the US. But in the UK it caused up to 0.0057 pounds to make a cup of coffee.

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