Cost to Run a Mini Split (Calculator + Cost Saving Tips)

Nowadays most part of a person’s earnings is spent on maintaining the room temperature according to the location and climate. this article will guide you about the cost to run a mini split per hour and for a day, what are the main components to calculate the cost to run a mini split, what are the cost-saving tips to use the mini split even though they are considered on the most efficient type of air conditioning.

Cost to Run a Mini Split 

  • The cost to run a Mini split on average can be below $12 to above $500 per month.
  • Most of the Mini splits cost less than $100 per month
Mini Split
Mini Split

What are the main components for calculating the cost to run a mini-split? 

The following are the three main components that are used to calculate the cost to run a Mini split per hour, day, week, or month:

  • Wattage usage
  • Price of electricity
  • Duration of use

Wattage usage:

On average the wattage of a mini split depends on two factors: first, the size of the minus split, and the second is the SEER rating. for example, a minus bleed of 12000 BTU having the SEER rating of 16 then the wattage used by the mini split is 12000/16 = 750 watts and the electricity consumed by the Mini split is 0.75 kWh every hour.

Price of electricity:

According to the US on average the price of electricity is $0.132 per kWh and it is not the same all over the country. It can cost as low as $0.08 per kWh or as high as $0.30 per kWh. 

Duration of use:

On average a minus plate is used for about 8 hours per day in the months of June, July and August. And according to the usage of the mini split, the electricity bill will be low or high. Further, we have discussed how you should calculate the electricity usage and rending cost of a mini split. 

How to calculate the electricity usage and running cost of Mini split? 

The calculation of the cost to run a mini split:

Running cost = average wattage * electricity price *usage hours/ 1000.

Let’s understand it by an example, a mini-split of 12000 BTU and 16 SEER rating having an electricity price of $0.132 per kWh and is used for 8 hours per day. now first we have to calculate the wattage used by mini split by using. 

Average wattage= mini split BTU / SEER rating. 

12000/16 = 750 watts so now to get the cost to run a mini split per month 8*30 = 240 hours which means that it is being used for 240 hours in a month.


To get the cost to run a mini split for an hour and month use the formula:

Calculate the cost to run a mini split by using the calculator.


Running cost = average wattage * electricity price *usage hours/ 1000.

Cost to run a mini split for a day:

=750 watts * $0.132 per kWh * 8/1000

=$0.792 per hour. 

Cost to run a mini split for a month:

= 750 watts* $0.132 per kWh*240 hours/1000.

= $23.76 per month. 

Mini Split
Mini Split

Electricity bill chart of mini split for a month:

The following table shows the monthly running cost of the Mini splits having different BTU units SEER ratings and this is used to run for 8 hours per day have in an electricity price of 0.132 per kWh. 

SEER Rating:9,000 BTU Mini Split:12,000 BTU Mini Split:18,000 BTU Mini Split:24,000 BTU Mini Split:30,000 BTU Mini Split:36,000 BTU Mini Split:
14 SEER Mini Split$20.37 Per Month$27.15 Per Month$40.73 Per Month$54.31 Per Month$67.89 Per Month$81.46 Per Month
15 SEER Mini Split$19.01 Per Month$25.34 Per Month$38.02 Per Month$50.69 Per Month$63.36 Per Month$76.03 Per Month
16 SEER Mini Split$17.82 Per Month$23.76 Per Month$35.64 Per Month$47.52 Per Month$59.40 Per Month$71.28 Per Month
17 SEER Mini Split$16.77 Per Month$22.36 Per Month$33.54 Per Month$44.72 Per Month$55.91 Per Month$67.09 Per Month
18 SEER Mini Split$15.84 Per Month$21.12 Per Month$31.68 Per Month$42.24 Per Month$52.80 Per Month$63.36 Per Month
19 SEER Mini Split$15.01 Per Month$20.01 Per Month$30.01 Per Month$40.02 Per Month$50.02 Per Month$60.03 Per Month
20 SEER Mini Split$14.26 Per Month$19.01 Per Month$28.51 Per Month$38.02 Per Month$47.52 Per Month$57.02 Per Month
21 SEER Mini Split$13.58 Per Month$18.10 Per Month$27.15 Per Month$36.21 Per Month$45.26 Per Month$54.31 Per Month
22 SEER Mini Split$12.96 Per Month$17.28 Per Month$25.92 Per Month$34.56 Per Month$43.20 Per Month$51.84 Per Month
23 SEER Mini Split$12.40 Per Month$16.53 Per Month$24.79 Per Month$33.06 Per Month$41.32 Per Month$49.59 Per Month
24 SEER Mini Split$11.88 Per Month$17.28 Per Month$25.92 Per Month$31.68 Per Month$39.60 Per Month$47.52 Per Month
25 SEER Mini Split$11.40 Per Month$15.21 Per Month$22.81 Per Month$30.41 Per Month$38.02 Per Month$45.62 Per Month
Mini Split
Mini Split

Tips to save the cost to run a mini split:

The following are some tips to save the cost to run a mini split air conditioner:

  • You can adjust the temperature by using the temperature sensor on the mini-split. It will help you to save the cost to run a mini split. 
  • Run a fan while using a mini-split as it will easily split the warm air in winter and cool air in summer into the entire room as this will decrease the operating time of the mini-split and thus save you money. 
  • To circulate the conditioned air in the entire room you need to direct the warm air downwards when it is used for heating and direct the cool air upward when it is used for cooling the room.
  • You need to maintain the Mini split system as it is not done properly it will consume 25% more energy and thus increase the cost to run the Mini split you just need to regulate and clean the air filters, keep the dust, snow, leaves, and ice away from the Mini split unit and you should do a service of the unit in every one or two years by a professional.


In order to save the cost to run a mini split you should use a mini-split by checking the BTU as it should be decreased with the increasing rate of SEER and increase with the increasing size of the mini-split. 

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