How much does it cost to run an Ethernet cable through walls? (Latest Results)

Everybody today is getting attracted to wireless Technology. An ethernet cable can be used to install in the home or small office. This article will guide you about the cost to run an ethnic cable through the walls, the cost to install ethernet, the factors affecting the cost of ethnic installation, and what Ethernet is. 

The cost to run ethernet cable through walls:

  • The installation cost to run ethernet cable through the walls ranges between $2500 and $4500.
  • The average cost of ethernet installation is up to $3800.
Ethernet cable
Ethernet cable

What is an Ethernet?

Ethernet is used to connect server computer systems together to form a local area network. When a person wants to wire up a home computer network they have to first set up the Ethernet by using cables and the first decision is to decide which type of cable they want to use.

The following are the types of ethernet cables

  • Coaxial cable. 
  • Twisted pair cable. 
  • Fiber optic cable.

Coaxial cable:

It is one of the oldest options for Ethernet cables and the cost to pay for the coaxial cable is from $0.06 to $0.17 per foot.

Ethernet cable
Ethernet cable

Twisted pair cable:

They are also called cat cables and they do have types of choice such as cat 5 which are the twisted coppers, cat 6 are the standard cables and cat 7 are the shielded cables. The cost of the twisted pair cables on average is between $0.10 and $1.13 per foot. They do offer the highest level of network security.

Ethernet cable
Ethernet cable

Fiber optic cable:

It is the longest-distance communication cable with the fastest speed. When we compare it to the other cables it is the most expensive cabling option which costs an average of $0.80 to $4.60 per square foot.

What is the Cost to Install an ethernet cable? 

The cost included in the installation of the ethnic depends upon the way you are installing the Ethernet cable. For example, if a person is hiring a professional for installation they will cost more than doing it by themselves.

The cost involved for new installation which is done by hiring the professional of a hardwired computer network ranges from $2500 to $4500. The average price of Ethernet installation is $3800.

Ethernet cable
Ethernet cable

If a person is installing a basic Internet cable as a DIY it ranges From $187 to $667 and the average cost is upto $410. There are many factors on which it does depend such as existing equipment, the amount of cabling required to install the Ethernet cable, and whether a person has to purchase a new computer or model for the Ethernet cables.

What is the cost breakdown for installing an Ethernet cable? 

As there are many parts that are installed for the Ethernet Network and each part does contribute to the cost of installing an Ethernet. The following are some cost breakdowns of the more common parts of an ethernet network:

  • Cables
  • wall plates.
  • Networks switch. 
  • Ethernet port. 
  • Modem. 
  • Router


Cabling is the part of the ethernet installation which has the largest expense. As it is a physical process to run a cable from the connection point to each network access stop the cost of cabling ranges from $2000 to $3000. There are many factors which do affect the price of cabling such as the quantity and quality of the cable.

Wall plates:

Wall plates mean giving an electrical outlet and plug according to the location where you want. A person should not install a few outlets which can be proved to be costly in both money and productivity so think and plan where you want the electrical outlets. The cost of attaching the wall plates in the new construction home or office is from $10 to $25 for each network plate.

Network switch:

It is a switch that will allow you to have access to the server and divide it into different devices which are hooked by the same router. The cost for the network switch ranges between $10 and $100.

Ethernet port:

It is the Jack into which a person has to plug into and the cost ranges between $10 and $25 each.


A modem is a part of the internet that connects the device to the internet. The price of the modem ranges from $50 to $100.


The price of the router is from $80 to $120. It is a device that allows all connective devices and computers to access the same internet. Nowadays the routers are wireless.


Cost of running Ethernet many factors which affect the cost such as the labor cost  Which is on average between 50 and 100 per hour, network size, and difficulty of installation. As if a person is going to install an ethernet network in a newly constructed home or building that is a simple installation then the installation is done in the older building.


Using an ethernet cable throughout the house useful?

Yes, the wired Internet connection improves Internet speed.

Is it hard to add the ethernet cable to the walls?

It is very simple to add the ethernet cable through the walls but you need to be careful in case not to damage the plumbing or existing cables.

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