How Many Watts Does Vitamix Have? (Different Models Wattage Listed)

There are many brands of blenders in the market and I have reviewed all the blenders by testing them all but the best blender is the Vitamix blender as they are powerful, can be used for a long period, and have an incredible warranty. So, this article will guide you about how many watts does Vitamix have and a list of different models and their wattage. 

How many watts does Vitamix have? 

The Vitamix does have 12 blenders at present. If we compare the older legacy series model and the Explorian series with the new legacy series and ascent series blender they have less powerful motors that are able to run at 1490 watts or 2 horsepower and 1640 watts or 2.2 horsepower respectively. 

How Many Watts Does Vitamix Have
How Many Watts Does Vitamix Have

The watts of the commercial blenders:

  • The Vitamix quiet 1 has 2240 watts and 3 horsepower.
  • The Vitamix 5201 has 3130 watts and 4.2 horsepower, considered the most powerful Vitamix wattage. 

Vitamix wattage and horsepower:

The following table shows the comparison chart of different models of vitamins based on the wattage horsepower and watts per dollar ratio:

ProductVitamix Watts (w)Vitamix Horsepower (HP)Watts per Dollar Ratio
Vitamix E3101490 w2 HP4.25
Vitamix A35001640 w2.2 HP2.52
Vitamix “The Quiet One”2240 w3 HP2.4
Vitamix 52013130 w4.2 HP1.9
Vitamix 7501640 w2.2 HP2.77
Vitamix V12001490 w2 HP3.31
Vitamix 52001490 w2 HP3.1
Vitamix A25001640 w2.2 HP2.98
Vitamix 53001640 w2.2 HP4.15
Vitamix 75001640 w2.2 HP3.12
Vitamix A23001640 w2.2 HP3.28
Vitamix A33001640 w2.2 HP3.03
Vitamix Immersion Blender625 w0.84 HP5

Below given chart shows the dollar ratio which will help you to know how much power we get for every dollar. The watts the dollar ratio is the ratio of Vitamix wattage which is divided by the current list price of the Vitamix blenders. 

How Many Watts Does Vitamix Have
How Many Watts Does Vitamix Have

Comparison of Vitamix with other brands of blender:

The following are some comparisons which are done between 50 + blenders with the Vitamix and I have shared my opinion based on the blender wattage:

0 – 500 wattsAvoid buying this Blender. It is not worth it. 
500 – 800 wattsIt is basically used for blending simple ingredients but it is not successful in blending them smoothly. For example, it cannot be used for Frozen fruits. 
800 – 1000 wattsThe lowest wattage of the Blender which a person can start buying from is this as it will be used for everything except The hardest frozen fruit smoothies.
1000 – 1500 wattsIt is a good range to use this Blender at home as it is powerful enough and affordable.
1500+ wattsA Blender above 1500 watts will automatically be more efficient in blending the items as they will also be able to work faster and will be more durable. 
How Many Watts Does Vitamix Have
How Many Watts Does Vitamix Have

List of top Vitamix blenders:

The following table shows the various factor of the top Vitamix blenders based on the Power, capacity, and best for:

ProductBest forPowerCapacity
Vitamix E310Overall best2 HP48 oz
Vitamix A3500High tech2.2 HP64 oz
Vitamix ONEMost affordablenot provided32 oz
Vitamix “The Quiet One”Quietest3 HP48 oz
Vitamix 5201Highest capacity4.2 HP192 oz
Vitamix 750Best Legacy2.2 HP64 oz
Vitamix V1200Most affordable high tech2 HP64 oz
Vitamix 5200Budget legacy option2 HP64 oz
Vitamix A2500Programmable settings2.2 HP64 oz
Vitamix 5300N/a2.2 HP64 oz
Vitamix 7500N/a2.2 HP64 oz
Vitamix A2300N/a2.2 HP64 oz
Vitamix A3300N/a2.2 HP64 oz
How Many Watts Does Vitamix Have
How Many Watts Does Vitamix Have

How Long Do Vitamix Blenders Last?

On average a Vitamix blender is able to work for around 10 years even after heavy usage. This is also considered one of the best reasons why Vitamix is one of the most popular blenders. but if the Vitamix are used properly they can even last for a longer time. if a person wants to extend the lifespan of the Vitamix you should follow all the care instructions such as not overloading the Vitamix blender and should add water while blending. You can clean the Vitamix blenders by selecting the clean setting which will do most of the work itself. you just need to add a drop of water and dish soap and run the blender. If the blades of the blender are not working then you just need to replace the blender as Vitamix provides the replacement blades.


The Vitamix blender is also expensive when it is compared to other blenders as it does have many features such as aircraft-grade stainless steel blades and it also does have a durable shell. but keeping the cost aside the Vitamix blender is able to blend many food items properly and can use for longer periods of time.


Which Vitamix is considered the most powerful one?

The Vitamix Turboblend 3-Speed Blender is used to run with a powerful motor.

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