How Many Watts Does A Laptop Use? (Cost Saving Tips & Costs to Run Revealed)

A person who often uses a laptop wants to know about it. How many watts does their laptop use? So this information is all about the watts consumed by a laptop and what is the cost to run a laptop. It will also help you by guiding you about how to reduce the cost to run a laptop.

Laptop Wattage

  • The range of a laptop’s wattage is from 30 watts to 200 watts
  • The most common wattage of a laptop is 65 watts.

The following table is based on the studies done about the 150 + most popular laptops showing the wattage consumption:

MacBook Air30W
MacBook Pro 13″61W
MacBook Pro 14″67W
MacBook Pro 16″96W or 140W depending on the spec
Microsoft Surface Laptop Go39W
Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 245W
Samsung Galaxy Book Go45W
Samsung Chromebook 4+45W
Dell Inspiron 14″65W
Dell Inspiron 17″90W
Dell Inspiron 15 (7000)90W
Dell Inspiron 15 (3000)45W
Dell XPS 15130W
Dell G15 Gaming Laptop180W
ASUS ROG Zephyrus15200W
HP Laptops45W to 150W depending on the model
Acer Laptops45W to 180W depending on the model
Lenovo Flex 345W
Lenovo Chromebook 345W
Lenovo Ideapad 365W
Lenovo Yoga65W

As shown above, the consumption of laptop power is always different from the power rating. 

How Many Watts Does A Laptop Actually Use?

A Laptop consumes different wattage at different modes.

  • When the laptop is used in off mode It consumes 0.34 watts per hour
  • On average In sleep mode, a laptop uses 0.78 watts per hour. 
  • In long idle mode, a laptop uses 2.45 watts per hour
  • The laptop in short idle mode uses 5.91 watts per hour

A laptop having the most common watts consumed by the best-selling laptops is 65 watts. 

The following table explains how many watts are laptop used in various modes:

ModeWatt hours used per dayWatts hours used per monthWatts hours used per year
Off mode4.88Wh148.4Wh1,780.4Wh
Sleep mode0.23Wh7.1Wh85.2Wh
Active mode (incl. high performance and active but idle modes)50.34Wh1,531.1Wh1,8373.2Wh

After comparing the wattage consumption from the above table a laptop uses less electricity in off mode than in sleep mode. But It also depends upon the duration of using a laptop in a mode as according to that if the laptop is used for a long time in off mode laptop will consume more electricity than sleep mode per day.

Watt hours of Electricity per day

  • The range of the electricity used by a computer is between 6.3 Watts hours and 230 watts hours per day.
  • The electricity consumed by laptops on average is 55.45 watts hours per day. 
  • The most common consumption is 47.12 watt-hours of electricity per day.

Watt-hour of electricity per month:

  • A laptop uses between 191.67 watt-hours of electricity and 7025 watts per month.
  • On average a laptop consumes 1686.6 watt-hours of electricity.
  • The most common consumption is 1433.33-watt hours of electricity.

Watt hours of electricity per year:

  • A laptop uses between 2300 and 84300 watt-hours of electricity per year. 
  • On average a laptop consumes over 20238.8-watt hours of electricity. 
  • The most common consumption of a laptop is 17200 watt hours of electricity per year. Check about the amperage used by a laptop from here. 

How Many Watts Does A Gaming Laptop Use?

  • The range of wattage consumed by a gaming laptop is from 35 watts to 320 watts and it’s even more in many cases. 
  • If a laptop is a gaming device but in off mode during no gaming modes then the amount of watts used is as low as zero Watts in off mode. 
  • In Idle mode in a gaming laptop but during non-gaming mode it uses around 20 watts.

If you compare the wattage consumption of a gaming laptop and a typical laptop, a gaming laptop is used during high-performance Mode, so the amount of watts consumed is more than that of a typical laptop.


For example One of the best gaming laptops are the Dell g15 and Zephyrus 15 which have a power rating of 180 Watts and 200 Watts respectively. 

Laptop Power Consumption in kWh

The following table explains how much kWh of electricity a laptop uses per day, month, and year:

ModekWh used per daykWh used per monthkWh used per year
Off mode0.0049 kWh0.1484 kWh1.7804 kWh
Sleep mode0.0002 kWh0.0071 kWh0.0852 kWh
Active mode (incl. high performance and active but idle modes)0.0503 kWh1.5311 kWh18.3732 kWh
Total0.055 kWh1.69 kWh20.24 kWh

Also by using the power consumption in kWh we can find out the electricity cost of running a device.

  • A laptop on the average cost of running is $0.000825 per day. 
  • The cost of an electricity laptop is $0.25 per month
  • The cost of running a laptop is approximately $3.04 per year.

How Much Electricity Does A Laptop Use in KWh & $ Ranges? 

Electricity used per day:

  • On average the electricity used by a laptop is between 0.0063 kWh to 0.2310 kWh per day. 
  • The most common electricity consumption is 0.0471 kWh per day.

Running cost per day:

  • The cost to run a laptop per day is from $0.000945 to $0.03465. 
  • The most common daily running cost for a laptop is approximately $0.007065.

Electricity used per month:

  • A laptop is able to consume electricity that ranges between 0.192 kWh and 7.025 kWh.
  • The most common monthly power consumption is 1.433 kWh. 

Running cost per month:

  • The cost to run a laptop per month is between $0.029 to $1.05.
  • The most common monthly power consumption is $0.215.

Electricity used per year:

  • A laptop does consume electricity that ranges between 2.3 kWh and 84.3 kWh. 
  • The most common and only power consumption is 17.2 kWh. 

Running cost per year:

  • The cost of running a laptop per year ranges from $0.345 to $12. 645. 
  • The most common annual power consumption is $2.58.

Do Laptops Use A Lot Of Electricity 

The answer to the electricity consumer laptop is more or not is that a laptop does not use a lot of electricity. Also, the electricity consumed depends upon the battery capacity of a laptop and the type of charger. On average a laptop uses 1686.6 watt-hours of electricity per month which is equivalent to the electricity consumed by home appliances such as.

  1. Watts used by a microwave in one hour. 
  2. watts consumed by a dishwasher after less than 1.5 cycles.
  3. watts used by the TV after running for 29 hours. 

What are the Tips To Reduce Laptop Electricity Usage?

The following are the tips that will help to reduce the electricity usage and the running cost of a laptop.

  • Change the sleep setting. 
  • Don’t forget the display sleep mode.
  • Turn on power saving mode. 
  • Turn on battery saving mode. 
  • Reduced screen brightness. 
  • Disable some apps at certain times. 
  • Turn off unused features and devices. 
  • Reduce heat. 
  • Switch off and unplug. 
  • Consider switching energy providers.

Change the sleep setting:

If a person is not using a laptop then they should change the setting to sleep mode which will reduce the amount of electricity used by the laptop and will save approximately $15 per computer annually when it is an energy star laptop.

Don’t forget to display sleep mode:

There are many new laptops that have a display sleep mode which is different from the main sleep mode as it will save the electricity consumed by the laptop by putting the screen to sleep but the background app will continue to run. It will save electricity consumption. 

Turn on power saving mode:

Turning on the power-saving mode will reduce the performance of the laptop with only certain features and save electricity usage.

Reduce screen brightness:

By reducing the screen brightness it will automatically consume less power as the lower brightness the less power is consumed by the electricity and it will have a great effect on the amount of electricity consumed overall by a laptop. 

Display certain apps at a certain time:

There are many unnecessary apps that are running in the background of a table and on startup which will make the laptop work harder and consume more electricity so disabling certain apps will consume less amount of electricity.

Reduce heat:

We should use the laptop where there is proper ventilation as using a laptop by sitting on and surrounded by bedding will consume more power for power functioning of the laptop fan so using a laptop for good heat dissipation will reduce the amount of electricity which is required for cooling the laptop.


Typical laptops’ wattage range from 30 watts to 200 watts but a gaming laptop can consume a wattage of 320 watts. Wattage used by laptops depends upon various modes in off mode, a laptop uses 0.34 watts, in sleep mode, It uses 0.78 Watts, in long idle mode it uses 2.45 Watts, and in short idle mode, It uses 5.91 watts on average.


What are the appliances which consume more electricity?

A dishwasher, washing machine, and tumble dryer do consume more electricity.

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