How many Amps does a TV Use? (+ Most Efficient TV)

As per new technology, a TV is not just used for watching movies or favorite shows there are a lot of new features such as playing video games, browsing the internet, and streaming movies. So it is important to know how many amps a TV use with all these new features. By searching about the amps used by TV this article will cover as much as possible electricity used by different sizes of a TV.

How many Amps does a TV Use? 

The arms used by a television depend on various factors such as the TV screen size, type of TV,  setting, and many more.

  • On average an American TV size of 50 inches can use 0.9 amps at 120 volts when it is used at the default setting.
TV Use
TV Use

We cannot get a specific number of amps used by a TV as it varies from model to model of the TV brand. For example, if we compare the same size of the TV brand Samsung and TCL, the Samsung TV of 50 inches and has 125 wattages but the TCL has low wattage of 79 watts. So there are a lot of different factors which affect the electricity consumed by a TV, not the screen size.

Amps used by a 55-inch tv:

A 55-inch TV using amps varies according to model to model and brand to brand. 
  • On average a TV of 55 inches uses amps of 0.98 at a 120-volt power outlet. 
  • TV connected to  240-volt outlets will use half of 0.98 amps.

And when we compare a 55-inch and a 50-inch TV, A 55-inch TV will use more power because of the features of the extensive screen it will require more energy. So we can say that a bigger screen of a TV means the largest surface area is to be covered which will require more electricity. 

The following table shows the average wattage by comparing the wattage used by LED, OLED, and LCD TV of 55 inches.

Average Wattage118 watts

From the above table, we can see that the average wattage of the LED OLED and LCD TV is 118 watts and after calculating the amps about 0.98 amps is used when the TV is connected to a 120-volt outlet and around 0.49 amps when the TV connect is connected to a 240-volt power outlet.

Amps used by A 65-inch TV:

  • On average, A 65-inch TV uses amps of 0.4 when it is connected to 120 volts and 0.62 amps when it is connected to 240 volts. 

When we compare a TV of 65 inches with both a TV of 55 inches and a 50-inch screen size. It is obvious that a 65-inch TV will use more power according to the surface area of the screen. But the type of the screen also matters but if the TV is an LED TV it will consume less power than an LCD or LED TV of the same size.

The following table shows the three common TV types and their power consumption.

Wattage 100120225
Average Wattage148 watts

So a 65-inch TV with an average wattage of 148 watts draws 1.24 amps when it is connected to a standard 120-volt outlet and 0.62 amps when it is connected to a 240-volt outlet.

Amps used by a 70-inch tv:

On average, a 17-inch TV is able to draw 1.4 amps when it is connected to a 120-volt outlet as the TV has the largest screen and many other features which require more electricity than a smaller Tv model.

The following table explains the comparison between Three Types of TV and the power drawn by it:

Average Wattage163 Watts

What are the watts and cost of different sizes of TV? 

After knowing the amps used by the common TV size we can easily calculate the cost to run and the wattage of the TV. 

The following table explains the cost to run a 50,55,60,65 or 70-inch TV while considering the average price of 0.3 per kWh. 

TV Size50-Inch55-Inch60-Inch65-Inch70-Inch
Average Wattage108W118W131W148W163W
Electricity Cost Per Day used for 5 hours$0.07$0.08$0.09$0.10$0.11
Electricity Cost Per Week$0.49$0.56$0.63$0.70$0.77
Electricity Cost Per Month$2.10$2.40$2.70$3$3.30
Electricity Cost Per Year$25.60$29.20$32.90$36.50$40.15

Learning about the tips to reduce the cost to run a TV will be very useful to save on the electricity bill. 

List of the most energy efficient TV:

The following table shows the list of the most energy efficient TV according to the TV size:

TV Use
TV Use
TV SizeLowest wattage TVWattage (max)Reported annual consumption
17 inch TVSceptre – E1810W19.6 kWh
19 inch TVRCA – RT1971-AC15W28.8 kWh
24 inch TVVIZIO – D24hn-G917.6W35.6 kWh
32 inch TVMI – L32M5-5ARU19.3W29 kWh
40 inch TVIMPECCA – TL4000F31.1W58.8 kWh
43 inch TVSansui – S43P28FN34W66 kWh
50 inch TVSCEPTRE – H5047.9W88.8 kWh
55 inch TVMI – L55M5-5ARU62.9W92 kWh
65 inch TVNEC – E657Q72W141.1 kWh
70 inch TVPHILIPS – 70BFL2114/27109.1W205 kWh
75 inch TVVIZIO – E75-F187.32W165.7 kWh


So, the amps drawn by a TV differ according to the wattage consumed by a different brand, tv size, duration of use. and also the wattage consumed by a TV when it is compared to other home appliances it uses less wattage.


What type of TV uses the least amount of electricity?

The organic light-emitting diode OLED uses the least amount of electricity.

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