How many Amps does a Microwave Use? (+ Most Efficient Microwave)

A person who wants to know how efficient the microwave is or to know about what size of the breaker they should connect to it full stop for this they need to know how many arms a microwave use and from this information, you will be able to know about the amps drawn by a microwave, how to calculate a microwave usage and what are the most energy efficient microwave according to the wattage

How Many Amps Does a Microwave Use?

  • A normal microwave that uses a wattage of 1000 watts draws an amperage on average of about 8.3 amps. 
  • If the microwave has an outlet of a 120-volt circuit it will draw about 8.3 amps. 
Microwave Use
Microwave Use

What factors affect the power used by a microwave?

The following are some factors that affect the power of a microwave:


The size of the microwave does affect the power used by it. If the comparison is done between a larger Microwave and a smaller microwave the power consumption will be more by the larger microwave. As it takes more energy to heat properly the largest.

Type of food:

The type of food that is being cooked in the microwave also affects power consumption. For example, if you cook vegetables in a microwave it will take less time than meat or pasta. Because there are high-content water presentation vegetables and the food that does contain water will take less time to heat up.

Microwave Use
Microwave Use

Cooking time:

The time taken for a food to be cooked properly plays an important role in the amount of power used by microwave and if the cooking time of a food is longer the more electricity it will use which will also increase the running cost of a microwave.

How to calculate the amperage used by a microwave? 

The following are some ways to check or calculate the amperage used in a microwave:

Using formula:

To calculate a microwave we can use a formula such as:

I (amps) = P ( watts) / V (volts) 

For example, let’s assume that the wattage is 110 volts and according to this the following are the amperage used by different wattages of the microwave.

  • A microwave of 1500 words will draw an amperage of 13.6 amps.
  • A microwave of 800 words will draw an amperage of 7.2 amps. 
  • A microwave of 900 words will draw an amperage of 18.1 amps.

Using an ammeter or multimeter:

Using an ammeter to calculate the amperage is one of the best ways because it will be helpful to measure the actual current of the microwaves. The following video explains in detail how to use an ammeter to measure the amperage of the microwave:

Contacting the manufacturer:

If you are not able to calculate the amperage or are not able to see it from the label anymore then you can just reach out to the manufacturer to get the information about the microwave.

What are the most energy-efficient microwaves?

The following are the most energy-efficient microwave which is differentiated according to low-wattage and high-wattage microwave

The best low-wattage microwaves:

Microwaves that do have a higher wattage will be able to cook the food faster but a microwave with a higher wattage doesn’t need to be a more energy-efficient model. So there are much low wattage microwaves that are best such as:

Magic chef microwave:

This microwave is a budget-friendly option having a power output of 700 watts and it is one of the most energy-efficient models on the market. Due to its small dimensions, it does not occupy much space or it is a space Saver microwave.

GE-0.7 Cu. Ft. Compact microwave:

It is also a budget-friendly microwave having a power output of 700 words. It has the feature of rotating the food throughout the cycle with the use of a turntable. So any person who wants to buy a microwave that is energy-efficient plus Budget-friendly they do have many options.

Microwave Use
Microwave Use

The best high-wattage microwave:

If a person is looking for the best microwave they always consider the point of having higher wattage as then using the microwave will not take time to cook food. The following are some high-wattage microwaves:

Breville BMO850BSS 1250-watt microwave oven:

It is considered one of the most versatile and powerful microwaves on the market.

Panasonic NN-SN966S 1250-watt microwave

It is built in a way for larger families. It does contain a turntable of 16.5 inches with a thinner lighter and more efficient.

What is the difference between the input wattage and power output? 

A person who generally wants to know how many arms a microwave is able to draw needs to know in detail about the difference in input portrait and power output.

  • A power output also referred to as output wattage, is the energy that is required by the microwave so that it is able to heat the content inside it and cook it.
  • The input wattage is the total amount a microwave uses.


At the end of the above article, we are able to calculate the amps used by a microwave. And we also know about the most energy-efficient microwaves which we can use according to the budget and wattage consumption. On average a microwave of thousand words draws an amperage of 8.3 amps.


What type of microwave is the most energy efficient? 

An inverter microwave is one of the most energy-efficient conventional microwaves. 

Is it possible to use a microwave on a 15 amp circuit? 

For a microwave do you require a 120-volt which is a properly grounded circuit with a 3-prong wire and protected by a 15 or 20 amps circuit breaker. 

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