How many Amp Hours do I Need for my RV? (+ Cost to Run RV) 

A person who does use a recreational vehicle and the power consumed needed by the RV does depend upon their leaving as there are minimum are RVrs who do on trips enjoying nature and consuming the minimum power but their also many persons who cannot live without air conditioner fridge TV Microwave and hot water does need more power. This article will guide you about how many amp hours you need for the RV and According to which you can set up the things. You will also get to know how to calculate the watt hours and amp hours of the RV. 

How many amp-hours do I need for my RV?

According to most of the RVrs on average the recreational vehicle does need 220 amp hours and they can easily run a few of the appliances and also can watch the TV. But it is not the same in all cases as it depends on the number of appliances a person is using in an RV. 


Importance of knowing the amp hours for RVs:

  • According to the amp hour, you can select the suitable RV generator. 
  • The battery can be selected according to the capacity. 
  • Knowing the amp hours can help to install an Inverter that matches the AC/DC setting. 
  • According to the usage limits, you can plan to go to an RV park. 
  • In case of sharing the electricity outlet of someone then you can easily pay according to the usages by knowing the amp hours of an RV. 
  • A person will not be surprised by the power consumption. 
  • Fewer chances of a power outage during the trips. 
  • According to the battery, a person can easily use the number of appliances and increase or decrease them according to the amp hours.

To calculate the amp-hour learn the following tech term:


Voltage refers to the power a battery is able to give. The force which makes the current flow through the wire is called voltage. Due to the voltage, the devices come to life. For example, the voltage makes a motor move, the electric heater gets sufficient energy to provide heat or turn the bulb light on so it lights the home. 


The current is the number of electrons that flow through the wires within a second. For example, if there is a bulb in the room as soon as we switch it on the bulb lights up. This is possible as the current flows from the wires to the battery into the LED of the bulb. A current can be of two types:

  1. DC direct current
  2. AC Alternating current. 

A current type does depend on how the electricity is generated.


The power is calculated by multiplying the current and the voltage as voltage Or current alone can not explain the state of an electric circuit. 

Power in watts = voltage (V) x current (A)

The power of the appliances defines the electric needs of the devices and the capability of the source. For example, the rating of an RV generator has a wattage of 3500 watts. 

Watt hours:

The duration of time a device is mostly run. For example running the TV the whole day, keeping the light on, running a hair Dryer and the ac for the whole day. The power rating of every device is down in watts and the amount of time it is used in hours.

Power usage in watt-hours = power rating in watts x operating time in hours

It is Abbreviated as KW hour and it can be seen on the electricity bill. 

Amp hour:

Amp hour is used to show the battery capacity to supply power in a certain amount. The amp hour rating is mostly twice the amount the device can use. So to get the amp hour rating of the device, divide the amp hour value by two you will get the rating. 

How to convert the watt-hour to amp-hour? 

The following is the simplest way to convert the watt-hour into amp hour:

  1. Power in watts = voltage (V) x current (A)
  2. Current (A) = power (W) / voltage (V)
  3. Power consumption in watt-hour = power (W) x time in hours
  4. Current consumption (amp-hour) = power consumption (watt-Hour) / voltage (V)

Also, it shows how to calculate the amp hours of the RV, which is thoroughly explained next. 

Calculation of the watt hours and amp hours:

The following are the simple way to calculate the amp hour and watt-hour:

  • Firstly read the label which is visible on the device and then makes the list of voltage and current rated on it. 
  • The second step is to calculate the power in watts by multiplying the current and voltage of the devices that you have noted in the first step. 
  • Now calculate the power consumed by the devices when it is used at 120 volts. 
  • Now the last step is to convert it to amp hours by using simple Calculations.

Power (amp-hours) = power required (watt-hours) / voltage (V)


What is the cost to run an RV? 

The cost of running an RV depends on the electricity cost of that area. 

  • On average the monthly cost of running an RV when it is a 30-foot RV and used is about 20 kWh per day then it will cost around $77 per month. 
  • If we compare the electricity cost, the highest electricity cost charged by Hawaii is 32.30 cents per unit, and the lowest is charged by Idaho at 9.65 cents per unit.


A person should always buy the appliances by doing a study about the power requirements. by reading all the above information you can easily get to know about the amp hours required in an RV and according to that, you should use the appliance on it.

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