Electricity Cost to Run a Dryer (10+ Cost-Saving Tips)

This article is based on the electricity cost to run a dryer though the cost of running and dryer is not more than the other household appliances. But A person should know how much electricity costs to run a dryer. This article will guide you about the cost to run a trier according to the duration of use and what are the tips to reduce the electricity cost for running a dryer.

How much does the electricity cost to run a dryer? 

The cost to run a dryer on average is approximately equal to 29 cents per load, $6.90 per month, and $82.74 per year. And this cost on average increases the electricity bill by 6% monthly.

Cost to Run a Dryer
Cost to Run a Dryer

Dryer electricity cost per cycle/ load:

  • The electricity cost to run a dryer per cycle is between 7 cents and 32 cents. 
  • On average, the cost to run a dryer per load is approximately 29 cents
  • The dryers which are the most common cost up to 32 cents per load

Dryer electricity cost per month. 

  • On average the electricity cost to run a dryer for a month is between $1.56 to $7.61.
  • On average the electricity cost per month to run a dryer is $6.90.
  • The dryer which is the most common costs up to $7.61 per month

Dryer electricity cost per year:

  • The electricity cost to run a dryer per year is approximately $18.75 to $91.20.
  • On average the electricity cost per year to run a dryer is approximately $82.75.
  • The dryer which is most common yearly cost to run a dryer on average is $82.75.
  • Click here to get the information about the dryer cycle time.

The following table will explain the running cost of a dryer used at various durations. 

Cost per loadCost per monthCost per year
Most common$0.32$7.61$91.20

The cost to run a dryer also depends on the wattage and voltage used by the dryer which you can study in more detail.

What is the cost to run the most energy-efficient dryers?

  • The range of the cost to run the most energy-efficient dryer is from 7 to 13 cents per load, $1.56 to $3 06 per month, and $18.75 to $36.75 per year.
  • The average cost to run the most energy-efficient dryer is approximately 8 cents per cycle, $1.86 per month, and $22.35 per year.
  • The most common cost for running a dryer that is more energy efficient is approximately 7 cents per load, $1.66 per month, and $19.95 per year

The following is the list of 11 dryers that are the most energy-efficient dryer and are rewarded with the energy certificated label.

DryerElectricity used per load/cycleCost per month (283 cycles p/y)Electricity used per year (283 cycles)
Blomberg – DHP24400W$0.08$1.86$22.35
LG – DLHC1455*$0.07$1.66$19.95
Miele – Miele: TWF160 WP$0.07$1.66$19.95
Miele – Miele: TWI180 WP$0.07$1.66$19.95
Miele – Miele: TWB120 WP$0.07$1.66$19.95
Beko – HPD24412W$0.08$1.86$22.35
Blomberg – DHP24412W$0.08$1.86$22.35
Samsung – DV22N685*H*$0.08$1.81$21.75
Miele – Miele: PDR908 HP$0.13$3.06$36.75
Samsung – DV22N680*H*$0.08$1.81$21.75

How to reduce the cost to run a dryer?

The following are some tips by which a person can reduce the cost to run a dryer:

  • Reduce usage.
  • Stop overloading. 
  • Use the spin option. 
  • Don’t go straight from the washer.
  • Go straight to the dryer. 
  • considered dryer balls. 
  • Use eco or auto dry modes. 
  • Maintain the dryer. 
  • Consider moving the dryer. 
  • Dry at night 
  • switching utility provider

1.) Reduce usage:

The most effective tip to reduce the cost of running a dryer is to not use the dryer unnecessarily. A person should use a dryer only when they have a full load.

2.) Stop overloading:

If there is a load of clothes to dry the drier will take a longer time to dry them all because of that the dryer needs to run for a longer time which will consume more power and thus increase the electricity bill so do not overload the dryer.

3.) Use Spin option:

After watching the clothes use the spin option so that there is no excess water left in the clothes after which the clothes will dry quickly which will save the consumption of power and the electricity bill.

4.) Do not go straight from the washer:

Avoid putting the cloth directly after washing into the drier as it will take a longer time and which will result in higher running costs. So instead of directly putting separate and shaking the cloth before putting directly into the dryer, it will help to dry the cloth early.

5.) Consider dryer balls:

Should check the dryer balls because if they are not working properly it will take time to dry the clothes due to the dry balls the air circulation is increased while driving and this helps to dry the clothes quickly.

6.) Use eco or auto-dry mode:

When a dryer is used in Eco or auto-dry mode It will ensure that the dryer is not used for a longer time. Thus helping in cost reduction.

7.) Maintain the dryer:

Maintaining the dryer by cleaning the went and linked filters and also should make sure that the water drawer is empty as it will help to maintain the dryer and will not be inefficient and help not to add more expenses. 

8.) Consider moving the dryer:

Should not use the dryer in a cooler or a place that is next to the freezer as it will increase the power consumption of the dryer to draw the clothes Which will increase the cost to run a dryer.

9.) Dry at night:

If a person buys a dryer there are many electric providers which do offer discounts to the customer in unit per kWh rates which is at the off-peak hours. So this will help the person to reduce the cost to run a dryer in off-peak hours.

10.) Switching utility provider:

If a person switches utility providers it will not only help to reduce the running cost of the dryer but also the utility provider will provide many discounts on the price of the dryer to attract the customer.

11.) Go straight to the dryer with another load:

If a person has a lot of clothes to dry and they are doing it with multiple loads to dry the cloth so make sure not to have a gap between the loads as this will avoid the dryer from getting cool and will save the electricity to get it hot again for another load.


The conclusion about the cost to run a dryer is that the average cost to run a dryer is 29 cents per load and running the most energy-efficient dryer costs up to 7 cents per load. The electricity bill is increased by 6% when the dryer is used for a month. 


Which dryer setting uses less electricity? 

When a dryer is used at a cool-down cycle it uses less electricity. 

Should dry clothes on low or high heat? 

Drawing the clothes on low heat will help to wear the clothes for a longer time and will reduce wear and tear. 

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