Does an Electric Blanket use a lot of Electricity? (If Yes! How much?)

Using the heater in the cold temperature is not just enough as there is a need to keep your body warm while sleeping so that you are able to sleep properly. so there are a lot of people who use an electric blanket or they want to buy an electric blanket but are confused in case of the electricity consumption. this will guide you about does an electric blanket use a lot of electricity and what is the cost to run an electric blanket.

Does an Electric Blanket use a lot of Electricity? 

To know if an electric blanket uses a lot of electricity we need to find the daily kilowatt-hours that are consumed by an electric blanket and multiply the wattage of the blanket by the number that shows the time the blanket is used each day and then divide it by 1000 as to convert the watts into kilowatt. 

Electric Blanket
Electric Blanket

Electric blanket wattage:

You can easily find the wattage consumed by an electric blanket by looking at the tag, label, Or package of the blanket. The wattage consumed varies depending on the size and manufacturers of the electric blanket. 

  • On average a single electric blanket consumes the wattage up to 400 watts
  • An electric blanket if used overnight for 8 hours will use 3200 watts and if we divide it by 1000 we get 3.2 kilowatts.
  • The electricity cost to run an electric blanket is different according to the electricity rate in different locations. 
  • On average the electricity cost of a kilowatt of electricity is 13.31 cents per kilowatt therefore the cost to run an electric blanket overnight is approximately 42.5 cents per kilowatt. 

Electric blanket power consumption:

On average, using an electric blanket will add 70 watts to using it for 1 hour. The total house power consumption, which we compare to the space heater using an electric blanket, is 30% to 50% less than the watts consumption by heaters. But the cost to run an electric blanket depends on many factors that are explained next. 

Electric Blanket
Electric Blanket


The amount of electricity used by an electric blanket depends on several factors such as:

  • Temperature. 
  • Settings. 
  • A number of times used it. 
  • Duration of hour 

On average the electricity rate per kilowatt Hour in California is 22.26 cents due to which the cost to run an electric blanket per day costs 71.2 cents. The average nationwide cost per kilowatt hours cost of electricity is 13.35 cents due to which the cost to run an electric blanket is 42.7 cents per use. If we compare the cost to use a heater in cold temperatures then the cost to use an electric blanket is less. 

Types of electric blankets:

There are different kinds of electric blankets and you can choose according to the kind of fit and heating level you need to keep your room and body warm. The following are types of electric blankets:

  • Electric under-blanket. 
  • Electric over-blanket. 

Electric under-blanket:

This type of under-blanket is used above the mattress and below the bottom sheet. The under-an-electric blanket is most commonly used in the UK. They are easily available in both soft and hard fabric and can be used on the lowest heating level. 

Electric over blanket:

The electric over blanket is used above the top bed sheet. this type of blanket is available in soft fabric which is used to cover the body from shoulder to leg. These types of blankets not only can be used above the bed only but can be used while you are sitting on a sofa or carpet. 

Electric Blanket
Electric Blanket

The following table is showing different watts of electric blanket and the cost to run it according to the usage:

ItemCost to run (per hour)Cost to run (Ten hours)Cost to run (through winter/3 months)
Electric Blanket (200 watts)$0.03$0.28$25.20
Electric Heater (500 watts)$0.07$0.70$63

You should not just think that the electric blanket is good to use in winter but There are lots of benefits of using an electric blanket which will be explained next. 

Benefits of using an electric blanket:

The following are some benefits of using an electric blanket:

  • Energy efficiency. 
  • Pain relief. 
  • Better sleep quality. 
  • Mood improvement. 

Energy efficiency:

If we compare the electric blanket and the space heater, the electric blankets are more energy efficient to keep you warm during the winter months as they use less electricity which will reduce the electricity bill.

Pain relief:

The heat produced by the blanket is able to ease muscle tightness and also relieve cramps. It also increases the circulation in the body so people who suffer from poor circulation have the benefit of using it. 

Better sleep:

The increasing temperature makes it difficult to sleep properly and waking up in the morning the person will not feel fresh. so using an electric blanket will provide you with better sleep. 


Using an electric blanket is less costly and more efficient in order to keep the body warm than using a space heater. Using an electric blanket has a lot of benefits as mentioned above. 


Can an electric blanket be used all night? 

You can use the blanket overnight but the temperature should be set to low. 

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