Dryer Wattage & Energy Usage (+ Most Efficient Dryer Revealed)

This article is all about the wattage and energy usage of the dryer. It will give detailed information about the dryer’s wattage, which is the low-wattage clothes dryer, how much electricity a dryer use, and the most efficient dryer. 

Dryer Wattage:

  • The wattage of a dryer ranges from 825 watts to 7200 watts
  • On average a trial uses approximately 52711 watts
  • The most common wattage of a dryer is 5600 watts. 
Dryer Wattage
Dryer Wattage

The dryer that is consumed varies by the dryer and dry type. The following are two types of dryers. Let’s see the wattage used by them. 

240V Dryer Wattage:

  • A dryer with 240 volts consumes a wattage that ranges between 2,520W to 7,200W.
  • The wattage used by a 240-volt of dryer on average is 5,480W.
  • The wattage used by a 240 volt of dryer most commonly is  5,600W.

120V Dryer Wattage:

  • A 120-volt dryer is also called a portable dryer which is commonly used in small homes or where there is not a circuit of 240 volts.
  • A dryer with 120 volts consumes a wattage that ranges from 825W to 1,800W.
  • The wattage used by a 120-volt dryer on average is 13600W.
  • The wattage used by a 120 volt of dryer most commonly is 1,500W.

The following table will explain in detail the wattage used by a different volt of a dryer.

 Dryer wattage240V dryer wattage120V dryer wattage
Most common5,600W5,600W1,500W

Dryer Wattage Breakdown

The weightage consumed by a dryer breakdown first the dryer goes to heating and then runs the motor and then Moves the air. The breakdown of weightage happens in a way that the approx wattage used by the dryer when it is heating is 5000 watts, then the motor starts spinning the drum which uses 250 watts and approximately 30 watts is used to move the air for ventilation purposes. 

Dryer Fan CFM

CFM refers to the amount of the air dryer moves in cubic feet per minute. And according to the energy start, a dryer fan is capable of having CFM approximately of 100 to 150.

Dryer Wattage
Dryer Wattage

How Much Electricity Does A Dryer Use? 

The electricity consumed by a dryer on average is 551.61 kWh per year, 56 kWh per month. The following table explains the electricity used by a dryer in which it is assumed 283 cycles annually and used over various duration:

 Electricity used per load/cycleElectricity used per month (23.6 cycles)Electricity used per year (283 cycles)
Average1.95 kWh46.00 kWh551.61 kWh
Most common2.15 kWh50.70 kWh608 kWh
Highest2.15 kWh50.70 kWh608 kWh
Lowest0.44 kWh10.42 kWh125 kWh

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What is the most efficient dryer?

Energy stars use the CEF combined energy factor to see the energy performance metric. CEF of a dryer is seen by dividing the load weight by the total energy consumed by the dryer per cycle which includes the standby of an active mode also. CEF is actually showing how many clothes the dryer is able to try per kWh consumed. If the CEF is higher then the dryer is a more efficient dryer. 

  • The energy-efficient dryer has a CEF that ranges from 3 to 10.4.
  • On average the energy-efficient Clothes Dryer has a CEF of 4.25.
  • The most common energy-efficient dryer has a CEF of 3.93.
  • Click here to get information about how long to dryer takes to try the clothes. 

This is the list in this out of 233 energy Star-certified electric dryers in which 11 dryers have received the energy star most efficient label:

DryerCombined Energy Factor (CEF)Electricity used per year (283 cycles)Electricity used per load/cycle
Blomberg – DHP24400W5.7 CEF149 kWh0.5265 kWh
LG – DLHC1455*6.4 CEF133 kWh0.4700 kWh
Miele – Miele: TWF160 WP6.37 CEF133 kWh0.4700 kWh
Miele – Miele: TWI180 WP6.37 CEF133 kWh0.4700 kWh
Miele – Miele: TWB120 WP6.37 CEF133 kWh0.4700 kWh
Bosch – WTW87NH1UC6.8 CEF125 kWh0.4417 kWh
Beko – HPD24412W5.7 CEF149 kWh0.5265 kWh
Blomberg – DHP24412W5.7 CEF149 kWh0.5265 kWh
Samsung – DV22N685*H*5.85 CEF145 kWh0.5124 kWh
Miele – Miele: PDR908 HP9.75 CEF245 kWh0.8657 kWh
Samsung – DV22N680*H*5.85 CEF145 kWh0.5124 kWh


The dryer ranges from 825 Watts to 7200 watts, on average, it is 5271 and 5600 watts is used most commonly. The electricity consumed by a dryer on average is 1.95 kWh per load, 46 kWh per month, and on average consume 1.61 kWh per year. Is the most energy-efficient dryer which consumes 0.44 kWh of electricity per load.


Which is the Low Wattage Clothes Dryer?

Bosch 800 series is the lowest-wattage 240-volt dryer and RCA 13 lb is the lowest-wattage 120-volt dryer. 

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