How Many Amps Does a Dishwasher Use? (+ Tips to Choose Best Dishwasher)

Using a dishwasher for washing utensils helps a lot in removing the extra workload during long days of work when there are a lot of guests. But if you want to buy a brand new dishwasher but are confused because of the power consumption, this article will guide you about how many amps a dishwasher uses while running. 

How many amps does a dishwasher use? 

The amps drawn by a dishwasher depend on the size, frequency of use, and number of features included in the dishwasher. 

On average the dishwasher uses amps up to 10 amps of current. But in case of extra drawing cycles, the power consumption by the dishwasher will increase as they have to produce more heat to try the utensils. 

Factors responsible for consuming a lot of power:

There are a lot of factors responsible for consuming a lot of electricity in a dishwasher such as:

  • The dishwasher uses a heater to heat the water to a high temperature to wash the utensils. 
  • After heating the water the next process is to pump the water at high pressure.
  • For drying the utensils they have to use heating elements to heat the air so that the utensils get dry. 
  • For heating, the water And air in the dishwasher use a heater which consumes more power. 
  • For pumping the water the pressure pump needs the power to get the correct pressure this increases the power consumption.

Though the usage of the amps by the dishwasher depends upon the brand and model which is being explained next. 

Amps used by various brands and models:

On average the dishwasher uses around 10 amps but it still depends upon the brand and the model. The followings are some brands and models of this dishwasher which is showing the average consumption of the amperage while running:

  • The brand Bosch dishwasher use around 12 amps.
  • The brand of Whirlpool dishwasher uses an amperage from 10 amps to 12 amps.
  • The brand KitchenAid dishwasher uses an amperage of around 15 amps.
  • The brand of Maytag dishwasher uses an amperage of around 15 amps.
  • The brand LG dishwasher uses an amperage of around 15 amps.
  • The brand Kenmore dishwasher uses an amperage of around 8.2 amps.
  • The brand Frigidaire dishwasher uses an amperage of around 12.5 amps.

Tips while choosing a dishwasher? 

A person after knowing the space requirement one should select the dishwasher but there are some other perspectives that should be considered such as the performance of the dishwasher which includes cleaning, drying, noise, reliability, and efficiency.

The Followings are some things that you should keep in mind choosing a dishwasher:

  • Breaker requirement. 
  • Circuit requirement. 
  • Risk of improper power rating connection. 
  • Understanding the appliances.

Breaker requirements:

One of the important things to look into is the size breaker requirement for a dishwasher so that the dishwasher needs the power according to the size function electrical requirement as the amps used by the dishwasher and the breaker connected to the dishwasher are different. For this, you can ask from an experience or you can consult someone as the breaker sizes should be in a way that should avoid electrical overloading.


Circuit requirements:

If the circuit is a dedicated circuit then it will be helpful in case of avoiding the overloading of electricity. You should not combine different types of appliances with the dishwasher as it will create the chances of short circuits or power shortages which will cause injuries and damage to the appliance. So to avoid all these risks you should use a suitable circuit to run the dishwasher so that the circuit is able to save your appliances or the house in case of any fire hazards. 

Risk of improper power rating connection:

Every type and model of the dishwasher does have a different power rating. so it will be improper to use a dishwasher with 10 amps of power rating to use a lower power rating. The range of the dishwasher is from 10 to 15 amperes so according to that the circuit of the dishwasher is ranged from 15 to 20 amps this is because in case of avoiding the overloading short circuit and damage to the appliances. You should also look that the dishwasher does not contain any leakage on the surface of the appliances before buying or connecting the dishwasher. 


Understanding the appliances:

You should choose the right equipment according to the safety reasons and proper components of the appliance. Doing this can save extra expenses you have to spend on replacing the components. You should properly understand the dishwasher because the wiring of the appliance is more complicated. You should avoid installing the dishwasher by yourself if you don’t know how to install it by following all the instructions in the manual of the manufacturer which is available with the device.




So typically a dishwasher uses on average about 10 amps and for choosing the dishwasher for your kitchen you can follow the above-mentioned explanation. 


How to find what is needed 15 or 2o amps?

You can easily find out by looking at the breaker or panel of the fuse.

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