Diffuser Running Costs, Wattage & Amps Revealed (+ Most Efficient Diffuser)

A person who finds the day very stressful mostly uses the diffuser which means that you can inhale and absorb the benefits of air in which essential oils are mixed which helps them to relax. It is quite often they want to know Diffuser Running Costs. This article will guide you about the wattage used by the diffuser, electricity use, Diffuser Running Costs, how many amps a diffuser uses, and the voltage.

Oil Diffuser Wattage

  • The oil diffuser uses a wattage that ranges from 6 Watts to 25 watts.
  • A diffuser typically uses 12 watts
Diffuser Running Costs
Diffuser Running Costs

How Many Watts Does A Diffuser Use?

The usage of weightage by a diffuser depends on using it in different modes:

  • If it is used in a standby mode it consumes up to 0.43 watts
  • A typical oil diffuser consumes up to 12 watts
  • If the diffuser is used without light mode it will consume up to 11.7 watts
  • The diffuser used in a mode with LED consumes up to 11.9 watts

How Much Electricity Does A Diffuser Use (In KWh)?

Using the diffuser for 1 hour

  • The diffuser can use the maximum amount of electricity of 0.012 kWh per hour.
  • The diffuser of 12 Watts uses the electricity of 0.0043 kWh instead of Mode per hour. 
  • A typical oil diffuser uses up to 0.0117 kWh of electricity in on mode without lights. 
  • The diffuser can use up to 0.0119 kWh of electricity in on mode with an LED light on. 
  • The diffuser which has a power rating ranging from 6 Watts to 25 watts is able to consume electricity between 0.06 kWh and 0.025 kWh per hour in case of maximum power consumption.
Diffuser Running Costs
Diffuser Running Costs

Using the diffuser for 2 hours a day:

If the diffuser is used for 2 hours in a day and after using it is remained plugged in for the next 22 hours then the diffuser can consume up to 0.033 kWh of electricity in a day. 

Electricity used by a diffuser per month:

The typical diffuser of 12 Watts is able to consume the approx amount of 0.03 kWh of electricity per month which is used for 2 hours in on mode every day and left 22 hours in a standby mode per day for 31 days. 

What is the Diffuser Running Costs?

  • The Diffuser Running Costs of a typical 12 Watts of diffuser cost up to $0.0000 645 per hour in standby mode. 
  • When the diffuser is in on mode but the lights are off then Diffuser Running Costs $0.001755 per hour.
  • When the diffuser is in on mode with LED lights on then Diffuser Running Costs $0.01785 per hour. 
  • A diffuser that runs at the maximum power rating can cost up to $0.0018 per hour
  • A typical 12-watt Diffuser Running Costs up to 12 cents per month
Diffuser Running Costs
Diffuser Running Costs

Diffuser Voltage:

An oil diffuser is able to work with dual voltages of 110-volt and 240-volt supplies. Which means that we don’t need to worry about the voltage supply. For example, 

A diffuser used in the US most commonly has 110 volts and the diffuser in the UK does have 230 or 240 volts. But it is necessary to check that the voltage of the diffuser is appropriate according to the supply at home.

How Many Amps Does A Diffuser Use?

  • A diffuser uses amps that range from 0.35 amps to 1 amp.
  • Commonly a diffuser can draw the amperage up to 0.5 amps
Diffuser Running Costs
Diffuser Running Costs

Does the diffuser use a lot of electricity? 

No, the diffuser does not use a lot of electricity as when compared to the other appliances like electric kettle electric heaters they use a lot more electricity than the diffuser especially the electric lenses that heat the water consumes a lot of electricity. In the case of the typical power rating of the diffuser ranges from 6 Watts to 25 watts with which the most common being 12 watts. Hence we can say the electric kettles and the electric heaters do consume 10 times more power than the diffuser.

Comparing the diffuser with other electric appliances:

  • When it is compared to the small table fan it uses less than half the amount of electricity.
  • Compared to the TV it uses five times less electricity consumed by the TV.


An Essential oil diffuser is not a device that consumes a lot of energy. Typical 12 Watts diffuser can use upto 0.5 amps. But the diffuse is capable of using electricity when it is in. The diffuser uses less amount of electricity and the cost to run it is less when it is compared to the other electric appliances used in the home.


Which diffuser gives off the most mist? 

Urpower 2nd Gen 300ml Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser Is capable of producing the strongest stream of Mist.

What factor should be looked at when buying a diffuser? 

We should look at the coverage area, operation time, weight, vapor output, noise level, accessories, etc

Which diffuser does last for a long time? 

Raft Wild Mint & Bergamot are the long-lasting

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