Dehumidifier Wattage, Amps & Cost to Run (+ Most Efficient Dehumidifier Revealed) 

For maintaining the level of humidity in the air many people do recommend a dehumidifier in their room but they don’t know about the wattage and electricity. This article is based on the study of 580 best models and will guide you about the dehumidifier wattage and amount of amperage drawn by them, how much electricity it consumes, the energy efficiency of the dehumidifier, what are the most efficient dehumidifiers, the amps drawn by the dehumidifier according to the size, start-up stage and while running, and what is the amperage of energy efficient dehumidifier.

Dehumidifier Wattage

  • A dehumidifier has a wattage range from 214 Watts to 970 watts
  • The average wattage of the Dehumidifier is 483.24 watts
  • The most common wattage is 600 watts.
  • There is a lot of difference between the high and low end of the range of the dehumidifier which is explained in detail below.
Dehumidifier Wattage
Dehumidifier Wattage

Low Wattage Dehumidifiers

A dehumidifier of low wattage ranges between 214 watts and 466 watts. Many low-wattage dehumidifiers have energy star certification and are energy-efficient appliances.

Medium Wattage Dehumidifiers

  • A dehumidifier of medium wattage ranges between 467 Watts and 700 watts
  • On average the wattage consumed by the medium-wattage dehumidifier is 483.64 watts
  • The most common dehumidifier wattage is 600 watts. 

High Wattage Dehumidifiers

A dehumidifier of high wattage ranges between 701 Watts and 970 watts. There are also chances of medium-wattage dehumidifiers Falling In this category if the wattage is calculated from the wattage and amperage of the dehumidifier alone.

How Many Amps Does A Dehumidifier Use? 

  • The amperage drawn by a dehumidifier is between 2.2 A and 10 A
  • At the stage of start-up, dehumidifiers draw the amperage to 27A.
  • The most common is drawing 13 amps. Check the cost to run a dehumidifier from here.

Dehumidifier Amp Draw On Start-Up

The amperage drawn by a dehumidifier is different according to the stage. In the startup of the dehumidifier, it can draw amperage which is over 5 times the amount of amps. But when compared to other appliances such as clothes dryers etc it consumes fewer amps from them. The components which draw more power in the start-up stage are as:

  1. Compressor
  2. Coils
  3. Fans. 

But to protect the circuit from higher current 13A breakers are used and it will trip if the initial draw of current is higher than the breaker size. 

Dehumidifier Amp Draw When Running:

  • A dehumidifier is capable of drawing the amperage from 2.2A to 10 A when it is running. 
  • The most common amperage drawn by a dehumidifier is upto 7.8A.
  • Running a portable dehumidifier is safe when it is run on a standard household outlet which is further protected by a 10A/13A breaker

But the amount of amperage drawn by a decimal to fire is not the same in all cases; it will increase according to the size of the dehumidifier which is explained below:

How Many Amps are used by different sizes of Pint Dehumidifiers Use? 

The following table explains the average used by different sizes of pint dehumidifiers:

SizeRunning Amps
20-pint dehumidifier3.5A
30-pint dehumidifier4.2A
40-pint dehumidifier5A
50-pint dehumidifier7A

Energy-Efficient Dehumidifier Amperage

A dehumidifier that is energy-efficient draw an amperage which is between 2.2 amps and 5 amps when it is running.

The dehumidifiers which are energy efficient draw less power than the older and less efficient Dehumidifiers. As it consumes 50% less energy than the typical dehumidifier and also has energy star certification.

Dehumidifier Wattage
Dehumidifier Wattage

The following table explains the energy-efficient dehumidifier and the amperage drawn by them:

Start-Up AmpsRunning AmpsVoltage

How Much Electricity Does A Dehumidifier Use?

  • The approximate range of the electricity used by the dehumidifier is from 0.23 kWh to 0.98 kWh per hour.
  • The electricity used by the dehumidifier on average is 0.427 kWh per hour. 
  • The most common amount of electricity used by the dehumidifier for an hour is 0. 548 kWh
  • A Dehumidifier having energy star certificates uses electricity between 0.23 kWh and 0.548 kWh per hour. 
Dehumidifier Wattage
Dehumidifier Wattage

Electricity Dehumidifiers Use Per Day 

  • The range of the electricity used by the dehumidifier is between 5.52 kWh to 23.6 kWh per hour. 
  • The dehumidifier which has an energy star certificate changes between 5.52 kWh and 13.4 kWh of electricity per day. 
  • The consumption of electricity by the dehumidifier for a day is approximately 10.24 kWh.
  • The most common electricity used by the dehumidifier is 13.4 kWh

Dehumidifier Electricity Usage Per Month

  • The average consumption of electricity by a Dehumidifier is approximately 307.2 kWh per month. 
  • The most common amount of electricity consumed in a month by a Dehumidifier is up to 394.2 kWh

Dehumidifier Energy Efficiency

A dehumidifier that is energy efficient has a wattage that ranges from 214 watts to 540 watts. For determining the energy-efficient Dehumidifier wattage is not considered to find how effective a dehumidifier is to remove humidity from the air. A dehumidifier which is an energy-efficient dehumidifier can remove more moisture or humidity from the air per watt when it is compared to a normal Dehumidifier.

The following components are being used efficiently by an energy-efficient dehumidifier such as:

  • Compressor. 
  • Refrigeration coil. 
  • Fans. 

A dehumidifier that is energy star certified uses electricity that ranges from 5.5 kWh to 13.4 kWh of electricity per day. The factors which are noted in energy-efficient dehumidifiers such as:

  • Integrated energy factor
  • Capacity. 

Energy Efficient Dehumidifier (IEF)

For a dehumidifier, the IEF(integrated efficient dehumidifier) is a key factor for maintaining the performance metric of a dehumidifier. An integrated energy factor is measured in liters per kWh(L/kWh). 

The dehumidifier which has a higher IEF is considered more efficient because having a higher IEF means that the dehumidifier is capable of removing more moisture from the air per watt. 

  • The approx range of IEF by energy efficient dehumidifier is from 1.57 to 1.95.
  • On average, the IEF of an energy-efficient dehumidifier is 1.79.
  • The most common L/kWh is 1.8.

Most Energy-Efficient Dehumidifier

The dehumidifier that is considered the most energy efficient is the 50-pint midea cube having an IEF of 1.95 and is suitable to use for larger rooms. 

The following table of the 14 most Energy efficient dehumidifiers explains the IEF and is arranged from low to high integrated energy factor:

Name Dehumidifier Efficiency 0r IEF – L/kWhCapacity pints/dayDehumidifier WattageEstimated kWh per daySq. Ft. CoverageENERGY STAR CertifiedENERGY STAR Most Efficient
Midea MAD20S1QWT1.720.04214W5.578 kWh1500YesYes
Midea MAD22C1AWS1.722.04250W6.135 kWh1500YesYes
Home HME020030N1.722.04240W6.135 kWh1500YesYes
BLACK+DECKER BDT50PWTB1.849.63540W13.047 kWh4500YesNo
BLACK+DECKER1.832.15330W8.451 kWh3000YesNo
BLACK+DECKER BDT50WTB1.849.63540W13.047 kWh4500YesNo
INNOVATIVE IW-25-41.821240W5.520 kWh1500YesNo
BLACK+DECKER BD50PMWSA1.949.93515W12.435 kWh4500YesNo
Clevast CL-D351.935.02360W8.721 kWh3000YesYes
BLACK+DECKER BD30MWSA1.930.04310W7.481 kWh3000YesNo
BLACK+DECKER BD50MWSA1.949.93515W12.435 kWh4500YesNo
Midea MAD35S1QWT1.935.08314W8.736 kWh3500YesYes
Midea MAD50PS1QWT1.9549.58425W12.031 kWh4500YesYes
Midea MAD50S1QWT1.9549.58425W12.031 kWh4500YesYes


The dehumidifier on average uses 483.24 watts and consumes 10.24 per day. The amperage drawn by the dehumidifier on startup is 27A and while running it draws between 2.2A and 10A. The most energy-efficient Dehumidifier is the midea cube, which uses 12.03 kWh per day and the lowest daily consumption by it is 5.24 kWh per day. The dehumidifier draws a low average and most of them have received the energy star most efficient label.


What is the cost to run a dehumidifier in the UK? 

The dehumidifier can act the integrated energy factor of up to 20 l per day consuming 480 watts, 0.48 kWh, and cost upto 16 p to run the dehumidifier for 1 hour. 

Does a dehumidifier raise the electricity bill? 

On average the dehumidifier is 40% of the electricity bill per month.

Which Dehumidifier uses the least amount of electricity? 

DD8L Zambezi uses the least amount of electricity.

Is it worth it to run a dehumidifier constantly? 

You should make a schedule to run the dehumidifier for at least 12 hours a day as the longer you run it will keep the air surrounding you fresh and clean.

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