Is Car’s Battery AC or DC Current? (with Proper Maintenance Guide)

There are a number of systems that work together to make the EV run. In this article, you will learn about The car’s electrical components because it’s common to have confusion as there are many abbreviations and concepts such as AC and DC which are two types of electricity. It is essential to have information about these components as if you are having any problem in the EV in the case of a car battery you can easily find these abbreviations used. This article will guide you about what are car’s battery AC or DC current and give you maintenance guidance. 

Is Car’s Battery AC or DC Current?

The answer for a car’s battery AC or DC current is that a car’s battery is DC current and why it is not AC current and why its DC current is explained below in detail.

DC Current
DC Current

To know car’s battery is AC or DC current you need to know some facts about them such as:

  • The batteries used in the appliances have chemical cells to have high electric potential.
  • The AC current is used for providing power to buildings as the current can transport AC long distances more easily and efficiently. it helps to reduce power loss.
  • There is no availability of an AC battery.
  • The DC current is used to flow in one direction which is used in the electronic.
  • The DC battery can be seen that be able to generate the AC current by the process of converting the DC current into AC current.
  • If a person uses a DC battery with an AC converter then control over the energy source is possible.
  • In DC the power supply of electricity is from a positive to a negative terminal and the AC current change direction periodically and need to change the polarity. 
  • hence in case you connect the battery with AC current supply then the battery will able to charge by half positive cycle and will get discharged due to a negative half cycle and not be able to store any energy in the car battery as half negative cycle and hall positive cycle will be equal to zero.
  • In DC current battery we need to combine it with alternators after which it changes the mechanical energy into electrical energy. The battery is able to store the energy in chemical form and the alternator helps to convert the energy.

Working of a car battery:

As we know that the car battery is DC current. so know the following points explain the working of a car battery:

  • In the case of the new models of vehicles, they may have lithium-ion batteries or you will find lead-acid batteries in most of the cars.
  • The lead-acid batteries contain 6 cells and do produce 12.6 volts. And the capacity of the battery will be different according to the size of the battery and power requirements.
  • As if we compare the batteries of small cars their capacity will range from 65 to 80AHr and in the big vehicles it can range from 100 and 120AHr .
  • The alternator used on the car constantly recharges the battery of the vehicle while running.
  • The belt in the car runs the alternator which it the belt has two pulleys one it’s on the alternator and the other is on the engine.
  • The car batteries generate DC current and the efficiency of the batteries takes years to lose.
DC Current
DC Current


Don’t discharge and drain the car battery entirely as it will damage or just kill the car battery.

Benfits of DC batteries:

The following are some batteries of DC batteries:

  • Using a DC battery reduces carbon emissions and does not impact environmental disasters.
  • DC batteries can be used to transfer more power over long distances with few electrical losses.
  • The person who uses the DC batteries will provide high efficiency and dont have to spend more cost.
  • In case of the replacement of the battery, you can easily change the battery due to some reasons.
  • The DC battery can easily transform chemical energy into mechanical energy.
  • The direct current is basically produced by some power sources such as batteries, thermocouples, and solar cells.
  • The DC current is used by appliances that require low volts such as inc charging batteries, automotive and aircraft applications, etc.
DC Current
DC Current

Car battery maintenance:

There is a possibility that you won’t be able to know the state of the battery if something is wrong until a stage comes when you go to start the car and the engine doesn’t start. It can be because the battery does have a long life of between 3 to 5 years but there are many factors that affect the efficiency and performance of the battery such as driving habits and weather conditions. 

So you need to maintain the car’s battery and the following are some tips to maintain the car battery:

  • You need to check the battery’s charging state by checking the charge indicator that you can find on top of the battery. 
  • You can also check the state with a voltmeter. And the charge battery will have a voltage above 12.5 volts. 
  • Make sure that the top of the battery is clear and dry, and that there is no dirt is not it. Because a dirty battery will be discharged if there is grime on the battery casing. 
  • Check the terminal, screws, clamps, and cables of the battery in case of any Breakage, damage, or loose connections, and make sure to clean and tighten the screws. 
  • For maintaining the battery apply a thin coating of high temperatures grease on the cable connection and this will provide protection to them. 
  • Check the battery for any signs of physical damage which will indicate that the battery is overheated or overcharged. 
  • For marinating the battery you need to check if the battery has sufficient electrolyte that is covering the battery plates and in case to maintain the fluid levels you should not overfill the fluid level because after the battery is fully charged the level will rise up and may overflow.
  • Always top up the battery with distilled or demineralized water, not with sulphuric acid.
  •  In the case of servicing the battery, you should check the state of charge indicator as it will give an idea of the condition of the battery as there is a need to charge or replace the battery. 
  • If the state of charge indicator will advise you time to replace the battery then you should replace it as soon as possible because delay may lead to an internal explosion. 

Reduce the risk of overcharging:

You should keep monitoring the battery voltage which will help you to reduce the risk of getting the battery overheating.

The following table will help you to know what parameters to look which will help you to increase the life of the battery.

TypeAbsorption ChargingFloat Charging
Flooded (Maintainable / SMF)14.4 to 14.8V13.2 to 13.5V
AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat)14.6 to 14.8V13.6 to 13.8V
Gel Electrolyte14.2 to 14.4V13.6 to 13.8V


We conclude that the car’s battery is DC current and to maintain the car’s battery you can follow the above-mentioned points. you should not overcharge a battery or fully drain the battery as both processes will damage the battery and increase the risk of getting an explosion internally.

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