How much does it Cost to Run Power 500 feet? (Detailed Answer)

The need to run power lines depends upon various factors such as it may need to be run by the builders, architect, or in a place where there is going to be built a new house. However the cost to run power of certain feet is not at all free and the cost is based on various factors such as how far you need to run the power line, equipment cost, etc. in this article you will study the cost to run power 500 feet depending upon various factors.

Cost to run power 500 feet

  • On average the cost to install a power line of 500 feet underground is from $10000 to $20000.
  • The cost to run power 500 feet overhead costs as much as $5000 or more than it in which the cost from $5 to $10 is to pay per linear foot. Further, you will read about the amount of ampere you need, and the overall cost to run power 500 feet. 

Amp service:

Before starting the project you need to decide what kind of amp service you are using to run power. According to the research, the cost to run power with a 200 amp service does have a difference with a power of 50 amp service. But on average, the house uses 200 amp service so the below-given information is the cost to run power 500 feet for a 200 amp service. You can use a smaller amp if you’re powering a piece of equipment and according to that, the cost will be low.


Before starting the work of the power line you should always check the local rules and codes in case of any restriction on what size and type of wire we are allowed to use in that area.

The overall cost to run power 500 feet:

To install a power 500 feet there are a lot of factors that affect the cost such as:

  • Costs for trenching. 
  • Wire costs. 
  • Cost to run electrical conduit. 
  • Power line cost per pole. 

Cost for trenching:

There is more chance to run a power 500 feet underground so the person had to pay for the cost of trenching which will be used to dig the lines with equipment known as trenching and also require labor to use it. So the average cost of trenching the line by hiring a company to take 100 linear feet of tench is $800 which approximately costs $4000 for 500 feet. But if the person does know the work and decides to do it themselves or knows how to use the equipment they will save the money for trenching the line.

Cost to run power 500 feet
Cost to run power 500 feet

Wire costs:

The cost of using a copper wire of 500 feet is very expensive but if a person negotiates with the hiring company and is successful in finding discounts it will be great for saving the cost. On average to run power to a 200 amp service the requirement of the copper wire or aluminum wire is 2 AWG. As per the study, you should use copper wire as aluminum and copper-clad aluminum do have many problems in order to deliver power loads that go as far as 500 feet. 

The average cost to use 2 AWG wire for 500 feet is $800 but if you use a copper-clad aluminum it will cost less. 

Cost to run power 500 feet
Cost to run power 500 feet

Cost to run electrical conduit:

The other factor that affects the cost of installing power 500 feet is the electrical conduit as the power to run underground wire is used to run underground in conduit for this only the trench is Dug so that the wire can go through the conduit underground. the average to run the conduit is $8 per foot which includes the cost of labor which means that the approximate cost for 500 feet of the conduit is $4000.

Cost to run power 500 feet
Cost to run power 500 feet

Power line cost per pole:

You need to install a pole to run power 500 feet and the price of the pole depends on the location where you live. On average the approximate cost to put in a power pole is about $1200 which includes the cost of labor, material, transformer, and wire. But before installing the pole you should contact the power company whether you need to install a pole Or not. 

Cost to run power 500 feet
Cost to run power 500 feet


Before investing in the project the Cost to run power 500 feet you should concern yourself with the companies and select a good company that offers a good discount to run power 500 feet. And to save money, pay what is needed, and work according to the rules and regulations. 


How much does it cost for running a 220 line? 

The cost to install a line with 220-volt outlets is approximately cost for $219.

What is the electrical wiring cost per square foot?

The cost of electrical wiring per square foot is from $3 to $5.

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