Cost to Run an Infrared Heater (+ Cost Saving Tips)

There are many people who do save their money and do every possible thing for it whether it comes to using home appliances, especially in colder temperatures as the heaters are mostly used by most people but they are not aware of how much is the cost to run an infrared heater and what are the tips to reduce the cost to run an infrared heater. 

Cost to run an infrared heater

The cost to run an infrared heater depends upon many factors such as the infrared watts, energy used, and room size. 

For example, let’s take a heater of 1500 watts or 1.5 kilowatts and it is used for 10 hours a day. Now add 1.5 by 10 you will get 15-kilowatt hours then multiply 15 by $0.15 which is the cost per kilowatt on average you will get the cost of running a heater for 10 hours daily about $2.25.

Cost to run an infrared heater
Cost to run an infrared heater

The following table shows the list of the infrared heater and the cost to run an infrared heater per hour

Infrared heaterEnergy useCost per hourRome size heated
Infrared panel 400 watts0.4 kW$0.0653 sq. Ft
Infrared panel 700 watts0.7 kW$0.10593 sq. Ft
Infrared panel 1000 watts1 kW$0.15133 sq. Ft
Quartz heater 750 watts0.75 kW$0.113100 sq. Ft
Quad heater 1500 watts1.5 kW$0.225200 sq. Ft

The infrared heaters are able to heat the people, not the air. Which makes them consume 40% less energy when they are compared to the space heater. Now we will discuss the energy used by the space heater

Energy used by infrared heater according to the room:

The following table explains the list of the infrared heater and the convection heater to compare the energy used by them according to the room size:

RoomRoom sizeRequired wattage By infrared heater Required wattage By convection heater
Living room33023103300
Closed porch20018602657
Open outdoor patio2888000-10000Not able to heat at the outside space

How does an infrared heater work? 

If you compare the infrared heater with other heaters it does work differently as instead of heating the air it is used to convert electricity into infrared radiation and then spreads out into the entire room. The radiation which comes from the infrared heater is not harmful. The Heat which is emitted from the heaters is similar to the heat of the winter sun and the heat of the coal burner.

Cost to run an infrared heater
Cost to run an infrared heater

If you are confused about the advantages and disadvantages related to infrared, read it next. 

Advantages and disadvantages of infrared heaters:

The following table explains the advantages and disadvantages of using infrared heaters:

When we compare the cost to run infrared heaters with other heaters, infrared heaters are cheap to run and are affordableThe temperature of the infrared heater cannot be regulated as it can just on or off and does have two or three power settings which makes it a little difficult to use for an ideal room temperature. 
The watts used by the infrared reader are less when compared to the other heaters. The maintenance cost of the infrared heaters is lowIf the heater is used at full power it will get extremely hot and it is dangerous for the children or the dog. It is rather to use the infrared heater by hanging them on the wall where the children cannot reach it.
The noise is only audible at the start of the heater afterward you will not hear anything from the heaters which makes them perfect to use in the bedroom and office areas.Using an infrared heater will cause your body to suffer from water loss. 
The infrared is able to heat people and other objects which will last for a long time. Like using other heaters if we open the door it loses the warm air from the room but the infrared will not lose all the heat.Using an infrared heater is good for only targeted heating.
The infrared is fast and gentle as turning on the heater will instantly work and feel like the sun heats up and it will not get too hot as it makes the object hot not the air to get warm. 
It is able to provide heat without any risk which is common in other heaters.
In infrared heaters, there are no moving parts, few lines, or open fires. Also, the heater does have a tip-over security and auto shift in case of safety reasons. 

What are the tips to reduce the cost to run an infrared heater?

The tips to reduce the cost to run an infrared heater are the same as running any electric heater.

Cost to run an infrared heater
Cost to run an infrared heater


In the end, we can conclude that using an infrared heater will save you electricity, which depends on various factors such as the model, how the heater is used, and duration of time. 


How to make an infrared heater more efficient? 

By placing the heater near a warmer inside wall and the output of the heater towards the cooler outside wall.

What is an eco mode in an infrared heater? 

It will keep the temperature at 68 degrees Fahrenheit warmer. 

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