Surge Protector Vs GFCI (In-Depth Difference Guide)

Surge Protector Vs GFCI

You often do hear about much electrical power failure which causes severe damage to the home, offices, etc. there are various ways to avoid these types of situation and there is various term you do hear for avoiding these situations at your home such as grounding, surge protectors, and Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters. There are a … Read more

10 Common Electrical Wiring Code Violations (2023 Update)

Code Violations

There are many people who accomplish powering their homes by themself to save money. Or if there is a problem because of the Outdated electrical system, the election wiring code violation will put you and your family at risk. This article will guide you through the 10 common electrical wiring code violations.  Common electrical wiring … Read more