Answered: How Much Electricity Does A Treadmill Use?

A person who wants to be fit in their life does a lot of exercise and running. They also want to use the technology for helping them to maintain their fitness but the cost of using the machine does affect them a lot so this article will guide you about how much electricity does a treadmill uses. And how can we reduce the power consumption of the treadmill?

How much electricity does a treadmill use? 

The use of the treadmill depends upon the motor of the treadmill. The average electricity a treadmill consumes is 1500 watts which makes the treadmill consume the electricity up to 0.7 kWh per week. And it costs an average of $5.10 per year. The electricity consumption will be according to the uses of the treadmill as when the treadmill is used for more time it will consume more electricity and will be more costly. The top range of the electric treadmill range from 746 watts to 2798 watt. The following are some different types of treadmills showing the wattage. 

  • Nordic track T-series treadmills do have 1940w.
  • Sunny health and fitness SFT 4400 treadmills have a wattage of 1679w 
  • Serenelife slf rd18 has a wattage of 746W.
  • The OMA home treadmill has a wattage of 1679w.
  • The Maxkare folding treadmill has a wattage of 1865w.
  • Murtisol folding electric treadmill has a wattage of 1119w.
Electricity Does A Treadmill Use
Electricity Does A Treadmill Use

The average treadmill power consumption:

There are many factors that depend upon the cost of the electricity like the weight of the user, the condition of the equipment, the usage of the treadmill if it is inclined or declining, unit rate, etc. The average treadmill horsepower is equal to 1500 watts. So the nordic track commercials have a horsepower higher than three. And most of the popular treadmills have a high horsepower of 2.6. There are very few treadmills that have the average horsepower of 2 motors such as the Reebok GT30 have the average of 2 horsepower motors.

The actual treadmill power consumption:

The conjunction of power by a treadmill depends upon many factors such as the setting of the treadmill and the duration of using the treadmill. for example, if a treadmill is used at high speed then it will consume more power which will cost more. The following table shows the cost of the electricity according to the setting of the speed. 

The setting of the speedAverage wattagePower consumedElectricity cost
Idle3.76 W0.000376 kWh$0.001
1 mph96 W0.096 kWh$0.014
2 mph164W0.164 kWh$0.025
3mph244 W0.244 kWh$0.036
4mph310 W0.31 kWh$0.047
5 mph372 W0.412 kWh$0.056
6mph412 W0.496 kWh$0.062
7 mph496 W0.592 kWh$0.074
8 mph592 W0.628 kWh$0.089
10 mph712 W0.712 kWh$0.107
Off but still on0w0w0.000
Electricity Does A Treadmill Use

How to reduce the power consumption of a treadmill? 

The following are some ways by which we can save the cost of using a  treadmill:

  • Manual treadmill. 
  • Run outside. 
  • Maintain the treadmill. 
  • Don’t leave the treadmill Idle. 

Manual treadmill:

A person who wants to save on the cost of running a treadmill can buy a manual treadmill. You can find a manual treadmill easily by an online process such as sunny health & fitness SF-T1407M manual walking treadmill which is a known electric treadmill and does not affect any cost in case of electricity bill. It also has an LCD display which is worth 2AA.

Electricity Does A Treadmill Use
Electricity Does A Treadmill Use

Run outside:

A person who wants to reduce the cost of a trending treadmill can go outside for running instead of buying the costly treadmill. health is more important than saving money. This will help the person to remain fit and also will not cost any electricity charge.

Maintain the treadmill:

You can save money for buying the treadmill again and again by maintaining the treadmill always. The person can maintain the treadmill by following the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines which will be mentioned to keep the running of the treadmill smooth so that it reduces the friction by which the life of the treadmill will be increased. This will help in saving the cost which is invested in buying the treadmill again and again as one treadmill can be used for the long term.

Don’t leave the treadmill idle:

A person who has a treadmill in the home can use the treadmill smartly by turning off or unplugging the treadmill when the person is not using it. This way they will save electricity costs. If a person always forgets to turn off the treadmill can use the Kasa smart plug by TP-link which does have a smart plug that will turn off automatically the electricity costs will be reduced on running a treadmill.

Electricity Does A Treadmill Use
How much electricity does a treadmill use


Following the above-mentioned ways to reduce the running cost of a running treadmill can help a person a lot. Try to unplug or stop the treadmill when it is not used. If a person does not maintain the treadmill they may cause a technical error so it is important to maintain a treadmill regularly which will save the cost of preparing the treadmill or buying a new treadmill.


Does the treadmill draw a lot of electricity? 

On average, a treadmill uses electricity between 600 and 700 watts. 

How much do 700 Watts cost? 

In the case of a week, 700 watts cost up to $0.13 per kWh and $4.75 per year. 

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