How Many Amps Does a Computer Use? (Laptop, Desktop & Gaming PC Amps Revealed)

The use of these gadgets is increasing daily so you should know about the electricity consumption by a computer because with electricity consumption the bills of a house are affected. This article will guide you about the amps used by a computer, the types of computers and amps used, etc. 

How many amps does a computer use? 

  • On average the amps a computer uses are upto 2 amps

In a computer, the electricity to function is decided by various electrical components such as memory, CPU, fans, etc so based on these components the rating of the computer power supply is determined. To find the amp a computer draws you should consider the external components such as a computer monitor printer, internet modem, and speaker.

Let’s understand by an example;

  • A computer printer is able to use an average of 0.5 amps
  • The fan uses an average of 0.3 amps
  • The speaker uses on average one amp
  • The monitor of the computer uses 0.25 amp

So all consumption of electricity comes together to get an average for a computer.

But there are a lot of factors which are considered  For the consumption of electricity which is being explained next. 

Factors of the consumption of electricity in a computer:

The following are some factors that affect the electricity consumption in a computer:

  • Configuration and components of the computer
  • Using behavior
  • Low-quality parts
  • Outdated unit
  • Software

Configuration and Components of computer:

Basically, if a person is using more powerful hardware then they will require a high amount of power when they are compared to the basic hardware. If a person is using a computer according to a professional such as a person who is a professional writer who will use the editing tools of photo and video editing will not consider a higher configuration but a person who is an animator and graphic designer will look for a higher configuration. In the same way, gamers will add more setup but a person who is using it for personal applications only will not spend on the setup for higher performance. 


Using behavior:

The electricity consumption also depends on how long the computer is being used. Because you are using the computer for as long as eight hours a day, the power the computer pulls is higher than the computer used for a few hours a day. 

There is also a misconception about the power required by the computer in standby mode so according to the research the computer uses one-third of the power of a computer that is busy all the time. 

Outdated unit:

If a person is using an old computer then it is obvious that it will consume more energy than a new unit. 


Low-quality parts:

Using low-quality part also affect computer power consumption. There are also many risks in using low-quality parts of the computer because there is a possibility that the computer gets overheated and damages the unit.


Power consumption also depends on the software or programs that you are using on the computer. For example, gaming apps do require high wattage. 


The amps drawn by a computer also depend on the type of computer which is being explained next. 

Types of computers:

The following are some types of computers:

  • Desktop computer
  • Gaming computer
  • Laptop

Desktop computer:

A computer that is used with a monitor, printer, and many more has a power rating of 0.25 to 2 amps. But it is not fixed as it depends on the usage and setup like if the computer consists of extra fans, lighting, high FPS monitor, etc. 


Gaming laptop:

The person who is using a gaming laptop will consume more electricity because the hardware demand on the gaming laptop is more. As it can use more than 6 amps per hour, the graphics card connected to the gaming laptop needs a high power supply amp. but if we compare a gaming desktop and a gaming laptop the gaming desktop is able to use more energy than a gaming laptop. 



If we compare a computer and a laptop then a laptop is considered more portable and energy efficient and the laptop has less power consumption on average by 1 amp per hour. But the laptop computer is more expensive than other types of computer. 


Energy consumption by different types of computer:

Computer TypeAverage WattsAverage VoltAverage Amps
Desktop Computer60 – 250 Watts110 – 240 volts2 – 5 Amps
Gaming Computer65 – 550 Watts110 – 240 volts2 – 8 Amps
Laptop Computer15 – 45 Watts110 – 240 volts0.41 – 0.84 Amps


The amps drawn by a computer depend on the type of the computer and its usage of the computer. Also if the parts of the computer are of high quality then the computer will consume less power. 

How many computers can be used on a 15-amp circuit?

You can easily have as many outlets on a 15 amp circuit but according to the rule maximum of 8 outlets.

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