Actual Freezer Wattage Usage Results (With Most Efficient Freezer)

For the persons who want to know about freezer wattage, this article will help them to clear all their doubts about the efficiency and wattage of a freezer. This article will guide you about how many watts a freezer use and which freezer is the most efficient freezer.

Actual freezer wattage

A typical freezer ranges from 80 Watts to 900 watts. A freezer which is modern freezer does have a wattage of fewer than 310 watts. 

freezer wattage
freezer wattage

How many watts does a freezer use? 

On average, a modern freezer uses 41.69 watts which are based on the power consumption of the freezer. The power consumption of the freezer depends upon various Modes such as startup cooling, active cooling, and idle. If a modern freezer is used throughout the day the average footage they will use is from 15.64 Watts to 74.09 watts.

The following table explains the freezer using Watts throughout the day.

Freezer power consumption categoryWatts
Average41.69 watts
Most common44.98 watts
Highest74.09 watts
Lowest15.64 watts

The wattage consumed by a freezer does depend upon the amount the freezer is used throughout the day and it also depends upon different types of the freezer such as

Types of the freezer:

Upright freezer:

The upright freezer is also known as a stand-by freezer and they are taller than they are wide. It also contains several layers of shells inside it. It is compared to the Deep and just freezer it has a better organization and is easier for goods to access. The capacity of the upright freezer ranges from 7.8 ft3 to 21.4 ft3.

freezer wattage
freezer wattage

The following table describes the Watts used by an upright freezer:

Freezer power consumption categoryWatts
Average50.86 watts
Most common44.98watts
Highest74.09 watts
Lowest28.20 watts

Chest freezer:

The justice freezer is also known as the deep freezer. They are wide enough but not so tall. The chest freezer is used for long-term storage but access to the freezer is difficult. The capacity of the chest freezer ranges from 9 ft3 to 21.7 ft3.

freezer wattage
freezer wattage

The following table describes the Watts used by a chest freezer:

Freezer power consumption categoryWatts
Average27.85 watts
Most common22.95 watts
Highest39.5 watts
Lowest22.95 watts

Deep freezer:

The deep freezer is large in terms of depth. it includes a chest, upright, or any style of freezer. The death freezer is mostly referred to because of its depth rather than the temperature. The goods which are stored deep in a freezer are considered a deep freezer. The capacity of the deep freezer is 5 ft3 Or more. The following table describes the Watts used by a deep freezer:

Freezer power consumption categoryWattsAverage24.91 wattsMost common22.37 wattsHighest39.5 wattsLowest19.63 watts

Compact freezer:

A compact freezer does include the chest upright or any style of the freezer but it is smaller than the standard size. It has the capacity to store goods that range from 1.5 Ft3 to 7.2 ft3. The following table describes the Watts used by a compact freezer

Freezer power consumption categoryWatts
Average26.74 watts
Most common27.4 watts
Highest45.55 watts
Lowest15.64 watts

What are the most energy-efficient freezers?

A freezer having the most energy efficiency is the compact freezer. And after that comes the deep freezer then the standard-size chest freezer.

The following table describes the freezer types according to the list of the most energy efficient and the power consumption.

PositionFreezer typeAverage annual power consumption
1Compact chest freezer196.49 kWh
2Deep freezer218.99 kWh
3Chest freezer244 kWh
4Compact upright freezer26 1.99 kWh
5Upright freezer445.5 kWh

The energy-efficient freezer does include a high-efficiency compressor and evaporator with enhanced insulation and design which help the freezer to continue the cooling mechanism by saving a lot of energy. The freezer which has an energy star certificate is considered the most energy efficient. The energy-efficient freezer that uses the least mode of electricity per cubic foot is GE FCM22DLWW. 


Now we can conclude that the wattage of the freezer ranges from 80 Watts to 100 watts. The consumption of watts depends upon the cooling stage of the freezer and different Freezer types as it consumes different amounts of electricity. Also, the most energy-efficient upright freezer is the Beko BUFR2715WH. But if a person wants a freezer that consumes the lowest amount of power and does not occupy much space for them, the smallest freezer is good as it is also the most efficient. consume less energy as there will be no space for the warmer air so it is more efficient.


How much electricity does a deep freezer use? 

The electricity consumed by the deep freezer is approximately $7.50 per month.

Is keeping the freezer full more efficient than keeping it empty? 

Keeping the freezer full will consume less energy as there will be no space for the warmer air so it is more efficient.

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