Actual Cost To Run A Box Fan Revealed (With 6+ Cost-Saving Tips)

Many people cannot afford an air conditioner so they prefer a box fan as it creates indoor ear movement and helps by making the hot air exit from the room. When a person buys a box when they look over various descriptions full stop this article will guide you about all the necessary details related to the cost to run a box fan, how much electricity a fan box consumes, and tips that can help to reduce the cost of a running fan.

Actual Cost To Run A Box Fan:

On average the Cost To Run a Box Fan is up to $0.011 per hour and $0.088 per night when it is used for 8 hours. Also if the fan is used for 24×7 hours the average cost to run the box fan is 26 cents per day, $1.84 per week, and $8.15 per month. 

Cost To Run A Box Fan
Cost To Run A Box Fan

How much does it cost to run a box fan according to the different sizes of the fan?

The cost to run a box fan depends upon various factors such as duration of use device wattage speed test setting and the cost per kWh. the cost to run a box fan also depends on the box fan’s wattage click here to know more. the following table shows the maximum power assumption of the box fan with different sizes used for various duration by taking the average kWh rate of electricity which is 15 cents:

Box fan typeWattsCost per HourCost for 8 hoursCost for 24 hoursCost per weekCost per month
All-size average power73$0.011$0.088$2.26$1.84$8.15
All sizes highest wattage220$0.033$0.264$0.79$5.54$24.55
All sizes lowest wattage5$0.0001$0.006$0.02$0.13$0.56
20 inches average power86.5$0.013$0.1 04$0.13$2.8$9.65
20 inches most common power ratingHundred$0.015$0.120$0.36$2.52$11.6
20 inches most efficient53$0.008$0.06$0.19$1.34$5.91
Less than or equal to 10 age average wattage27$0.004$0.032$0.10$0.68$3.01

If the size of the box fan is not considered, the average cost to run a box fan is $0.011 per hour, $0.088 for 8 hours, $0.26  for 24 hours, $1.84 for a full week, and $8.15 for a full month when it is used continuously. 

Cost To Run A Box Fan
Cost To Run A Box Fan

What is the cost to run 20 each box fans in different countries? 

The following table shows the cost of running an average 20-inch box fan in five countries used for various duration and the 20-inch box when uses approximately 86.5 watts:

20-inch box fanAverage kWh price (USD) Cost per hoursCost for 8 hoursCost for 24 hoursCost Per weekCost per month
New Zealand$0.23$0.020$0.159$0.48$3.34$14.80

How to find the cost to run a box fan?

If a person wants to know the electricity consumed by the box fan they can follow the following steps:

  • Get kWh rate
  • Get box fan wattage
  • Work out the total power consumed in kWh.
  • work out the electricity cost

1.) Get kWh rate:

In the US on average the KW rate is 15 cents. By getting the kWh rate the person will come to know the amount they pay per kWh. It can be noted from the electricity bill that they pay.

2.) Get box fan wattage:

The box fan wattage can be noted from the device as it will be mentioned below or on the back of the device. on an average 20-inch box, a fan uses approximately 86.5 watts. 

3.) The total power consumed in kWh:

In this step multiply the box and wattage by the amount of the box used. After getting the answer, divide the answer by 1000 to get the answer in kWh consumed.

4.) The electricity cost:

After that, the answer which is obtained in the above step in kWh multiplies the unit rate with it for example if the unit rate is 15 cents and the answer is 0.3 46 kWh consumed then after multiplying with each other the box fan will cost $0.052 per day. 

How to reduce the running cost of a box fan?

  • Use it less. 
  • Reduce the speed. 
  • Consider using a more efficient box fan. 
  • Consider a night-rate electricity plan. 
  • Shop around for cheaper electricity. 
  • Use green energy.

1.) Reduce the speed: 

As the speed of a box fan is reduced less power is consumed by the box fan. For example, a fan that is used at the lowest speed has a 64.84% of power rating, and a fan that is used at the medium speed has an 81.53% of power rating. So use the box fan at the lowest speed so that less power is consumed by it as it will reduce the cost.

2.) Consider a night-rate electricity plan:

There are many electricity providers who have to provide the electric city rate cheaply during peak hours so if a box fan is run during those hours it will be cheaper. If the box plan is used overnight with the other electric appliances it will be useful and cheaper to move to electricity traffic that will offer them the reduced price at night.

3.) Use green energy:

According to the US energy information administration, about 63% of the electricity in the US is generated by using burning fossil fuels. So if a person who is less price-conscious and more environmentally conscious can contact the energy providers and talk to them about their green energy options. It will not help in reducing the box and running cost but it will reduce the carbon footprint.

4.) Use it less:

The person who wants to reduce the cost of running a box fan should use the fan less. This is the best way to reduce electricity costs. So when you don’t need the box fan you should turn it off. Always try to remember to turn off the tower fan when you are not in the room.

5.) Consider using a more efficient Tower fan:

If a person is buying a new box fan should go deeply with all the details of the cubic feet per minute, the efficiency of the fan, and How much air a fan moves. Buying a fan with more efficiency will help to reduce the cost to run the box fan.

6.) Shop around for cheaper electricity:

A person who wants to buy a new box fan should get it from a new energy provider as they will offer a discount to attract the new customer. This way you can reduce the cost of the running box fan and also the overall electricity cost.


The cost to run a box fan is based on the unit price rate of that country or the location the person is living. but approximately the cost for running the box fan in the US on average is $0.011 per hour and $0.088 per night. also, some tips are showing how to reduce the cost of running a box fan.

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