1 Megawatt Can Power How many Homes? (With Load)

Is any person having confusion regarding the megawatt? This article will guide you about how many homes 1 megawatt can power and many questions related to the megawatt such as how much electricity is a megawatt, the difference between MW and MWH, what can 1-megawatt power does, what can a megawatt can power, what is the meaning of megawatt, etc. 

How many homes 1 megawatt can power? 

  • 1 megawatt is equal to 1000 kilowatts. 
  • On average 1 megawatt can power upto 814 US homes for 1 hour. 
1 megawatt can power
1 megawatt can power

What does 1 megawatt mean? 

A watt is used to represent the rate at which energy is produced or consumed. Various appliances need different amounts of watts as a 100 Watts light bulb needs 100 watts of electricity to work and a 60-watt light bulb needs 60 Watts of electricity to work. So using very small units is not in every case as a household typically requires 1000 watts and larger units which represent 1000 watts like kilowatts showing 1000 watts and megawatts showing 1000 kilowatts. 

So basically a megawatt is 100000 watts of power which means that it is 1000 times larger than a kilowatt and it is used to represent power capacities on large scales for example showing the Power capacity of the nuclear power plant and showing the capacity that is required to a power City. The below-given table shows the conversion of a kilowatt to a megawatt:

10 kW0.01 MW
100 kW0.1 MW
1,000 kW1 MW
5,000 kW5 MW
10,000 kW10 MW
15,000 kW15 MW
20,000 kW20 MW
50,000 kW50 MW
1,000,000 kW1,000 MW

How much electricity does a megawatt represent? 

1 megawatt = 1000 kilowatts = 100000 watts and 1 megawatt are used to measure the output of the power plant or the amount of electricity that is required by a power City. 

1 megawatt can power
1 megawatt can power

The calculation for converting megawatts to kilowatts:

You can easily convert megawatts to kilowatts by following the below-given formula:

Number of megawatts × 1000 = number of kilowatts

For example, to convert 5 megawatts into kilowatts:

5 MW × 1000 = 5000 kW. And to convert kilowatts to megawatts we need to divide the number by 1000.

A number of kilowatts ÷ 1000 = number of megawatts. 

For example, to convert 50000 kilowatts to megawatts. 

50000 kW ÷ 1000 = 50 MW. 

1-megawatt power:

1 megawatt can power a lot of household appliances or we can say that it is the standard term of measurement for bulk electricity. After researching on average one megawatt of solar power is able to generate enough electricity to power at least 164 us home similarly we can say that 100 megawatts of solar power can power 16400 us home. 

The following is the capacity of 1 megawatt:

  • It can be used to power 1.2 months of electricity in an American home on average. 
  • An electric car can drive up to 3600 miles with a power of 1 megawatt. 
  • With a power of 1 megawatt, the refrigerator can easily be used for one year.
  • In the case of light bulbs, two light bulbs of 60 Watts can be continuously used for one year. 
  • The power can be used to smelt 137 pounds of aluminum. 
  • 1 megawatt can be used to toast 89000 slices of bread. 
  • 1 megawatt is able to run an average home pool pump for 5 months. 

Meaning of MVAr and MW:

The megawatt is the real power output of AC generators and is determined by the mechanical power of the prime mover driving the generator and the reactive power output is determined by the setting of the Machines DC exciter. 

1 megawatt can power
1 megawatt can power

Terawatt power:

1 terawatt = 1 trillion watts. In simple words, we can say that approximately 1.7 trillion light bulbs can be lit up. It can continuously power about 200000 homes. 


Megawatts are usually used in case of the power at a larger scale. From the above article, you will get clear about the difference between megawatt kilowatt and Terawatt. 1 megawatt can be used to run 814 houses for 1 hour on average in the US. 


How many homes can 250 megawatts power? 

They can provide power to about 100000 homes. 

How many megawatts is a solar farm? 

A solar farm has a capacity between 1 megawatt to 2000 megawatts. 

How much money can a 1-megawatt solar farm make? 

On average $27.4 in every MWh, it is able to earn money around $40000 in a year. 

How many acres are a 5-megawatt of the solar farm? 

A solar farm of 5 megawatts is about 30 to 40 acres. 

How many home can 100 megawatts power? 

100 megawatts is able to power around 110000 homes on average because typically a home uses around 8 MWh in a year. 

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